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Negotiating Glossary Terms for Large Projects Among Several Translators

I worked on this large project with one bloke with whom I became longer term friends because of it. It was a translation from Czech to English of a tender offer to upgrade the Prague metro/underground transportation system and the UK-based end client wanted to bid on the project, so needed the details. It was in a rush and price was an issue, so our customer (it’s translation provider) asked us to provide a first draft without proofread. But we are professionals and did not want to provide a shoddy product. There was not enough time to do a ‘full proofread’, but at least we spent a lot of time communicating to unify terminology, which is quite important. At least this will give newbies an idea that translation is not a simple process but that proper choice of terminology is imperative in producing minimally good quality.
As a side note, using google search results, which I learned from this translator, can be a good way to find the most common terms used, but one must still think in terms of context and not just the most popular terms or the number of webpages which have that term in it. Here are more tips on producing the perfect translation.

sorry, skype is faster:
yes, kontrola dokladu is ‘ticket inspection’ – then inspector etc, I would not use vouchers, I would not use OpenCard it’s a name as OysterCard… SmartCard (and example in the bracket is fine), re scanners – something like ‘portable scanners’?
[9:36:50 AM] Karel : thats why I turned on skype, otherwise I leave it off. Okay, use inspector etc. but keep everything else of my previous the same – agree with what you said
[9:37:27 AM] Karel : oh, here’s a new one: Ozna?ova?e papírových jízdenek . Paper ticket labeller?
[9:37:41 AM] Stanislav : leave skype on if possible, promise i wont disturb you 😉
[9:38:12 AM] Karel : oh, and
p?epravního prostoru metra
[9:38:41 AM] Karel : Id say instead “the underground’s paid area” as opposed to something convoluted like “transportation area”
[9:39:12 AM] Stanislav : it’s rather type of ‘printer’ isn’t it?
[9:39:50 AM] Stanislav : it’s to validate the ticket so why not ‘validator’
[9:40:56 AM] Karel : yes, but occasionally talks about labelling the ticket. They speak of different forms of validation, so to use “validator” might be repetitive and unclear. It actually prints something onto the piece of paper (ticket). But “labeller” certainly does sound retarded…
[9:41:42 AM] Stanislav : have you been in prague? it prints time you entered etc
[9:42:25 AM] Stanislav : prepravni prostor – but isnt there also ‘placeny prepravni prostor’? therefore you need to have translation for only ‘prepravni prostor’ – i am happy with transportation / underground station areas
[9:44:08 AM] Karel : whenever it speaks of the prepravni prostor it always speaks about the paid areas, where the non-paid areas are always explicitly described as free.
Yes, it does print, but “printer” seems worse than “labeller”. Maybe something will occur to me later. Too bad they are not paying me to proofread…
[9:46:46 AM] Karel : actually, more than 20 NS or 5000 words today, boohoo
[9:47:15 AM] Stanislav : soon my friend should get into his office, then i’ll send you my T
[9:47:16 AM] Stanislav : M
[9:48:22 AM] Karel : cool, hope it’ll speed things up for me. But the past week every day I’ve practically started at 2pm, and did many things between, and things are speeding up for me, and I’m fastest in the morning, plus I still have tomorrow, so I figure I’ll pull it off, as I usually do
[9:49:02 AM] Stanislav : good
[9:50:17 AM] Karel : hmm, for oznacovac, how about “validation markers”?
[9:50:46 AM] Stanislav : on google i found ‘validating/validation/stamping machine/device’
[9:51:14 AM] Stanislav : validation markers’ – is it clear these are machines… not pens
[9:51:38 AM] Stanislav : ticket validating machine
[9:51:55 AM] Karel : Okay, ticket validating machine it is then!!
[9:53:15 AM] Stanislav : OK – understood
[9:54:37 AM] Karel : I guess we could also say “ticket validators”, but I use auto text and it doesn’t matter to me, so the first option is probably better because its clearer. Too bad I’m not paid by the target word, boohoo. That always balloons to about 20% more…
[9:56:56 AM] Karel : They just started talking about ?asové kupony, Perhaps this is the vouchers they were talking about, and not use coupons?
[9:58:41 AM] Karel : oh yes, and I was wondering if you would have time on Thursday to help me with some czech? I usually prepare a Word file with table showing the Czech, my translation, and the + showing which points I was not certain about. So it shouldn’t take long. Otherwise I have a Czech person I pay to help me with this. Would need to email him now asking for his availability if you wont have capacity or time for this.
[10:03:49 AM] Stanislav : kupony – probably passes 🙂
[10:04:15 AM] Stanislav : you mean tomorrow? it’s another translation job?
[10:04:54 AM] Karel : this is due tomorrow at 5 right? I hope to finish everything tonight and spend tomorrow polishing
[10:05:45 AM] Stanislav : that’s right – and what about the Czech unclear words? you are doing at the same time another project?
[10:06:00 AM] Stanislav : how did u translate ‘Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, joint-stock company’?
[10:07:00 AM] Karel : Nope, only working on this translation. DP should be in the Excel file I first sent you. I found it from their official website.
[10:08:03 AM] Stanislav : DP is name of company therefore untranslated… though not sure about how they use ‘akciova spolecnost’ in the UK
[10:09:36 AM] Karel : I keep DP, because the abbreviation is defined, otherwise I translate the name, since the company itself translated it itself, and for the purpose of this client, the Czech name simply does not make sense. I also translated Czech Railways (from their own site as well)
[10:10:06 AM] Stanislav : and a.s.?
[10:10:12 AM] Stanislav : Appendix or Annex?
[10:10:29 AM] Karel : oh yes, and the first instance of DP I kept the Czech in brackets, for the client’s reference
[10:10:54 AM] Karel : a.s. [=akciova spolecnost = joint stock company, or corporation. In English sometimes companies have Ltd. or Corp. etc. on the end, but not necessary] is not translated in the company’s official English name, so I don’t put it there
[10:10:57 AM] Karel : Annex
[10:11:28 AM] Stanislav : and what about the cover page? i’d leave it in Czech…
[10:12:26 AM] Karel : dont understand you here
[10:13:00 AM] Stanislav : my documents have got a cover page – that says name of tender, name of company – i can’t use english and czech name of company in brackets, not common
[10:14:22 AM] Karel : you mean “header” and not cover? LIke the zahlavi of a page?
[10:15:06 AM] Stanislav : Karel, yes, header on the cover page!
[10:15:22 AM] Karel : hmm, I guess in Czech would be fine
[10:19:04 AM] Stanislav : try this TM [Translation Memory – a file with both source and translated text connected to one another that can be transferred between computers, and used for present or future translations.]
[10:20:47 AM] Karel : okay and thanks. Will import it once I finish this document – almost done.
[11:12:08 AM] Stanislav : i noticed you used ‘pursuant to Section 28 of Act No. 137/2006 Coll. on Public Tenders, in its later wording’ and I used, as in the glossary “pursuant to Section 28 of the Public Procurement Act No. 137/2006 Coll., as amended” and in the whole document refer to this act as “PPA” – PPA was used more often on the internet and i agree as it refers to the whole ‘procurement’ processs
[11:12:33 AM] Stanislav : and verejna zakazka is public contract, not tender
[11:12:41 AM] Stanislav : as in glossary :-/
[11:13:46 AM] Karel : I translated much of this before you sent me your suggestion and I always planned to make the changes at the end, as I am doing now for that big document
[11:17:07 AM] Stanislav : anyway, eventually it’s Mirka’s responsibility – they know it’s done by 2 translators and we are not paid for spending hours on unifying the terminology… we are doing fine
[11:19:07 AM] Karel : I think we are doing a darn good job. For the client’s practical needs its practically overkill. If they win the tender and want to get serious, they can send it back to us and pay for a real proofread. I also offered to Mirka to clarify any points that were not clear, as a result of the lack of a full and proper proofread
[11:21:40 AM] Stanislav : ok
[11:38:04 AM] Stanislav : classical music, resp. BBC Radio 3, always calms me down…
[11:38:40 AM] Stanislav : now need few hours of solid translating…. yupee
[11:40:08 AM] Stanislav : ‘economicka vyhodnost’ – ‘cost effectiveness’ (dont like ‘economical advantageousness’) as in Základním kritériem pro zadání ve?ejné zakázky je ekonomická výhodnost nabídky dle ust.
[11:40:13 AM] Stanislav : ?


