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Translation can be a pretty stressful profession

Remember how we had that discussion once? How about this case for my recent French to English job?

unfortunately for me I have just been diagnosed Left Ventricle Hypertrophy which requires angioplasty. To make things worse on that same day I caught Klepseilla Pneumoniae. This is relative rare nowadays particularly for healthy people and healthy living. I was hospitalized for a week, my poor digestive system was crammed with antibiotics which were no good, so finally I insisted on analysis and antibiogram. I am now beginning to recover but taken all in all I would be no good to you till after end of January.

That’s pretty crazy. You have to wonder what they get so stressed out about. Worst case the project craps out and they move on to the next one. Maybe that’s my bohemian side talking though <grin>

well, the big saying in the industry is that the job always has to be completed yesterday. And if you don’t complete it on schedule, you lose a customer. And since most translators are freelancers, every customer counts. So it can be stress, but generally I’d say I have little, although in the past, when I was starting, it was almost always stress. When you work for someone they could never impose so much stress on you, otherwise they’d go to jail. We sit around waiting for work, crossing our fingers, counting our pennies, and then when work does come in we bust our arses to make it happen. It’s stress when we don’t have work, and stress when we do. But after 15 years I think I finally got a handle on it. Takes a while. That is one reason I always try to find beautiful translation workstations as I travel around the world.

Cover letter samples – 9

Good Day,

Kindly find hereby attached a copy of my most updated Resume. I am an experienced language specialist and I would like to offer my translation and editing services to you.

Here is my professional profile:

Language Combinations:

English-Italian, French-Italian and Dutch-Italian
English-Swiss Italian, French-Swiss Italian and Dutch-Swiss Italian

Specialisms: Legal, Business, IT, SAP, Computers, Logistics, Environment, Tourism and Marketing;
Qualified to translate at professional level by SSML University Institute of Linguistic Mediation in Varese, Italy;

Fields translated: business and SAP documents, contracts, patents, financial and corporate literature, employee communications, presentations, invoices, e-mails, travel agency leaflets, marketing documents, birth certificates, university degrees / diplomas and equivalences, CVs, websites, books, vessel technical documents, religious articles and books, cosmetics, and so forth;

I work with translation agencies and direct customers all over the world.
I have SDL Trados Studio 2014 Freelance Plus and Deja VU X2 Professional.
Possibility to use Easyling software (http://www.easyling.com/website-translators-agencies/) to translate websites. Easyling can give an instant quote by doing a quick word and repetition count for any website with a single click.

For the rest, I was born in Varese (where I lived for 26 years), which is a small town 7 km from the Swiss border, in which case I am also familiar with Swiss Italian, which is the Italian spoken in “Canton Ticino” Switzerland.

As I am really passionate about translating, and that for me high quality and accuracy are the keys, I am sure you will be very satisfied with my work for you.

Looking forward to starting business with you,
Kind Regards,

PROZ PROFILE: http://www.proz.com/profile/1362125
LINKED IN: http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/susanna-castaldini/5/12/669

Fields of Expertise:

Legal (specialized in Contracts)
Business (documents, general, financial, corporate literature and documentation, employee communications, presentations, invoices, e-mails)
Communication Technology
Electrical Industry
Food Industry
Mechanical / Devise Engineering
Sport & Tourism
Social Sciences
Arts and Humanities (biography, short stories, novels, literary and arts extracts, comics, books)
Official Documents, certificates, university degrees / diplomas, equivalences
Education & Trainings
Naval / Maritime


Dear Recruitment Manager,

I am seeking freelance work as a translator or interpreter between Mandarin (Traditional or Simplified), Cantonese and English.  I am a native speaker of these Asian languages, and English is our family’s primary language, as I am married to an American citizen.

Due to my 18 years of on-the-job experience with international trade companies in the U.K, U.S.A and countries in the Far East, I am highly experienced in business communications and have carried out numerous commercial and legal interpretations and translations in my work.  I am also an extremely hard-working, responsible and mature worker, who enjoys working in a team as well as autonomously.  If you are looking for someone who can deliver excellent work to your commercial clients, then you need not look further.

