Discussion Between Another Translators and I and the Customer Over Specific Terms

[A large project on the modernisation of turnstiles in the Prague underground/metro/tube, end client from the UK (they were bidding on the project), so had to be in UK English/terminology.]

Okay, and just before I saw this letter thought I would squeeze in one more consultation

palubním po?íta?em
dashboard computer

It has started to repeat many many times. Mostly concerns the computer dash of buses and tramways. As I wrote in the beginning, I think your customer will understand everything but was just trying to make it more pleasant and familiar reading for it. But perhaps all this consultation is not necessary. Just trying to do a good job.

I think what you guys agreed on makes sense.

I didnt send any attachment and that was just a reference in Stanislavs email to me, but I will go ahead and send you the reference file we have compiled so far. I have not studied it extensively and plan to at the end before the final control, while keeping most issues in my head.

No problem,  would you mind resending the file? There was no attachment in your previous email.
Many thanks.

Hello Mirka, sorry to keep beating this sorry donkey, but below you will find Stanislavs comments. Makes sense as I think they say the same thing in Vancouver. I was just thrown off because it also included access to the underground. What is your suggestion?

Have a look here: http://www.londontoolkit.com/briefing/buses.htm

They have “bus passes” for more regular passengers or just “fares” which are tickets… they use the “passes” for rail too
I have attached the glossary now – please have a look when you have time, there are few questions in my column to unify the terminology.
It does, doesn’t it?! I guess travel card might be the best option.

that sounds like passports and such, but I’m pretty sure this concerns monthly passes etc. for the metro.

I think ‘jizdni doklady’ would be travel papers..

its basically a literal translation from jízdních doklad?, found reasonably frequently mcovevymezenipredmetuverejnezakazkypropotrebykvalifikace.doc, the file I started with. It can refer to a monthly, weekly or yearly travel card, and possibly other types of cards (it’s a little vague). Maybe travel card is a good option.

Just to double check – you would like the client to comment on your choice of words, for example ticket documents? Also I have never heard of ‘ticket documents’ but I do use a monthly travel card if that’s any help.
Any chance of getting the Czech word so I can check in which documents these are?

if you do not mind a few more points for consultation, as they come to mind while translating:

classic paper tickets – you buy these from a machine or over the counter
ticket documents – like a monthly, weekly or yearly pass to ride the underground and ground transport (prepaid).

OK, thanks very much for that!
I’ll keep you posted.

okay, here is a short list. Your client would probably understand everything we’re translating but by changing the text to suit British English better it should make it more pleasant reading.

check-in; check-in line – how the original Czech document translated it but seems a bit weird to us. It’s the place in the underground where you pass through the turnstile with your Oyster card.
transport area – the paid area of the underground once you get past the turnstile
ground transport – as opposed to the underground – everything that concerns above ground, like buses and tramways
communication system – like a PA system in the underground, but in this case the passengers can also speak to the operators, if there is some emergency
smart card – like the Oyster card, but general and without name
vestibule – entrance area to the underground
dispatching workstation – control room where a lot of things are monitored
supervisory workstation – like the above but with higher authority

These terms repeat quite regularly. Any other terms your client might suggest surrounding these concepts would be appreciated.


The following is a discussion through Skype between the other translator and I working on this project

hallo. still working?

[9:48:11 PM] Karel : nope, done for today, burned out, big day tomorrow. Got some problem?

[9:49:11 PM] Stanislav : nope. just responding to someone on facebook. should do maybe an hour of proofreading but dont feel. i have got another 4000 words to do 🙁 any other terms you clarified with Mirka?

[9:50:41 PM] Karel : she just seemed to nod at our suggestions, and any suggestions she made I politely refuted as ridiculous, and then she quickly agreed…

[9:51:45 PM] Stanislav : 🙂

[9:52:13 PM] Stanislav : how much have you got left? would you like to exchange ttx’s [special Translation Memory files for Trados]?