Pictures of my travels while translating (click pics to see more)

[11:41:25 AM] Stanislav : though ‘Most Economically Advantageous Tender (M.E.A.T.) criteria.’ used a lot
[11:47:17 AM] Karel : there is also the possibility of financial feasibility, maybe
[11:48:12 AM] Stanislav : ok. at the moment am using e.a. just because of many hits on UK’s official websites related to tenders
[11:50:47 AM] Stanislav : and i am using ‘shall’ in majority of cases as opposed to ‘will’ – more legal
[11:55:13 AM] Stanislav : investment expenditures for system development, or ‘…. system development’ or ‘system development investment expenditures’ – what sounds better?
[12:00:07 PM] Karel : maybe “towards” or “on” sounds better than “for”
[12:00:33 PM] Stanislav : TA
[12:15:19 PM] Stanislav : u used ‘life expectency’ for ‘zivotnost’ – isnt in relation to products etc mainly used life-time, life span, productive life? expectency mainly in respect of humans?
[12:15:59 PM] Stanislav : btw, not a single segment translated using yr TM – apart from the cover page which i had translated 😉
[12:17:22 PM] Karel : I know it sounds strange but that’s how I’m used to hearing it. Shelf life is possible for goods in a store. If you come up with something that sounds better, tell me so I can give my opinion
[12:18:22 PM] Stanislav :  life-time, life span, productive life
[12:18:49 PM] Stanislav : lifetime normally used – just google it
[12:20:34 PM] Karel : well, if its talking about expected lifetime, I could say life expectancy. I’d have to see it in the full sentences. I know my choices are not always the best but what come to mind, then I polish it when I proofread it, which is not in this case. But I believe you can use life expectancy for a metro and other dead things. Mostly personal choice perhaps

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Spring in Koh Phangan, Thailand

[12:21:03 PM] Stanislav : ok
[12:23:33 PM] Stanislav : btw, i’m happy to help you wiht Czech tomorrow, whatever that is, but i’ll be busy most of the day with this job, so perhaps after our deadline 🙂
[12:24:32 PM] Karel : I need help with the Czech FOR this project, so it would need to be before the deadline. I’m thinking about 15 to 30 minutes. In any case my regular consultant said he’ll help me and I usually pay him, so no probs.
[12:25:20 PM] Stanislav : OK
[12:25:35 PM] Stanislav : no worries then
[12:26:05 PM] Stanislav : though sounds a bit silly since i know this project – though i’m quite stretched – i could do it in bed 🙂
[12:55:34 PM] Karel : I forgot, did you say the TM you sent me was finalised?
[1:00:48 PM] Stanislav : what do you mean?
[1:01:03 PM] Stanislav : I have not finished proofreading
[1:01:19 PM] Stanislav : and spell check in the final doc
[1:09:02 PM] Stanislav : ?
[1:09:43 PM] Karel : wazzup
[1:10:05 PM] Stanislav : what did u mean by yr Q?  ‘ did you say the TM you sent me was finalised?’ did u find a mistake?
[1:10:47 PM] Karel : no, just wanted to know how much I should trust the tm I’m getting, that’s all, so I know if I need to proofread everything etc
[1:11:13 PM] Stanislav : just ask me 😉
[1:11:23 PM] Stanislav : your TM is half untranslated…
[1:13:50 PM] Karel : it only includes that part I’ve translated, of everything assigned to me. I cannot export only part of the project. Besides, the way my program works is, if the segments are not labelled as Translated, it does not include them as reference. I had to import then open your tmx import, then I had to manual mark all the segments as Translated before my software would include them as reference. Maybe you have to do the same.
[1:14:26 PM] Stanislav : ok
[1:14:49 PM] Stanislav : i’m just using yrs for manual reference when needed. just cant waste the time now. just need to get on with it
[1:17:06 PM] Stanislav : though it’s useful – at least i’m avoiding using different terms… u should do the same – though you may get some repetitions if lucky as u said ur gonna work on the legal / contract part
[1:18:54 PM] Stanislav : have u recently worked for a CR translation agency? if so, how much did they pay you? there’s one who’s offering me 0.60 kc per word…. uff…
[1:20:20 PM] Karel : that’s 150 Kc per page. I usually do not accept less than 250, but I think there is less supply into English.
[1:20:59 PM] Stanislav : yeah, there’s loads of translators btw en>cs….
[1:44:17 PM] Stanislav : what the latest versions for ‘placeny prostor metra’ a ‘cestovni doklad’?
[1:52:08 PM] Karel : I’m using “undergound’s paid area”, the other one I didn’t have yet. Passport???

work at home translation jobs 07042013483.jpg

Sunday drum jam at Koh Phangan, Thailand

[1:53:18 PM] Stanislav : i think i meant ‘jizdni doklad’ – still travel card?
[1:53:45 PM] Karel : I’m saying travel pass
[1:54:09 PM] Stanislav : aha
[2:02:38 PM] Karel : I’m now running a lot into Prijemce and Poskytovatel, in this first contract I’m doing. Receiver and Supplier?
[2:03:39 PM] Stanislav : Recipient/Beneficiary – latter better
[2:03:53 PM] Stanislav : poskytovatel …. Provider like Intenret / Solutiosn Provider
[2:04:03 PM] Stanislav : i did not have those in my text – maybe they’ll come up
[2:13:20 PM] Karel : I’m looking over the Excel file, so you finally decided on “tender” for nabidka? Not offer? Is tender used for anything else? Seems that it could get confusing if it has sort of dual meanings.
[2:15:09 PM] Stanislav : nope – tender is ‘nabidka’ – no other meanings in our doc
[2:15:18 PM] Stanislav : public contract – is verejna zakazka
[2:15:47 PM] Stanislav : probably ‘nope’ shouldn’t be used above 🙂 rather yes
[3:35:13 PM] Karel : what the heck is Salvatorní klauzule? Never heard of it and in none of my dictionaries
[3:41:26 PM] Stanislav : what does ‘google’ say? put in ‘salvator clause’ – i have got no clue
[3:42:19 PM] Karel : i see, good idea!
[3:43:09 PM] Karel : How about the “postoupit” in
Žádná ze Smluvních stran nepostoupí tuto Dohodu, a? už celou nebo její ?ást, žádným zp?sobem, respektive nepostoupí práva a povinnosti vyplývající z této Dohody, bez p?edchozího písemného souhlasu druhé Smluvní strany.
[3:45:20 PM] Stanislav : uff….. probably ‘pass on’… not sure
[3:46:15 PM] Stanislav : surrender is right
[3:47:14 PM] Karel : sounded kinda fancyshmancy legalese. But then postupitel popped up and, accordiing to the various definitions, I chose Transferor. Guess its not super important.
[3:47:54 PM] Stanislav : read this, it’s legal definition: Propustnost odbavovacího systému
[3:48:03 PM] Stanislav : i meant this: http://business.center.cz/business/pojmy/p65-postoupeni-pohledavky.aspx
[3:48:35 PM] Karel : where do you get all this stuff? You just google it?
[3:49:27 PM] Stanislav : I have been translator for a while…. and know how to use net / google – and have many useful sites bookmarked
[3:50:12 PM] Stanislav : what about ‘Propustnost odbavovacího systému’?
[3:50:23 PM] Stanislav : Throughput/Capacity
[3:50:29 PM] Karel : i wanted to bookmark that one but one of those goofy websites which use up 100% of my CPU, boohoo
[3:50:52 PM] Stanislav : u need bigger CPU then 🙂
[3:50:56 PM] Stanislav : let’s not get into this
[3:54:12 PM] Karel : well, to jump from 1% to 100 just because of 1 website, when I have 20 websites open and 10 programs, tells me there’s something wrong with the website. Can you always see your CPU?
Anyway, I was using Throughput before, but perhaps Traffic is better.
[3:54:53 PM] Stanislav : ok, i’ll see. i can’t physically see my CPU 🙂



