Importance of Native Language of Mother Tongue

well, I certainly would not say it is Canadian dialect or something as I have been dealing with translators and agencies all over the world for the past 10 years, and reading forums etc., and pretty well “native speaker” is what is used; sometimes, incorrectly, “mother tongue translator”. A “native”, which you looked up in the Oxford dictionary, is different than “native speaker”. Like the difference between “blue” and “blue sky”. I challenge you to find another way of expressing this concept in English.

Anyway, glad there is no more animosity. Since English is not your native language you should be careful about misunderstanding things, jumping to conclusions and then insulting people. It can never be good for business or for finding employment for yourself.

I have a friend who moved to Sweden also said they are very racist.

Thank you for answering. Your explanation convince me that you are not a racist. English is not my mother tongue and therefore when I write or talk spontaneously english I do sometimes mistakes but most of time I am aware of them and know if I am more concerned I skip many of these mistakes. I have been studying english in several years in different schools and universities. I have had english teachers from USA, England and several other countries. I have also several other educations like machine and data engineering and studied many english books and articles. I have also studies several other languages like Finish, Germany, Swedish and now trying to learn spanish. My expriences convince me that it is easy to missunderstand each other because of different dialects and word concepts in different countries even though they speak the same language. Your concept of the work native is not exactly in accordance with what I know from before and what is written in Oxford dictionary. but your concept of Native is probably right in Canadian english language. I appologize for that I have been impolite. My reaction was dependent on living in Sweden which is a racist country and the negative concequences of racism in my life. This racism has forced me to work as a bus driver in spite of all my educations and qualified work experiences. I am not specially interested of working as English translator anyhow and my answer to you depended to that I found it racistic.

Been busy with lots of work and finally getting around to cleaning out my inbox. You can research it on the internet but I truly believe that it is standard in the translation industry to refer to it as “native speaker”. This does not mean born there. I was born in Czech but grew up in Canada. English is my native language. Some people say “mother tongue” but this is not the way a “native English speaker” would say it. You are truly making an ass out of yourself and your behaviour is quite unprofessional. When a customer demands “native” quality they want to read the translation like it was written by a native speaker, not by a foreigner. You can tell the difference, and this is the right of the customer to request. It certainly does not make me a racist. Karel

Why only native english? Are all native english good even in Swedish also? Why not native Swedish or anybody who is good in both english and swedish. Are you a fNck damn racist? Who minds because I don´t think racists are worth my services anyhow. 

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