I would love the opportunity to contribute to your translation success.  Please find attach my resume, I look forward to discuss further with you.



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a foreign correspondent by trade and have graduated with good grades, passing the State Exam with the German Chamber of Commerce in 1985. I managed to complete the four-semester course in only one year.

I then worked for many years either employed or self-employed in the administrative, translation or  foreign correspondence sectors and built myself a successful business after the birth of my son in 1990, when I translated nearly exclusively for the German Police and Magistrates Courts.
In 1996, I emigrated to the UK and managed an equally successful career abroad, learning the Welsh language as well. Even more so, I passed my Welsh O and A Levels at University with exceptionally good grades. I climbed up the ladder from a Sales Representative to Deputy Manager in Social Services and finally to Registered Manager of a Children’s Home. I felt very honoured when I, as a German national, was entrusted with the post of Representative for the Conservation of the Welsh Language.

However, when the economic crisis took hold of Great Britain I had to return to Germany to help my son continue his studies at University.

I possess a natural talent for languages and certainly succeed to express myself precisely and eloquently within all levels, including writing correspondence, minutes, reports and contributions to newsletters, websites and other areas. I worked in different settings throughout my life and acquired a lot of knowledge necessary for a perfect translator.

I always work efficiently, am target-orientated and certainly adhere to confidentiality.
Looking forward to hearing from you I remain with

kind regards,



Dear Agency Manager,

I would like to offer my services as a highly motivated freelance translator. I am a native Czech speaker, have passed the English language state exam in 1998, and have worked for several foreign companies, polishing my level of English to near fluent. I have more than 12 years of experience as an English/Czech translator. I have acquired translation experience in the following fields: trade marketing, marketing, history, prose fiction, religion, tourism, recreation, ecology, psychology, sociology, life style and many more. My areas of specialization have always been marketing, sales and history. Thanks to my university studies I am also experienced in psychology, sociology, anthropology and religion.

I am currently looking to expand my list of clients and I would be pleased if you could consider me for translations from English into Czech. I am highly responsible, goal-oriented and stress-resistant. My daily capacity is 2500 words and my rate is 0.04EUR/0.06USD per source word, but we can always negotiate on the price. In cooperation with an experienced graphic designer, I can also put all the text into the required layout.

For more information please refer to my attached CV. If you need any additional information, please let me know. References available on request. I am also willing to take a test to prove my qualification.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely


Cover letter samples – 8

Dear Sir/Madam,

Some brief information about me that may be of interest to you.

I’m a professional linguist and I have been working as a full-time freelance translator for over 20 years. Born a Mexican, I am a native speaker of Spanish.

For translations, I use Trados 2014. I have developed and implemented a standard translation procedure that ensures quality and consistency.

I can offer professional, punctual, and reliable translation services at the most competitive prices: 0.07 USD source Word.

With state-of-the-art hardware, I have a redundant backup to avoid accidents and a cable internet connection that ensures reliable communication.

Currently, I can schedule over 6,000 or more words for translation per week.

If you need an experienced linguist for your translations, my more than 20 years of experience as a Professional English to Spanish (LA/MX/US)Translator make me the ideal candidate that suits your needs. I translate ideas, not just words.

For references, questions, or for more information, please feel free to ask!



Dear Sir/Madam

Do you have regular translations from English into German?
Are you are tired of negotiating about each and every single job with different translators? Are you reluctant to hire new translators because their CVs look like clones?

Kubus Translations is here to help you. We have been in the translation business since 1994, both as a subcontractor and as a single language vendor (English-German).

We are a core team of 3 professional translators and produce about 1 million words of translation per year.

Kubus Translations is specialized in hi-tech translations, in particular in tender documentation and in operating manuals of medical equipment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require our German translation services. You may find more information through the following link:


Yours faithfully,

URL: http://www.kubus-translations.com


Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m a native Spanish speaker certified by the University of Texas and living in Mexico. I have 17 years of experience as a translator covering a wide scope of subjects, such as legal documents, websites, marketing material, user manuals, medical, engineering, IT and more.
I have worked as in-house translator for more than 8 years in the manufacturing industry.

