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Translation can be a pretty stressful profession

Remember how we had that discussion once? How about this case for my recent French to English job?

unfortunately for me I have just been diagnosed Left Ventricle Hypertrophy which requires angioplasty. To make things worse on that same day I caught Klepseilla Pneumoniae. This is relative rare nowadays particularly for healthy people and healthy living. I was hospitalized for a week, my poor digestive system was crammed with antibiotics which were no good, so finally I insisted on analysis and antibiogram. I am now beginning to recover but taken all in all I would be no good to you till after end of January.

That’s pretty crazy. You have to wonder what they get so stressed out about. Worst case the project craps out and they move on to the next one. Maybe that’s my bohemian side talking though <grin>

well, the big saying in the industry is that the job always has to be completed yesterday. And if you don’t complete it on schedule, you lose a customer. And since most translators are freelancers, every customer counts. So it can be stress, but generally I’d say I have little, although in the past, when I was starting, it was almost always stress. When you work for someone they could never impose so much stress on you, otherwise they’d go to jail. We sit around waiting for work, crossing our fingers, counting our pennies, and then when work does come in we bust our arses to make it happen. It’s stress when we don’t have work, and stress when we do. But after 15 years I think I finally got a handle on it. Takes a while. That is one reason I always try to find beautiful translation workstations as I travel around the world.

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