[3:55:02 PM] Stanislav : and dont see any live analysis
[3:56:59 PM] Karel : I always have my Task Manager (CTRL ALT DELETE) running so I can see the CPU in the system tray. I also have programs which show the temperature of the laptop. Otherwise, some stupid glitch somewhere can use up full CPU for an hour, you don’t even know about it, and eventually you fry your laptop. Laptops are not like desktops with lots of space and big fans etc. Overheating is dangerous in laptops. I have mine running about10 to 12 hours a day for the past seven years. I also bought and external fan under its belly – very good investment
[3:58:37 PM] Stanislav : i know…
[4:04:49 PM] Stanislav : see Mirka’s email…
[4:05:33 PM] Stanislav : i do not normally submit any document before all is done – context etc can change, clarification occur etc…
[4:08:03 PM] Karel : I wrote:  have my biggest one completed and am getting close to completing the second largest one. I went through it quickly once, addressing certain points I marked while translating, and still have a few points I wanted to look at. Then I need to export it from my CAT tool and run a spellcheck and double check the formatting. So it is not completely finalised but close to it. You want it anyway?
[4:09:54 PM] Stanislav : OK
[4:21:05 PM] Stanislav : she wants my unfinished version…. will u send yours?
[4:22:28 PM] Karel : I think she was asking for a finished version, to which I wrote:
often while translating, better terminology comes to mind. In the past I have found that, under this approach, I desire to change some things to previously submitted documents. If your client really persists, I can accommodate, but find it is not in the best interests of final quality.
[4:23:00 PM] Stanislav : no, she says ‘provisionally’, with final version tomorrow…
[4:26:25 PM] Stanislav : are you writing application with capital A
[4:27:17 PM] Karel : Only if the Czech version capitalises it, or perhaps if it says “hereinafter referred to as…” and I remember to do so every time
[4:31:18 PM] Karel : sending them my provisional files now…
[4:31:45 PM] Stanislav : me to in 5
[4:32:02 PM] Stanislav : with your +’s 🙂
[5:16:19 PM] Stanislav : hate it, this provisional submissions slowed me down by 40mins

Ed the lizard checking out the leaves.

Lizard on beach in Thailand.

[5:17:33 PM] Karel : and for some reason she cant even open what I sent her, and wants me to create a pdf file, which will be a problem through my mobile phone connection… problems, problems, problems
[5:17:49 PM] Stanislav : I can create PDF for you
[5:18:34 PM] Karel : okay, I’ll send you the file. I can create pdf files too but they are probably so large… Actually, I’ll ask if she can send the file to you.
[5:19:22 PM] Stanislav : if she can’t open it…. you’ve got few mins. … need to get stg to bite
[5:19:34 PM] Stanislav : and proper rest, before the night shift
[5:20:32 PM] Karel : It’s got some weird boxes on the top. Never happened before. Maybe I should have made sure to save it as Word 2003 or something before importing into the CAT. New problem for me. Just asked her to send you the file.
[5:23:31 PM] Stanislav : i’ve got shoes on and ntgh in my inbox, why dont use send it via skype?
[5:23:46 PM] Stanislav : she seems to be ok with my file, can open it, lucky me
[5:24:48 PM] Stanislav : ok solved
[5:24:54 PM] Stanislav : with reference to mirka’s email
[5:24:57 PM] Karel : okay, uploading it now to my google account. will skype you once I’ve blasted it off. Bit slow through the mobile. Should take about a minute or two
[5:25:33 PM] Stanislav : looks you dont need it anymore
[5:25:40 PM] Stanislav : am off, back soon
[6:37:00 PM] Stanislav : how is it going? i am using “travel documents” for “jízdní média” as the most general
[6:37:58 PM] Karel : That totally sounds like a passport and I personally would not support that.
[6:38:25 PM] Stanislav : but “travel medium” sounds so wizardy……
[6:39:56 PM] Karel : both sound horrible. I will try to ponder on it.
[7:00:31 PM] Stanislav : i am using “misuse of the system” = u used “abuse” but probably they are identical
[7:01:23 PM] Karel : I’d have to read the Czech in context to comment. Can’t remember this
[7:02:10 PM] Stanislav : Minimalizace zneužití odbavovacího systému (0 až 20 bod?) – Zadavatel posoudí uchaze?em p?edložený popis opat?ení vedoucích k minimalizaci zneužití odbavovacího systému ze strany cestujících (tj. úniku tržeb DP).

Jamaica, on my #travel  bucket list. Would love to have a big fat doobie while lounging in this paradise

Jamaica, downloaded from the internet

[7:02:23 PM] Stanislav : Minimising misuse of check-in system (0 to 20 points) – Contracting Authority shall assess submitted description of measures to minimise misuse of check-in system by passengers (i.e. sales evasion for Dopravní podnik).
[7:03:30 PM] Karel : misuse sounds weak to me and could be interpretted like using it wrongly. Jumping over the turnstile to not pay is clearly abuse, but your choice is not wrong.
[7:04:08 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[7:06:34 PM] Karel : you like gruesome sentences? How about this one? I got stuck on the second half. Think I need a few swigs of beer before commencing
Smluvní strany prohlašují, že si tuto Dohodu p?ed jejím podpisem p?e?etly, a shledaly, že její obsah p?esn? odpovídá jejich pravé a svobodné v?li a zakládá právní následky, jejichž dosažení svým jednáním sledovaly, a proto ji níže, prosty omylu, lsti a tísn?, jako správnou podepisují.
[7:07:53 PM] Stanislav : ufff……..
[7:08:04 PM] Stanislav : i have got more technical stuff today
[7:14:48 PM] Stanislav : so the shop is open again? 🙂
[7:15:42 PM] Karel : yup, till 9 every night, but only till 8 on Sundays.
[7:16:53 PM] Stanislav : capitalism arrived to Bulgaria
[7:17:02 PM] Stanislav : and consumerism
[7:17:36 PM] Karel : I felt sorry for them that they were so far behind the Czechs in annual beer consumption. One can only try to help out the poor locals.
[7:18:29 PM] Karel : in your Excel file you say Uchazec is Tenderer, but I thought you said/we agreed on Applicant?
[7:18:59 PM] Stanislav : Zajemce is Applicant
[7:19:09 PM] Stanislav : Uchazec is Tenderer
[7:19:40 PM] Stanislav : applicant = application = joint application, tenderer = tender = invitation to tender etc
[7:20:04 PM] Karel : okay, gotiteronie
[7:20:35 PM] Stanislav : got it “what” ? 😉
[7:56:34 PM] Stanislav : let’s check our fridge what’s inside….. any alcohol?
[7:57:59 PM] Karel : huh? I’ve been faithfully drinking for a few NS [about 250 words each] already. Got five left to go and thought I’d take a break for a while, before trying to pound in at least two more. Then the rest early tomorrow morning and time to polish it all up
[7:58:27 PM] Stanislav : well done
[7:59:02 PM] Stanislav : i’ve got 4.5 NS or so too…
[7:59:27 PM] Stanislav : but i’ll manage 🙂
[7:59:41 PM] Karel : how many did you translate today? Guess we’re quite the iron horses
[8:00:16 PM] Stanislav : woud you say ‘most desirable or most favourable’: Maximum score shall be awarded to such proposal that shall contain the most desirable contract terms.
[8:00:39 PM] Stanislav : i’ve done something around 2,500 words…. about 10NS… quite slow today, already feel quite tired…..