Certified Translator English – Spanish, University of Texas USA
Certified Medical Administrative Technologist – in the USA
Certified Travel & Tourism Agent  – in the USA

CAT Trados 2007
MemoQ 2013

I am capable of translating from English into U.S., South American and Mexican Spanish.

Please find my CV attached and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,



Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my honor to introduce our company.

We are a translation company with 10 years of experience in translation from English into Korean and other language pairs related with Korean. All translations are provided by native translators of the target text. We are familiar with subjects on websites translation, technical and financial fields, manuals, general business correspondence, localization, trade, literature, IT, legal, medicine, and many other areas.

We understand that a good translation with industrial, cultural and professional backgrounds of the language pair is the key to the success.

Our prices are as follows:

English > Korean   Usd 0.07 per English source word
Japanese > Korean   Usd 0.03 per Japanese Character
Chinese > Korean   Usd 0.03 per Chinese Character
Korean > English   Usd 0.04 per Korean Character
Korean > Japanese   Usd 0.04 per Korean Character
Korean > Chinese   Usd 0.04 per Korean Character

We are particularly specialized in English to Korean translations.
We undergo the strict TEP process for usd 0.07/w.

If you need other translations related with the Korean language, please let me know.
I will satisfy your quality and price expectations to the full measure.





I’m writing you for some updates on my capacities and rates.
As you may know, my native language is Romanian, so I can personally deal with English, French and German to Romanian, while my wife works with English into Russian and Ukrainian. All these with the rate of euro 0.04 ± 0.005 – 0.01, depending on variables (deadline, job size and text complexity)

Above all these, I coordinate an in-house team of native translators for:

  • English into Hungarian (rate euro 0.045±)
  • English into Italian (euro 0.05±),
  • English into Spanish (euro 0.05±),
  • English into German (euro 0.06±), and
  • English into French (euro 0.05±).

I do work also with other pairs with personally tested high-end freelance linguists in various languages (Bulgarian, Serbian, Czech, Greek, Turkish etc.). If you require a different pair, don’t hesitate to write and we’ll see if we currently work with it or not.

Thank you and hope to extend our future work together.

My Best Wishes,

– Adrian –
You can visit me at http://www.prematrans.com


Dear Recruiter:

I am writing to express my interest in collaborating with your organization. For your review and consideration, I have enclosed my resume which details my background and career highlights, and it is in complete confidence that I present them as a representative of the value I will consistently bring to your company.

I come to you with unique and distinctive credentials among your typical applicants. Over almost a decade of collaborating with the most important international translation agencies, I have established myself as a highly successful freelance language consultant. If you are currently working with a client who would benefit from a language executive and experienced translator with outstanding qualifications spanning all aspects of language consulting, we should talk. I am eager to put my skills to work for the benefit of your firm.

In advance, thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to your response and the opportunity to discuss the ways my expertise may best serve your corporation.




Good day,

I am a 27-year-old young man from Johannesburg, South Africa and am offering my services as a freelance German-English translator.

I am fluent in German and English on a native level (German is my mother tongue; I attended the German School in Johannesburg, South Africa and have lived in Johannesburg almost all my life). I will be very honest and only accept jobs that I am confident of being able to complete to a high standard. If I have any doubts I will definitely discuss this with you first. I am flexible with my rates and would accept payment via PayPal. I currently do not own a CAT-tool, but would consider investing in one.

I have been the team leader for a small team of German-English translators. I am comfortable working on general texts as well as texts related to travel and tourism, the automotive sector, education and psychology. I would not be comfortable working on legal texts at all.

Due to the shifts I work being predominantly early in the day I would have time to work on translations most afternoons (South African time).

