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Seeking Native English Proofreaders and Copy Editors for Long Term Work and Jobs

Seeking-Native-English-Proofreaders-for-Long-Term-Work-and-JobsThis website helps translators find new translation clients, mostly translation agencies, but sometimes these agencies ask if the translator can translate into English, which they are not native in.

For times like this I like to provide them with a list of tested and quality native English speakers. Your job would be to proofread their translation to bring it up to native English level. They would contact you directly, so you could set your own rate each time based on the quality of their translation.

For the first few times, and sporadically throughout their career, they would send me your work for evaluation. Based on these evaluations I would update the list of proofreaders I send to these translators, or possibly remove a proofreader from the list.

If you would like to be added to this list, please download this translation, proofread/edit it in Track Changes mode (you may set up your Word so that you do not see your own changes), send it back to me and state what you would charge per word (271 for this particular file) in USD.

Seeking-Native-English-Proofreaders-for-Long-Term-Work-and-Jobs-2Whatever your definition of proofread or copy editing is, the bottom line is that translation agencies demand top quality, so the final product must look and feel like it was written from heart and in good quality by a native speaker.

If you do establish regular work with a particular translator, you may suggest to them that they study your changes and learn from them, to make your job easier moving forward.

Please send this sample proofread to kenax AT kenax DOT net and put “TA proofread sample” in the subject.

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