Indulge in some of the fruits of the garden.

In a restaurant in Bulgaria

[8:00:54 PM] Karel : definitely favourable. Desireable is what a man feels in his groin to a woman
[8:01:45 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[8:02:15 PM] Stanislav : glad I asked – how much have u done today?
[8:02:50 PM] Karel : I think 16 NS so far, 250 words per NS
[8:03:31 PM] Stanislav : wow
[8:03:36 PM] Stanislav : that’s good
[8:03:39 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[8:34:00 PM] Stanislav : what i was just thinking about…. is ‘umela zamestnanost’ – just imagine how many people have already been ’employed’ by this single ‘smallish’ tender from a smallish Prague ….. it’s quite extraordinary… that’s exactly what they do in the periods of economic crisis…. build motorways, renovate railway tracks … it actually really keeps people in the job (on side of construction companies / consultants etc) if you think about it
[8:35:13 PM] Karel : keynesian demand side economics. Normal for recession times
[9:38:27 AM] Stanislav : morning, a minor Q: in the following, do you write reference to PPA in the same way, i.e. “of PPA” or just “Section 66, PPA”:
After the applications have been assessed, the number of Applicants who submitted an application shall be reduced to ten, pursuant to Section 66 of PPA.
[9:40:40 AM] Karel : yes, I usually write “of”. So you are not using the zkratka [abbreviation] ZVZ? We should try to fine tune our legal documents better. My first long document is more loose but the legal ones should be better tuned. Don’t forget your Tenderer’s Response, as I wrote in the email
[9:41:37 AM] Stanislav : it was in yr TM = I checked it 🙂 i responded to all your queries 🙂 and I use PPA as stated in my glossary spreadsheet…
[9:44:21 AM] Karel : must have been from when I was translating the repetitions file at the very beginning, without context etc. Anyway, I was going to change it, but just didn’t want you to make such a mistake. I wonder what other horrible mistakes there will be that I will not notice as I usually would when I proofread. Will have to do some sort of quick scan proofread. Anyway, just finished and now to start with polishing.

A local came by to give his cow a drink from the local spring.

Going away party in Bulgaria.

[9:45:07 AM] Stanislav : well done, you are faster than me = i need 30 min and then polishing + proofing despite i am not paid for it
[9:45:33 AM] Stanislav : how would u translate “losovani nabidek” “drawing” or “ballot”
[9:46:10 AM] Karel : will you be doing a FULL proofread? guess that makes you more professional than me! But I think both our qualities will be good.
[9:46:39 AM] Stanislav : what is “full proofread”?
[9:46:51 AM] Stanislav : i read through what i translated 🙂
[9:47:01 AM] Stanislav : as always, a second time i phrase things better
[9:47:18 AM] Karel : I guess either Casting or Drawing. Might be better to see the entire sentence.
[9:48:07 AM] Stanislav : Vylosovaným zájemc?m bude zaslána Výzva k podání nabídky.
[9:48:17 AM] Stanislav : Losování je jedním ze zákonem stanovených prost?edk? k omezení po?tu uchaze?? vyzvaných v užším ?ízení k p?edložení konkrétní nabídky.
[9:48:31 AM] Stanislav : feel free to ask me too if u have any queries 😉
[9:49:13 AM] Karel : I was translating a little bit more carefully than normal, I will scan the document quickly, and if something seems odd I offered to do a full proofread of those parts they send back free of charge, if there is not too many. This way they get their discount, what they paid for, and they should be happy too. that’s at least my goofball strategy. Otherwise, I doubt I would be able to do a full proofread by the schedule today. Polishing will require enough time
[9:50:08 AM] Stanislav : i see
[9:50:14 AM] Karel : Perhaps something like
[9:50:35 AM] Karel : Selected applicants will be chosen randomly
[9:51:00 AM] Karel : Or maybe Casting by ballots…
[9:51:06 AM] Stanislav : OK
[9:51:39 AM] Karel : But the second seems a bit strange to me. the first one sounds juicier. Off to polish!
[9:53:21 AM] Karel : actually, I’m so happy this is almost over and that I made some decent money, going to the grocery store!…

work at home translation jobs 01-mexico_014_mexico_22.jpg

Desert tree in Mexico

[9:53:33 AM] Stanislav : 🙂
[9:53:46 AM] Stanislav : money shall arrive in 30 days 🙁 but ur right
[9:53:52 AM] Stanislav : let’s be happy
[9:59:56 AM] Stanislav : the official translation of that thingy u asked is ‘Negotiated Procedure with Publication’ but it sounds like a literal transl
[10:02:46 AM] Karel : totally. What website did you get that from? Don’t think I’d trust it. “Official” in Czech can be a product of bribes and bottles of wine handed to officials shortly after communism to become a sworn translator, and then a bunch of crap translators providing such translations for many years, until everyone thinks its now right…
[10:04:03 AM] Stanislav : it’s a good referenece anyway 🙂 i’ve got an OK feeling for language, so i’d never use sthg like that
[10:04:14 AM] Karel : 30 days from delivery is actually half decent. Many offer 60 days eom (End of Month for month when invoice was submitted) – that could mean as much as 90 days or one quarter of a year!
[10:06:03 AM] Stanislav : in what countries?
[10:06:08 AM] Stanislav : jesus
[10:06:22 AM] Stanislav : i need to feed myself 😉
[10:07:37 AM] Karel : Was told it was rampant across all of Europe, although my clients have been paying reasonably. Often 30 eom.
[10:08:58 AM] Stanislav : pls have a look in yr dictionary how they translate ‘akciové spole?nosti’
[10:11:39 AM] Karel : its not in my EU dictionary and I’ve always translated it as joint stock company, although in the US I guess it would be corporation or incorporated. Otherwise, was thinking about it and most English companies simply do not say such things. Like CNN is CNN, and not CNN, Joint Stock Company. Its like putting MUDr and all sorts of titles before one’s name. Czechs love that but, unless you’re a doctor or something, people simply do not put Ing etc. in front of their names. Ing. is Bachelor of Science isn’t it? Who bloody cares? It’s practically minimum education these days.
[10:13:17 AM] Stanislav : Ing. – Master of Science / but I have got mine in economy, marketing, management
[10:13:32 AM] Stanislav : this is official document – i understand why they put a.s. there
[10:13:50 AM] Stanislav : otherwise agreed – i use my numerous titles only when applying for jobs 😉
[10:15:49 AM] Karel : I haven’t heard anyone in English put Masters before their name. Anyway, these are fine points and fun discussion, but for the two company names I found in this document, I looked at their website for an official translation, DP was Inc., and then there was Czech Railways. But this isn’t an official translation, is it? I mean, its purpose isn’t official. Anyway, like I said, small points and you can choose either way I would say.
[10:16:41 AM] Stanislav : 🙂