I have attached my CV to this email.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information:

dirrw [AT] yahoo.co.za (email preferred)

With thanks and kind regards,



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Spanish, French and Catalan into English-US translator based in Andorra and I would
like to offer my services to your company.
My specializations include accounting & business, medical & life sciences, fashion, insurance,
marketing & communication, government & politics, automotive, oil & shipping, advertising &
public relations, market research and tourism translations.
In addition to my experience, I am a member of the Proz.com Certified Pro Network, and a
Proz.com Trainer. Please feel free to visit my profile to view feedback and references from
previous clients:


You may also refer to my resume (attached) for further information.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information.

Best regards,

Cover letter samples – 7


About a year ago, I’ve been in touch with you to offer you my services as a senior Ph.D. level freelance translator French/Dutch/English. I’d like to repeat my offer below, and have re-attached my CV.

Also, and this is very important, my e-mail address has changed. You can henceforth reach me at dejong [AT] tradcrocus.com. My old e-mail address, dejong [AT] videotron.ca is not valid anymore. Furthermore, I have moved back to the Netherlands. My full address details are at the end of this message.

I’d really appreciate if you could confirm you have updated my data in your database. Please also don’t hesitate to be in touch in case you’d like to receive further information on my translation experience: I’m definitely interested in collaborating with your business.

And finally, here you have the message I had sent you last year:


I’d like to offer my services as a highly motivated Ph.D. level freelance English/French into Dutch senior translator/proofreader/localizer. I can offer you the following:

  • Ph.D. level quality
  • 25 years of experience
  • Vast experience with many well-known large and smaller companies
  • Vast experience with Translation Memory tools
  • Certified translations (member of OTTIAQ in Québec)
  • Top-notch, grammatically and stylistically impeccable translations
  • Excellent IT skills (including good programming knowledge)
  • Excellent research skills
  • Good, friendly and efficient communication
  • Long experience as a linguistics professor at different universities in the Netherlands and Canada

You’ll find further information in the attached resume. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch should you need any further information.

Kind regards,



To Whom This May Concern,

Please find attached my resume for your review.

I have more than 20 years in translation and conference interpretation, and work in the following linguistic combinations:

French to English; English to French; Italian and Portuguese to French;

I hope that my educational and professional background would be of interest to you, and look forward to the next steps of collaboration.

Very best,



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an English to Russian translator with over 13 years of experience. Russian is my native language.

I mostly specialize in IT (large-scale software and website localization projects), security systems, and business and marketing translations. I also work on many projects related to social science and psychology.

My clients include Microsoft, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Apple (iTunes), Axis Communications, Chevrolet, Volvo, Magna, Allianz, Novartis, Abbyy, RIA Novosti and more.

Please find attached my CV. If you need any additional information, please let me know. I would be glad to undergo a translation test to prove my qualification.

Thank you!

Best regards,


Good day;

I am a Spanish to English native translator with over 12 years of experience, based in Houston, Texas.

My language combinations are Spanish into English (primary) and English into Spanish.
I have ample experience in the legal, business, technical, and medical realms.

My translation rates are US$ 0.10 per word into English, and US$ 0.08 per word into Spanish.
My editing/proofreading rate is US$ 30.00 per hour.

Please see my attached CV for further details and information.
References available upon request.

I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,



Dear Sir/Madam,

I would be pleased to join your team of skilled and experienced translators, I am myself an expert in many fields, such as logistics, marketing and advertising, or technical, industry and financial translations.

I translate from German and English to Polish, my native language, and excel in conveying the style and tone of a document to match the idioms and cultural references, ensuring an accurate and faithful translation.

My six years of translation experience follow a university education in Political Science, International Relations and Supply Chain Management. I have translated at least 2,000 pages and can produce at least three professional references. My work experience includes over six years as a buyer for KLAFS, a German company which is the global market leader in the area of sauna, pool and spa.

I have recently left my position so that I can focus my energies full-time on the translation.

My postgraduate studies have also broadened my knowledge in logistics processes. My rate per source word is €0.07 and no job is too small or too large for me, although I do charge a minimum fee of €10.00 per order.

