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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Aneta, I was born in Poland and have lived in the Czech Republic for the past 12 years. I am a qualified translator/interpreter with a Bachelor degree in the English Language. I also graduated from a course of Law Studies (two semesters) for translators in the Czech and English languages. I am a member of the Professional Association of Certified Court Translators in the Czech Republic.

By getting married to a Czech husband, my situation changed. State institutions were short of professional Polish translators and I was advised to enter a course for certified court translators. By following that advice I started to write a new chapter in my life. Helping Polish citizens by translating contracts, birth certificates, marriage certificates or others, legal documents, communication letters, advertisement campaigns, abstracts of a trade register, web pages and so on allowed me to gain experience and to become reliable. Working for the Stock Plzen Bozkov company in the Czech Republic – spirit industry – as a main interpreter and translator in the English, Polish and Czech languages enabled me to acquire great professional skills. I had the opportunity to be present as a translator in the whole modernization period of the company by covering translation requirements of various departments such as: Logistics Department, Laboratory, Technical Department, Human Resources, Blending, New Product Development, Marketing, Semi-Finished Products and others. I could learn incredible flexibility and work speed performance, interconnected with quality work, as in such big corporations the work deadline is preferably – yesterday.

Working in an international environment opens a new opportunity to work for non-governmental institutions creating partnerships among NGOs from different countries for the purpose of performing projects, funded by the European Union. For that reason, I decided to broaden my knowledge and horizons by studying International Relations and European Studies. I am reliable, fully respect deadlines, and work hard until the job is done. I believe I can contribute to the success of your business and the utmost satisfaction of your clients.

Sincerely, Aneta

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