work at home translation jobs 01-mexico_014_mexico_04.jpg

Early morning fisherman in Baha, Mexico

[10:17:44 AM] Stanislav : ur right, they say ‘The Prague Public Transport Co. Inc.’, then i’ll say ‘Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, Inc.’
[10:21:29 AM] Stanislav : then i need to ask you how you called Annex 1, 3, and 4 as i refer to these few times:
Annex 1: Outline Specification of Public Contract Qualification
Annex 2: Assessment criteria
Annex 3: Confidentiality Agreement and Trade Secret Protection Agreement
Annex 4: Cover Note
[10:22:33 AM] Karel : okay, have copied this into my Word To Do file and get back to this later
[10:22:59 AM] Stanislav : what? the actual titles?
[10:24:11 AM] Karel : You want me to tell you how I translated these titles? that’s how I understood your question. Otherwise, I always use Annex as opposed to Appendix, as was instructed to me in my EU dictionary thing (one customer for which we did EU translations)
[10:25:02 AM] Stanislav : once you know these titles, let me know – my suggestion above
[10:37:38 AM] Karel : Run across the word vypisovatel yet? Couldn’t find it anywhere, so I just guessed Subscriber.
[10:38:33 AM] Stanislav : they’re stupid – it’s same is ‘zadavatel’…… vypsat = issue…
[10:39:03 AM] Stanislav : ‘issued by’…
[10:40:23 AM] Stanislav : or issuer if u like it
[10:40:54 AM] Karel : Just polishing now, so hope you don’t mind. When they say
v zastoupení Dopravního podniku hl. m. Prahy, akciová spole?nost
under the signature, I guess its “representing” and not “represented by”, eh? There shines my shitty Czech.
[10:41:52 AM] Stanislav : i translated that as ‘on behalf of’
[10:43:37 AM] Karel : On a similar note we have:
Se sídlem:………………………………………
So the latter is Executive Officer or something?
I’ll be done with the questions soonish, then off to spellchecking and formatting, so I should have lots of time to help you.
[10:45:18 AM] Stanislav : again, e.g. Contracting Authority’s Representative: i.e. acting on behalf of …
[10:45:23 AM] Stanislav : a specific person
[10:47:03 AM] Stanislav : what’s correct ‘In such a case…’ or ‘in such case…’
[10:48:24 AM] Karel : for legalese I like to use “In such an event”, cause it sounds juicier
[10:48:39 AM] Stanislav : ok
[10:49:40 AM] Stanislav : i translated the FAQ doc… and the contracting auth is really arrogant…. We clearly stated in the qualification documentation that…… as if saying u idiot, cannot u read?
[10:51:25 AM] Karel : Some of the EU translations I’ve done were unbelievably arrogant. But in this case it was the Czechs, who were receiving tons of money from the EU, treating EU officials as complete yoyos.
[10:52:29 AM] Stanislav : now you can help – shall i translate ‘cituji’ as ‘konec citatu’ or just make quotation marks:
2 písm. b), v druhém odstavci,  je požadováno, cituji:
“……………..” konec citátu.

work at home translation jobs 02-world_03lr.jpg

One of the beautiful Pitkin Lakes in Croatia

[10:53:42 AM] Karel : If someone is quoting like that in an FAQ, no probs against saying
I quote ” “. No need to say ‘end quote’.
[10:54:11 AM] Stanislav : OK
[11:04:40 AM] Stanislav : how does this sound? ‘Further down in the text under bullet point a) 3CVs are required….
[11:07:17 AM] Karel : As stated below under point…
[11:07:53 AM] Stanislav : it’s in the FAQ referring to a different document….
[11:08:19 AM] Stanislav : doesnt matter – u would not use bullet point for odrazka a), odrazka b)
[11:08:19 AM] Stanislav : ?
[11:08:33 AM] Stanislav : maybe ‘item’
[11:09:48 AM] Karel : Maybe picture or illustration? I dont usually say bullets
[11:10:36 AM] Stanislav : picture or illustration for a list of things a), b)…. weird… i’ll use ‘under iteam a)’
[11:11:45 AM] Karel : yah, item is good, but if there is a list a to b, and just before it says “the following pictures”, I would say picture a and not something like picture list a etc.
[11:12:29 AM] Stanislav : my situation is not the case 😉
[11:12:33 AM] Stanislav : no worries
[11:13:55 AM] Stanislav : have u made ‘back up of all your files’? in case your fan stops workign? 🙂
[11:17:32 AM] Karel : I’m in the process of uploading everything to a server for 50 bucks a year, unlimited space. I had it on Rapidshare [this was at a time long before google docs etc. came about] but those pricks reduced my limit from 500 gigs to 25, shortly after I bought a one year account. So now I’m slowly transferring it elsewhere. the backup includes a complete backup of two computers, in case there’s a nuclear war here..
[11:18:33 AM] Stanislav : 🙂
[11:18:54 AM] Stanislav : i’ve got simply external hard drive
[11:20:05 AM] Karel : I had those two, until everything decided to fry at the same time. Cost me more than a month to set up my business, so never again…
[11:20:25 AM] Stanislav : unlucky
[11:20:29 AM] Stanislav : but shit happens, i agree
[11:21:04 AM] Karel : 50 bucks a year is well worth it for me. Plus I live in a truck and the bouncing around seems to kill a lot of electronics
[11:23:40 AM] Stanislav : are u sure with ‘transportation’ vs. ‘transport’ ? sometimes transportation sounds a bit weirdish

work at home translation jobs 02-world_03t.jpg

Croatian coastline.

[11:24:55 AM] Karel : I already did a global search and replace. Send me your weird sentence and I’ll give you my opinion
[11:26:03 AM] Stanislav : Or is it sufficient to submit details of at least two completed projects in the underground and at least two additional projects in the ground transportation?
[11:26:15 AM] Stanislav : could also be ‘relating to underground’, but i dont care
[11:27:44 AM] Karel : to me ground transport definitely sounds like its transpoting goods and not people. For example, its public transportation and not public transport. I’ll check out some English website now, as I’m not overly happy with ‘ground’ transportation.
[11:28:07 AM] Stanislav : ok
[11:31:33 AM] Stanislav : how do we write CZK …… CZK 1bn or 1bn CZK? i have got the latter at the moment but can replace
[11:32:46 AM] Karel : I prefer the latter, as that is the way I speak, but for official documents (which I believe this is not) I believe it should be before
[11:33:01 AM] Stanislav : 🙂
[11:34:41 AM] Karel : Seems that in NA [North America] they use transportation while the brits more often use transport (while still also using transportation).
A good reference could be:
[11:34:53 AM] Karel : http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g186338-s303/London:United-Kingdom:Public.Transportation.html
from which I drew:
[11:35:19 AM] Karel : PrePay (or Pay as You Go): load your card with electronic money, which is then deducted each time you travel.
Bus pass: weekly or monthly season ticket for bus and tram only. Travel at will.
TravelCard: weekly or monthly season ticket for underground, overground, train, bus, DLR and tram. Travel at will within a specified range of zones (see tube maps for Zones).
so I guess we should go with “overground transport”?

work at home translation jobs 02-world_11.jpg

Croatia, otherwise known as Czech Riviera.

