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Hi! My name is Adrian.

I have been a freelance translator for over 8 years and a project manager for over 5. As such, I would like to offer you different ways in which we could cooperate, according to your preference:1. On a freelance basis: for English into Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian. My wife and I cover all these for euro 0.04 per source word.

Please see attached our CVs. 2. On a team basis: besides translation I also manage projects for other languages, so I coordinate a team of native in-house and freelance translators for: English into Polish (euro 0.05) English into Hungarian (euro 0.045) English into Italian (euro 0.05) English into Spanish (euro 0.05) English into German (euro 0.06) English into French (euro 0.05)

I offer good rates for other pairs as well, using personally tested, high-end linguists in various languages such as Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, and Turkish. Feel free to enquire for a quote – I am sure we can agree on a good rate. Thank you and hope to extend our future work together in either way you prefer.

My Best Wishes,

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