Translation Subjects Can Often be Boring

oh haha! ok. that’s why you’re in charge! keep learning in between translations bub, this job will also pay and the added skills will make your services just that much more valuable.

precisely. Even though translations can pay pretty good, I’m totally sick of them. You think they’d send me some interesting marketing? Actually, they do, and I’m sick of that as well. Have one client who is translating a website about Prague into many languages. Help for expats how to deal with the authorities, where to call for this and that, then some sections on different restaurants etc. Can be interesting, and Prague has developed quite a bit since I’ve gone, but still pretty damn boring. Although more interesting than the usual – which is usually pretty technical, reflecting the industry in Czech trying to sell their products abroad (a lot of technical manuals how to stick this shimajigig into that and get a machine operating), but my other job I’m working on now is absolutely FASCINATING (he says with snide sarcasm). I gather the Czechs are now getting all sorts of EU money for reconstruction, and there is one particular region in southeast Moravia which is getting their sewer systems and water treatment facilities upgraded. Lots of terminology learning to describe where all the shit goes. It’s all about shit, then more shit, then drinking water, then back to sewer conduits going under such and such street. Meanwhile I’ve been munching on too many sesame seeds the last couple of days and it has made my shits real hard, and couldn’t poop all of it out during the day, and have been struggling to force it out several times over the evening, into my bucket, in my truck. I think I’ve had it up to here with shit now!

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