[11:36:12 AM] Stanislav : check if TFL uses such term…
[11:37:19 AM] Stanislav : used by http://www.tfl.gov.uk, which is DP’s [DP = Dopravni Podnik = Transport Company – basically, Prague’s public transport company] equivalent in London… otherwise i doubt
[11:38:24 AM] Stanislav : do you write ‘Public Contract’ and ‘Significant Contract’ both with capitals??
[11:39:44 AM] Karel : I guess not in an FAQ, but only in actual contract and legal material
[11:40:46 AM] Stanislav : ok, so in the Qualification Documentation, YES
[11:41:04 AM] Karel : there’s not a lot of text on individual TFL pages and I’m not going to hunt around. I will just go with overground transport
[11:42:45 AM] Stanislav : transport? or transportation?
[11:43:03 AM] Stanislav : overground transportation has got only 22,600 hits on UK websites
[11:43:18 AM] Karel : in this case transport, to give it some UK spice
[11:43:34 AM] Stanislav : i think it’s a term coined recently
[11:47:32 AM] Stanislav : ?estné prohlášení – statutory declaration?
[11:50:04 AM] Karel : yup
[11:54:41 AM] Stanislav :  so it is now “Enclosed underground check-in system linked to overground transportation” – i think ground will suffice… have u already replaced all?
[11:55:33 AM] Karel : I’ve replaced it all to “overground transport”. Sounds good even for NA ears.
[11:57:39 AM] Stanislav : including the tender title i guess
[12:00:38 PM] Karel : I guess you mean
“Enclosed underground check-in system linked to overground transport”
Yes, seems that was automatically replaced too. Will have to check some other documents too
[12:01:02 PM] Stanislav : grrr. OK
[12:02:28 PM] Stanislav : 525 hits – “overground transport” site:.uk
[12:02:59 PM] Stanislav : 8 on “overground transportation” site:.uk
[12:03:20 PM] Stanislav : 22,200 on “ground transportation” site:.uk
[12:03:33 PM] Stanislav : 7,300 on “ground transport” site:.uk
[12:03:58 PM] Karel : well, wont kill me to switch, since it will concern only one file. Switch back to ground transportation then?
[12:04:15 PM] Stanislav : yep
[12:04:53 PM] Stanislav : then at least we have got a reference, i.e. Google Inc.
[12:14:49 PM] Karel : have you yet seen the following:
jednotky Dopravní cesta metro
[12:15:28 PM] Stanislav : ????
[12:15:30 PM] Stanislav : what’s that
[12:15:46 PM] Karel : no clue
[12:16:16 PM] Stanislav : where’s that? any context?
[12:16:55 PM] Karel : appeared only once relating to fire, I think. I’ll just keep my translation. Should be good enough I think. As long as it is not referred to elsewhere

work at home translation jobs 01-mexico_013_gc 05.jpg

Around Grand Canyon, USA.

[12:17:20 PM] Stanislav : are u still using ‘sheets’ in the following which is my translation:
Turnstile refers to an automatic gate used to separate freely accessible areas and paid transportation areas. The gate consists of two-wing sheets/bars/blades. When the turnstile opens, the blades slide into the sides of the turnstile.
[12:17:59 PM] Stanislav : simply doesnt make sense – the above – seems like 4 words put together
[12:18:16 PM] Karel : I have a similar sentence. Send me the Czech so that I can find it
[12:19:06 PM] Stanislav : Turniketem se rozumí automatická brána sloužící k odd?lení voln? p?ístupného prostoru od placeného p?epravního prostoru.
[12:19:27 PM] Stanislav : or similar
[12:20:06 PM] Karel : What’s the original for
[12:17 PM] Stanislav :
two-wing sheets/bars/blades.
[12:20:59 PM] Stanislav : like in yours ‘brána má formu dvouk?ídlových list?”
[12:21:36 PM] Stanislav : it is not bar… probably something with quite a bit of surface… so sheet may be ok
[12:22:49 PM] Karel : I have
In both cases they shall be two-way pass-through turnstiles with glassed dipteral sheets of height 1.7 m.
[12:25:03 PM] Stanislav : dipteral used only for insect…. I’ll go for two-wing sheets – gives relevant hits on google
[12:25:48 PM] Karel : seznam dictionary says its for architechture. I had two-wing before
[12:26:24 PM] Stanislav : they use “wing turnstile” etc
[12:27:02 PM] Karel : okay, I’ll switch back to two-wing
[12:29:36 PM] Karel : Systém PID organizuje ROPID, p?ísp?vková organizace z?ízená v roce 1993 HMP.
“allowance organisation” according to the dictionary. Never heard of it
[12:30:47 PM] Stanislav : non-for profit
[12:30:52 PM] Stanislav : will do
[12:31:11 PM] Stanislav : prispevkova = generates no profit and is dependent on government grants
[12:31:19 PM] Stanislav : like schools etc
[12:31:32 PM] Karel : Platební kanál jízdného
Ticket Payment Channel??
[12:31:58 PM] Karel : I thought “non-profit”. Why such a simple word would not be in these dictionaries, I have no clue
[12:32:32 PM] Stanislav : in UK not-for-profit… but check it out
[12:32:42 PM] Stanislav : re channel – probable
[12:42:08 PM] Karel : Concerning
then i need to ask you how you called Annex 1, 3, and 4 as i refer to these few times:
Annex 1: Outline Specification of Public Contract Qualification
Annex 2: Assessment criteria
Annex 3: Confidentiality Agreement and Trade Secret Protection Agreement
Annex 4: Cover Note
I’m not sure I have those titles anywhere. Would be easier if you sent me the czech so that I can look it up, otherwise I guess you mostly have these
[12:42:20 PM] Karel : ready to export and polish up in Word
[12:43:07 PM] Stanislav : are you not translating the actual document “Prilohac.3-Dohodaoochraneduvernychinformaci.doc”?

work at home translation jobs 02-world_50.jpg

Olive tree plantation in Croatia

[12:43:53 PM] Stanislav : and “Prilohac.4-Krycilist.doc”?
[12:44:45 PM] Stanislav : seems Annex 1 was not translated at all, the Czech was interesting as always “Rámcové vymezení p?edm?tu ve?ejné zakázky pro pot?eby kvalifikace”
[12:47:46 PM] Stanislav : fucking hell i will deserve some rest after this is done
[12:48:30 PM] Karel : I used Cover Sheet, but cant even find the title of Annex 3 in the document.
Oh, here it is:
[12:49:18 PM] Stanislav : ok
[12:49:28 PM] Stanislav : and annex 1 you did not have i guess 🙂
[12:52:16 PM] Karel : ANNEX NO. 1
Within the Framework of the PUBLIC TENDER
for the needs of qualification
Sounds like garbage and maybe I translated that during the initial repetitions file.
How about something like:
Defining the subject of the public contract for the purposes of qualification?
[12:52:56 PM] Stanislav : mine is not correct ? 😉 Outline Specification of Public Contract Qualification
[12:53:29 PM] Stanislav : i’ll use yours – that is OK
[12:53:41 PM] Karel : sure, we can use that. I’m flex, you decide
[12:54:20 PM] Stanislav : yours is OK
[12:54:24 PM] Stanislav : lets use yours
[12:55:33 PM] Stanislav : Annex 1: Subject Definition of the Public Contract for the purpose of Qualification
[12:56:01 PM] Karel : ok!
[12:57:13 PM] Stanislav : a bit of food, then proofreading of another 2000 words, then formatting, spell-check again and could be submitting around 3pm. fingers crossed
[1:03:27 PM] Karel : oh, you want to do the Cz to Eng consultation for me? If you do not have time I understand. If you do I can pay you 300Kc an hour, which I pay the other guy. I think it should take you less than half an hour, since you already know this stuff, perhaps 15 minutes.
[1:03:56 PM] Stanislav : OK
[1:04:06 PM] Karel : or would you be interested in doing this for me in the future? You seem more thorough than he is
[1:04:24 PM] Stanislav : i’d be delighted 🙂
[1:04:34 PM] Stanislav : i can do it for this job too
[1:04:52 PM] Stanislav : though can it wait 1hr? send it across NOW and i’ll keep looking at it 🙂
[1:04:55 PM] Karel : ok, preparing it now and should send it within about 10
[1:05:56 PM] Karel : before I forget, if + is after a word, I’m not sure of the word. If it is after a comma, then the phrase, and after a period then the entire sentence
[1:07:03 PM] Stanislav : ‘period’?
[1:07:30 PM] Karel : the end of a sentence
[1:08:19 PM] Stanislav : Karl, i’ll log off now, need to concentrate for a bit, but will re-log in 45mins or so OK? then i’ll do your bit. is that OK?
[1:08:41 PM] Karel : sounds great, tankya
[1:13:10 PM] Karel : okay, just blasted off the file in an email
[2:08:59 PM] Stanislav : did u translate otev?enost ?ešení odbavovacího systému as openness of the check-in system, flexibility was used too, but separately i think
[2:10:23 PM] Stanislav : did you run into ‘sila uzavreni’? Variabilita nastavení provozních parametr? (nap?. rychlost a síla uzav?ení) Variability in settings of operational parameters  (e.g. speed or $closing strength)

