Poll: do you prefer to be informed when you are not assigned a project?

Having managed many translation projects, I often wondered whether I should write back to all the translators who responded to my original inquiry informing them that I had chosen someone else. After all, translators might get enough emails that they do not want to be bothered unnecessarily, they might not appreciate receiving news that they were not chosen, and the only time-saving way I could write to all of them (for larger projects I often approach well over a hundred translators) was by mass email not addressing them individually by name. This seems potentially rude, but I’m curious to find out the average vote, so please state your case! You can also leave comments at the bottom of this page.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: do you prefer to be informed when you are not assigned a project?

  1. John

    No, definitely not. Until I have been assigned a job I assume I’m not getting it. I am usually busy and more mail just wastes more time.

  2. Ljiljana Krsti?

    Diane & Jack summed it up – time management is a priority, especially when having clients in different time zones, and also it gives a personal touch to cooperation, regardless the mass mail- hat really matters (in business & personally) is knowing that someone cares. Happy holidays to all :-)))


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