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Negotiating for a Proofreading Job

I checked it out and it looks like very high quality, translated by a native English translator. I actually regularly set up online and offline databases as well, so I’m pretty familiar with the technology. You want me to turn on Tracking so that you can see my changes? I’m afraid though that I probably wont make too many, but to compensate I can focus on the concept more and research some on the internet for specific terminology to make it an ultra quality translation. Then I can do more spot checks (against the original) at the end than I initially planned, and be more scrutinising while proofreading and compare against the original when things look only slightly out of place.

One problem though is it turns out to be 256 pages (of 1800 characters, considered a standard page in Czech), so it will be substantially more than the 173 I originally anticipated. I usually do not proofread (except my own translations), so I’m not even sure what my pace is. Furthermore, it is Sunday now and the only day of the week I actually do not work (otherwise I work practically all the time), and also for religious reasons I generally do not work, although I have made exceptions when I’ve had to. So I’m wondering how rigid the deadline is. Preferably, I’d rather start Monday morning and work nonstop right to every evening.

You wrote:

I am planning delivery to the client for the 19th, so I would like to have by the 18th affernoon Japan time. Can you please describe what you mean by proofreading.

I gather you are located in Japan? I’m in Europe so 5pm Japan time would be 9am my time, which would technically only give me two days if I started Monday morning. If I have to I can sacrifice my Sunday today, as it is morning now (8:17), but I’d really prefer not to. What would you suggest?

I am attaching the source and translated file as well as a note file from the translator. Can you please review the translated document and provide me with a quote for proofreading this document. I would like to know how good the translation is right away ! I am also including comments from the translator below for your reference.


when you ask someone for a quote, it doesn’t really make sense to speak in terms of printed pages, because this can be easily skewed based on the size of the font, or if there are a lot of tables and pictures. I can see the number of printable pages myself, whether it is for US letterhead size or European A4, but that is rather irrelevant information for quoting purposes. The translated text turns out to be more than 64000 words (about 256 pages of full text at 1800 characters a page). It’s simply a lot.

Thank you for the extension and I’ll shoot for early evening on the 19th. By what time in the evening? You are 8 hours behind me.

I’d prefer to stick to my original quote of 0.022 USD/word, but I can round it down to 0.02 and focus more on terminology search, overall research and more spot checks. Hope this is okay.

When i open the file here. I see 180 pages. The translater is using standard American page sizes, which is fine for our client. I have to deliver to the client on March 20th morning Japan time. Therefore I can extend to thursday the 19th afternoon/early evening if you need more time. I cannot do better than that. I think that you still have to provide me with a quote on this. I require a reasonable fixed cost per English word based on the fact that the translation is of high quality as you mention. Yes, I would like you to turn on track changes for any changes. I am in Osaka Japan, please calculate the time difference accordingly such that I get the file on March 19th late afternoon Japan time.

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