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[2:10:36 PM] Karel : don’t remember using flexibility and think it would be wrong meaning here. I think just open and not openness
[2:10:53 PM] Stanislav : and last one – Odolnost vstupu v uzav?ené poloze – Entrance resilience when closed
[2:11:21 PM] Stanislav : but opennes is used in relation to the ‘economy’ being open to intern. trade etc
[2:11:55 PM] Karel : havent run into that, but closing strength or power seems feasible
[2:13:19 PM] Karel : I’d have to see the original sentence re openness, but sounds feasible, re [regarding] how easy it is to get in through the turnstile..
[2:14:15 PM] Karel : Odolnost vstupu v uzav?ené poloze – Entrance resilience when closed
I’d have to see surrounding sentences in context. Either doesn’t make any sense to me
[2:14:54 PM] Karel : what does “viz dtto” mean. refer to previous?
[2:16:08 PM] Stanislav : sorry, openness is re the whole check-in system… and its integration. resilience re: turnstile and whether the sheets when closed will hold back the passengers
[2:17:08 PM] Stanislav : dtto – probably same as…
[2:18:07 PM] Stanislav :   Rovn?ž, stejn?, o ?ádek výše.
[2:18:07 PM] Karel : maybe
Resistance to entry during closed position
[2:21:09 PM] Karel : re openess, I looked through mine and couldnt find that word. Maybe send me some sentences surrounding. The system is not open, cause there is a turnstile…
[2:23:48 PM] Stanislav : it is an assessment criteria: • Otev?enost ?ešení odbavovacího systému (0 až 5 bod?) – Zadavatel posoudí uchaze?em p?edložený návrh z pohledu schopnosti jeho integrace s jinými systémy, proveditelnosti technologických zm?n a rozvoje uplatn?ných technologií. Maximální po?et bod? dosáhne uchaze?, jehož návrh bude nejvhodn?jší z pohledu uvedených parametr?.
[2:24:06 PM] Stanislav : i think i will do yr bits now… wonder how quickly it’ll go

work at home translation jobs 02-world_42.jpg

Coastline in Montenegro.

[2:24:32 PM] Stanislav : • Openness of the check-in system (0 to 5 points) – The Contracting Authority shall assess whether the submitted proposal can be integrated into other systems, and also assess the feasibility of technological changes and developments of the technologies used. The maximum score shall be awarded to the proposal that is the most advantageous with respect to the mentioned parameters.
[2:24:55 PM] Karel : I see, in this case I’d definitely say flexibility
[2:30:33 PM] Stanislav : what are the + rules…. at the end of a word
[2:31:51 PM] Karel : I explained in email that when the + is after a word, it means that my uncertainty revolves around that word. Otherwise, if after a sentence, then I’m not sure of the meaning of the entire sentence.
[2:32:19 PM] Stanislav : cool
[2:32:30 PM] Stanislav : you explained somewhere in skype above – cant be bothered to look it up
[2:52:39 PM] Karel : You feel ambitious about translating this mumbo jumbo? I’d gladly pay you for it.
Smluvní strany prohlašují, že si tuto Dohodu p?ed jejím podpisem p?e?etly, a shledaly, že její obsah p?esn? odpovídá jejich pravé a svobodné v?li a zakládá právní následky, jejichž dosažení svým jednáním sledovaly, a proto ji níže, prosty omylu, lsti a tísn?, jako správnou podepisují.
[2:53:45 PM] Stanislav : i have not submitted my own jobs yet – ask me when i send my files to mirka, now doing your consultation, am on page 3, but already too many terms are too technical – those legal stuff
[2:53:48 PM] Stanislav : cheers
[3:11:10 PM] Stanislav : see yr email
[3:20:48 PM] Stanislav : did u receive the file??
[3:24:10 PM] Karel : yup, see something in my inbox and almost done formatting. Thanks a billion and will take a look at it soon. Then another small job and quickly to grocery store (or maybe before I start second job..)
[3:28:35 PM] Stanislav : spelling is quite useful…… simply some things impossible to find / spot
[3:35:32 PM] Karel : you have the software for that? Recently I discovered the google docs has spellcheck in many languages. Brilliant!
[3:37:03 PM] Stanislav : using simple MS Word spell-check – what do you mean by ‘google docs’
[3:40:25 PM] Stanislav : passengers $caught out without a valid travel card
[3:41:03 PM] Stanislav : did u use the same for ‘odhaleni cestujicich bez platneho jizdniho dokladu’?
[3:42:56 PM] Karel : just look up google docs. It’s amazing for a translation agency like me.
[3:43:14 PM] Stanislav : ok
[3:43:39 PM] Karel : I guess I’d say caught but not “caught out”
[3:44:14 PM] Karel : I didn’t translate this theme. Maybe “catching” passengers without…
[3:55:26 PM] Stanislav : OK – i have got another job after this one – due tomorrow 9am – uff – though small one
[3:55:38 PM] Stanislav : though let’s concentrate on the job in hand
[3:55:55 PM] Stanislav : luckily into czech – paid as well only £45 / 1000
[3:56:33 PM] Stanislav : it’s pizza time, then last hour on this job, already hate it
[3:59:16 PM] Karel : My worst job ever was for about 3 months, lots of work, saved me financially, but about EU money investing into Moravian sewer system. I closed my eyes and all I could imagine was shit. It was horrible. This was a breeze
[4:00:27 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[4:00:36 PM] Stanislav : i used to work in the wastewater treatment sector, in the UK

work at home translation jobs 02-world_04a2.jpg

Night bbq on Croatian beach.

