How to Prepare your Cover Letter

Once you have read How to Write a Cover Letter and CV, now for the technical details.

Once you have made payment, I will ask you to send me your CV and cover letter either in Word or ODT (OpenOffice) format. These are good tools because I can turn on Track Changes so that you can study my suggestions and decide if you will accept any of them. We may also discuss certain points before you come to a decision and your campaign material is finalised.

Once the review stage is complete, there are three ways you can prepare your cover letter (your CV or resume will be automatically attached to your cover letter):

1)  Simple template


If you choose this option, I will simply take your finalised/revised file, load it into the software, send a test message to myself (or to you as well, if you so wish) to check how everything looks and the spam score. Because of all the fake applications bombarding the industry, just your wording or email address alone can increase the spam score of your campaign, meaning it will be more likely that your emails will end up in the recipient’s spam box. I will help you with that if this is the case.

Note though that, with this simple template option, all special formatting, such as bold or italic text and any images, will be stripped, including tables. But bullet points copy well.

The software will use the default blue template shown above left. You can click on the image to see a larger popup version.

2)  Send a webpage

This approach will allow you to include special formatting, such as bold or italic, tables or images, in your campaign. Including a picture of yourself can make your approach much more personal and pleasant. Once you upload your webpage, simply send me the link and we can begin testing, since the outcome in different email clients can vary. If you have nowhere to upload your webpage, I can upload it to my server for an additional $20.

Another option is to design it in Word or ODT, upload that to something like google docs, make the file public, send me the link, and we go through testing again. The software is pretty good at making your campaign letter appear just like the website, but some tweaks may be necessary.

3)  Create your own website on our server

Like point 2 above, this method will allow you to use fancy formatting and include images. You would be assigned an Author’s account in our WordPress installation and provided with instructions how to go about it. Once completed, simply send us the link so we can commence with testing.


It is set up to mimic the blue template used in point 1, since it helps the recipients discern that it is not a fake application (the subject line is also specially coded to help this further).

There is no additional charge for this, but we do ask that you leave your cover letter online so that others can use it as an example when preparing theirs. Once your campaign is complete (which typically takes a couple of days), you are welcome to remove any contact or personal information, such as your name. Keep in mind that any links within your cover letter to your own website give you good SEO value, and can lead to additional and free traffic on a permanent basis, which can lead to new customers.

Above left is a small screenshot of a campaign from a regular customer (sends out about once every three months, always tweaking the text and subject line). Again, you can click on the image to see a larger popup.

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