I am happy to provide a CV, a free translation sample, samples of previous translations, or references on request.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,



Dear Madam/Sir,

I’m taking the liberty of sending to you my CV and this e-mail as an application to join your team of freelance linguists. I am interested in working as an EDITOR and/or PROOFREADER from English into Greek in the Medical/Pharmaceuticals fields.

My name is Vickie Dimitriadou, aged 55, a native Greek living and working in Greece. I have been working as a full-time professional freelance translator, editor, proofreader, and linguistic consultant for 29 years, and I am specialized in the Medical/Pharmaceutical fields.

My experience in the Medical and Pharmaceuticals fields is very long, as I started working as a medical translator and editor in 1985 with local private clients and translation companies, and also with translation companies in the USA, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and other European countries. For 29 years I have been working on these fields on a daily basis. Many companies, acknowledging the high quality of my work and my experience in medical translation, entrusted me with the editing/review and Quality Assurance check of their translators’ work.

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration.

Kindest regards,

Web Site: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/vickie-dimitriadou/46/55a/588


I am a German to English translator with technical background, living in Switzerland and with more than 30 years of translation experience.
I offer fair rates, quick turnaround and discounts for large volumes.
I have extensive experience in technical and business subjects, IT, electronics, patents and contracts, manuals and textbooks, and also general correspondence, birth and marriage certificates, and CVs. Certification is available, if desired, by local notary.

Enclosed please find a copy of my profile

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gunther Roth

How to deal with an unreasonable customer

[Sometimes it happens that it is better to be polite and turn down a job. This customer had a strict deadline he had to meet, yet was a stickler about quality and price. If he went elsewhere he probably ended up paying a lot more, otherwise he missed his own deadline and ended up paying for it. Sometimes it is best to turn down work from someone who demands for the moon.]
just received the following response from the translator. Perhaps your customer should not have been so demanding and not tried to whittle down the price. Slovenian translators are generally not cheap, located next to Austria, and I have very few Slovenian translators. Not to mention the time zone difference.
Nevertheless I suggested that your client would prefer she tried her best and kept her price, but I guess that will now depend on a confirmation from your client and not sure if its deadline will now be met, considering that the translator just lost an entire day. [Translator comments following:]
I’ve just checked my email. Honestly, I think it is better if you give this to another translator.
a) I cannot make the text read fluently as these are balance sheets, I can translate individual terms and entries, but cannot make a summary of it as I do not know accounting.
b) putting everything into another doc also includes quite a bit of DTP, also I would need to recheck all the terms, so for me it’s quite a bit of work, maybe a different translator would either have less work with it or would be willing to do it for a lower price.
below is the translators final response, so I hope everything will be okay. I would just like to say it is generally not good for your client to threaten non-payment, because it can easily scare away a translator, which is not good when there is such a tight deadline and so few translators to choose from. Considering the circumstances, I hope your client will not be unreasonable. I will proofread it as well.
Ok. I will do my best to deliver it at least by 2pm GMT tomorrow so that I am still available for potential clarifications for a few hours.
below is the customer’s latest response. I believe if you are careful and then I proofread it after you, the final outcome will be sufficiently high quality, but I will leave the decision up to you. But I will need to receive the translation by about 5pm Thursday GMT time in order to have time to proofread it. I told them that they should have mentioned these quality conditions at the beginning. I’ve already spent enough time bouncing these emails back and forth and it would be nice to earn some money from it.
The client has asked the translator to proceed – as long as your translator can guarantee delivery by 7 am (morning) UK time on Friday – he indicated that if it is any later than that – he would not be able to accept the translation – of course, the translation must be to a very high standard
I look forwad to your reply
ASAP please
I believe she didn’t start because of the clients stringent requirements stated at the very end of yesterday, so I guess it scared her a bit. I have proofread her work once before and it was overall good, but she is not native English, so it certainly is not perfect. Even after I proofread it, it may have a slight foreign feel. I do not think it was good for your client to impose these conditions at the very end of the day and it should have been brought up earlier, considering the time zone difference.
I know that the translation is required for the client’s meeting on Friday morning – they need it by Thursday afternoon – can this delivery be guaranteed? Please confirm ASAP – thanks

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