[4:00:40 PM] Stanislav : quite like the topic
[4:00:41 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[4:04:40 PM] Stanislav : are u using Inc., certainly?
[4:05:09 PM] Karel : For this translation yes, for DP, according to its own website
[4:05:30 PM] Stanislav : agreed
[4:16:56 PM] Stanislav : how do you normally translate ‘pricemz’, e.g.
P?edpokládaná hodnota ve?ejné zakázky ?iní: 3,5 mld. K? (bez DPH), p?i?emž je tvo?ena výdaji na:
[4:17:08 PM] Stanislav : whereby, where, whilst?
[4:17:35 PM] Karel : I usually use whereby
[4:35:56 PM] Karel : okay, just finished my translation and blasting off. Since you were under durress, wanna round up my consultation to a full hour? Tell Mirka about it and adjust our invoices accordingly? Or I can pay you through moneybookers, for example? Or add it to my accounting and pay you when the amount gets higher? I have an account in Czech as well. I’m not entirely happy with my present consultant. Also, I could send you an app form to fill for my agency. I made it so you could fill it in super fast. k
[4:38:10 PM] Stanislav : will u be online later? let’s talk about this later…. i need to submit mine too – but full hour sounds good – you emailed only the ‘cherries on the cake’
[4:51:45 PM] Stanislav : are you still there? how do you say ‘original plné moci’ / original of full powers?
[4:54:02 PM] Stanislav : original of the power of attorney
[4:59:10 PM] Karel : perhaps original power of attorney, but what’s with this “original”?
[4:59:27 PM] Stanislav : they want an original, not a copy
[4:59:57 PM] Karel : Just started my second “innocent” bottle of beer. Not sure how long I’ll still be useful for you… Once I get this next job done its movie time. MAN I wish I had a J. Gettin some sent
[5:00:11 PM] Karel : How on earth can you copy a power of attorney???
[5:00:33 PM] Stanislav : isn’t it an document?
[5:00:39 PM] Stanislav : then you can copy everything
[5:00:51 PM] Karel : I guess you talking about the document, which gives power of attorney. Then I guess you must state somehow the document..
[5:01:03 PM] Stanislav : ‘i wish i had a j. getting some sent’  – you mean more bear?
[5:01:20 PM] Stanislav : letter of attorney then i
[5:01:26 PM] Stanislav : saw it somewhere ;0
[5:01:27 PM] Karel : J as in joint, zahulit se vole
[5:03:23 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[5:08:22 PM] Stanislav : u got up early today, right?
[5:09:51 PM] Karel : I usually fall asleep by 10ish, although occasionally my awake schedule gets broken up with naps and I find myself working the oddest hours. then i usually wake up before the crack of dawn. Being by myself on my travels, I’ve lost the enthusiasm for the vampire lifestyle of Prague and I’m usually awake with the sun, which is much more pleasant
[5:11:24 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[5:11:50 PM] Stanislav : we shall talk a bit more, i’d like to know where you’ve been and what your plans are – but first i need to finish this f*** job
[5:12:46 PM] Karel : you can check out http://travelgoof.com when you have time. Its been a wonderful trip, yet now I’ve got my eyes set on Africa. That will be truly on the edge and crisp
[5:13:30 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[5:13:35 PM] Stanislav : i will check that website
[5:14:09 PM] Stanislav : check some of my pics – though many more are on my HD: http://picasaweb.google.de/Warrington.2007/ ]
[5:17:04 PM] Karel : so you kite? Was thinking of getting something like that for my truck. Good free entertainment, when the winds and conditions are appropriate.
[5:17:34 PM] Stanislav : it’s quite dangerous…. it belonged to my friend, did it once but it’s FUN
[5:55:29 PM] Stanislav : DONE DUSTED F**CK IT
[5:56:08 PM] Stanislav : calculated all my work and hours…. over 50hrs spent on this, which makes it an hourly rate of less than 10 eur. a little bit above min. wage in Germany….
[5:56:56 PM] Stanislav : looks like i was slacking on Monday – did only 8,5hrs…..
[5:57:49 PM] Karel : that’s why I wanna go French. But even so for me its good. Considering my costs down here, these 6 days of work will pay for two months of expenses.. Certainly glas I’m not living in Germany..
[6:04:12 PM] Stanislav : ‘glas’?
[6:04:35 PM] Karel : oh, glad
[6:04:51 PM] Stanislav : yeah – the costs of living are high……..
[6:05:14 PM] Stanislav : so how much work / translations do you do each month and how much time do you spend by travelling / moving around/
[6:05:14 PM] Stanislav : ?
[6:05:29 PM] Stanislav : have you got only your loyal clients?
[6:07:12 PM] Karel : nope, just approached 7000 agencies and have about a hundred application forms to fill. Filled in only a few so far and work pickin up. I’m also near the top of google for Czech to English translator etc., but that doesn’t bring in much work, surprisingly. Actually, rather funny work from the US from private people
[6:08:37 PM] Stanislav : so you bought one of these directories? i thought i would but decided not to
[6:08:58 PM] Stanislav : i thought of buying one from translationdirectory.com
[6:10:40 PM] Stanislav : but decided for more individual approach… this is my 3rd job in 2 months… but i travelled a lot too…. mainly the CR… did many forms too and few test translations etc
[6:10:53 PM] Karel : I bought and accumulated it from several sources, and now selling it here
TD is rather expensive, and I accidentally started that monster. A Ukrainian who used to work for me (starting wage 50 cents an hour) but who used all my ideas. I’ve learned my lesson to keep my mouth shut. But we’re still friends and he loves putting my travel stories on his site
[6:11:20 PM] Stanislav : 🙂
[6:11:41 PM] Stanislav : cool
[6:11:47 PM] Stanislav : though i wont buy it 😉
[6:38:09 PM] Karel : heh heh, one can only try eh?

Negotiating for a Proofreading Job

I checked it out and it looks like very high quality, translated by a native English translator. I actually regularly set up online and offline databases as well, so I’m pretty familiar with the technology. You want me to turn on Tracking so that you can see my changes? I’m afraid though that I probably wont make too many, but to compensate I can focus on the concept more and research some on the internet for specific terminology to make it an ultra quality translation. Then I can do more spot checks (against the original) at the end than I initially planned, and be more scrutinising while proofreading and compare against the original when things look only slightly out of place.

One problem though is it turns out to be 256 pages (of 1800 characters, considered a standard page in Czech), so it will be substantially more than the 173 I originally anticipated. I usually do not proofread (except my own translations), so I’m not even sure what my pace is. Furthermore, it is Sunday now and the only day of the week I actually do not work (otherwise I work practically all the time), and also for religious reasons I generally do not work, although I have made exceptions when I’ve had to. So I’m wondering how rigid the deadline is. Preferably, I’d rather start Monday morning and work nonstop right to every evening.

You wrote:

I am planning delivery to the client for the 19th, so I would like to have by the 18th affernoon Japan time. Can you please describe what you mean by proofreading.

I gather you are located in Japan? I’m in Europe so 5pm Japan time would be 9am my time, which would technically only give me two days if I started Monday morning. If I have to I can sacrifice my Sunday today, as it is morning now (8:17), but I’d really prefer not to. What would you suggest?

I am attaching the source and translated file as well as a note file from the translator. Can you please review the translated document and provide me with a quote for proofreading this document. I would like to know how good the translation is right away ! I am also including comments from the translator below for your reference.


when you ask someone for a quote, it doesn’t really make sense to speak in terms of printed pages, because this can be easily skewed based on the size of the font, or if there are a lot of tables and pictures. I can see the number of printable pages myself, whether it is for US letterhead size or European A4, but that is rather irrelevant information for quoting purposes. The translated text turns out to be more than 64000 words (about 256 pages of full text at 1800 characters a page). It’s simply a lot.

Thank you for the extension and I’ll shoot for early evening on the 19th. By what time in the evening? You are 8 hours behind me.

I’d prefer to stick to my original quote of 0.022 USD/word, but I can round it down to 0.02 and focus more on terminology search, overall research and more spot checks. Hope this is okay.

When i open the file here. I see 180 pages. The translater is using standard American page sizes, which is fine for our client. I have to deliver to the client on March 20th morning Japan time. Therefore I can extend to thursday the 19th afternoon/early evening if you need more time. I cannot do better than that. I think that you still have to provide me with a quote on this. I require a reasonable fixed cost per English word based on the fact that the translation is of high quality as you mention. Yes, I would like you to turn on track changes for any changes. I am in Osaka Japan, please calculate the time difference accordingly such that I get the file on March 19th late afternoon Japan time.

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