Send your application to thousands of translation agencies, get help from a 20 year veteran of the industry.

How the campaign works to send your CV and cover letter to translation companies

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    Your CV and approach letter (instructions how to write with samples) will be sent to thousands of translation agencies one at a time, separately to each email recipient, at about 800 email addresses per hour (takes a full day to complete) from a server with a dedicated IP address, to ensure delivery.

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    The emails have your own Reply-to address and identity, so all responses will come right back to you (refer to PHPList for further details).

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    You can send beautifully formatted cover letters with full html formatting (test copies can be sent to you before actual launch).

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    Your attached CV will remain permanently in our online directory of translator resumes and CVs, and your cover letter, where any links to your own online CV or website will provide permanent SEO advantage.

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    Each email includes an easy unsubscribe link, so you can rest assured that all of the recipients are interested in receiving your application.

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    After each campaign, bounces are processed and the dedicated IP address scanned to make sure it is not on any blacklists for a clean run of the next campaign.

The following services are included:

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    A native English speaker will read over your CV and cover letter to offer you suggestions, if necessary, to improve the success of your campaign.

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    You will receive an information package on how to best respond to the flood of responses, how to bid on projects, how to make sure you get paid, and much more.

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    The information package will include a shortlist of quality English proofreaders who you can team up with in case you are asked to translate from your native language into English (which happens often).

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    The information package includes a list of direct weblinks to online application forms of more than 750 translation agencies, including company name and country of location, saving you both unnecessary email correspondence.

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How the email delivery works

Once the campaign is initiated, you can expect to immediately receive hundreds of responses, some offering you work right away, others responding with work over the years.

Check out the testimonials page to see how quickly you will receive work. Many translators repeat the campaign annually.

Many agencies prefer to approach translators stored in their own database, where they can add comments and test them with translation samples, rather than post their job offers on sites such as, where it takes translators years to develop a reputation and solid profile.

Your initial investment will come back to you manifold, and very quickly after you do a couple of transcription jobs, since a seasoned translator can make well over $150 a day.

If you are too busy to fill in all the application forms, we have trained personnel who can do this for you, since the longer the forms are not filled in, the longer you may be losing out on higher paying work.

Send your CV to 10,446 email addresses of translation companies and agencies and kickstart your career in this lucrative and rewarding industry.

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