[9:54:01 PM] Karel : I’ve got about 17 NS [=normostran = standard pages = 1800 characters, including spaces etc.] left, which I’d like to finish tomorrow so I can spend Thursday polishing only. Cant afford the time TTXin and not sure if it will save me more time than I spend piddlin around with it

[9:55:22 PM] Stanislav : I find it funny that you still work in NS… I have got no clue…

[9:55:28 PM] Stanislav : anymore

[9:56:08 PM] Karel : or how would you exchange ttx? I use Transit, so the best we can do is through tmx [different file type for conversion between different translation memory software]

[9:56:29 PM] Karel : I translated for some 12 years in Prague so the NS is ingrained in my head I guess

[9:57:44 PM] Stanislav : no probs re NS – I used to work using NS and used them a lot, but mainly because I was paid to do it!

[9:57:50 PM] Stanislav : i was paid in NS

[9:57:52 PM] Stanislav : sorry

[10:00:24 PM] Stanislav : re ttx – you can’t open uncleaned ttx and update your TM [Translation Memory]? probably you dont want to messed up yr TM with my translation 😉 re TM – mine is in .MDB format but I could get you TMX if needed (via friend)

[10:00:50 PM] Stanislav : i wanted this merely as reference… no pressures

[10:02:08 PM] Karel : the last files I will doing will be legal, so possibly the tmx could come in handy, not sure. Easy for me to export tmx. Should I try tmx importing your stuff before I get to my contract stuff?

[10:05:13 PM] Stanislav : I can ask my friend tomorrow morning – around 9am – when he’ll be cleaning my file to create a TM (though note that i’m not finished with proofreading and some sentences really need it) – in what format could you get me over your uncleaned file?

[10:07:45 PM] Karel : tmx in both directions for me. I can proofread your memory and should be faster than translating from scratch, I assume.

[10:08:39 PM] Stanislav : OK – i’ll get in touch tomorrow morning then. have you got a separate TM for this job?

[10:09:34 PM] Stanislav : just listening to Radiozurnal’s programme on so called Open Card…. something similar to our Smart Card 🙂

[10:09:46 PM] Stanislav : a project that was very expensive and not effective

[10:10:14 PM] Karel : I’m translating this from scratch as none of my previous TM is related. I haven’t been using TM for my own translations very long.

[10:10:51 PM] Stanislav : OK, so we can exchange it tomorrow morning

[10:11:03 PM] Stanislav : mine is some 6500 words

[10:12:14 PM] Karel : okeydoke. Big day tomorrow, curious how much tm there will be

[10:12:53 PM] Stanislav : have a look into my original file and you will see straight away 🙂

[10:12:59 PM] Stanislav : yeah – i wanna do tomorrow as much as possible, too

[10:21:55 PM] Karel : You think you could use my tm for your work tomorrow? I can send it now if you like

[10:24:51 PM] Stanislav : i dont think i can use it – though if you send it now my friend could try to pretranslate my other two files – about 4000 words

[10:25:14 PM] Stanislav : just was on facebook and found out that my exgirlfriend has got a baby…….. uffff

[10:29:56 PM] Karel : okay, sending it now from my regular email address. A bit painful through the mobile connection but hopefully you’ll be able to send some of it.

[10:30:20 PM] Karel : My exgirlfriend once had a baby, and then I had to pay alimony for more than a decade!

[10:30:53 PM] Stanislav : no this baby seems to be small – around 2 years – and i have not seen her for 6 years…. still …. my heart jumps…. ufff

[10:31:58 PM] Stanislav : or rather jumped

[10:35:30 PM] Stanislav : i have got your TM – no i cant do anything with it though i’ll ask a friend tomorow to see if he can. am off. fed up with comp…. probalby down glass of wine

[10:36:15 PM] Karel : I clean outa booze and the grocery store is closed, boohoo

[10:36:16 PM] Stanislav : forgot to thanks!

[10:42:48 PM] Stanislav : sorry to hear that. anyway, good sleep and talk to you tomorrow. try to peep at the xls glossary. few things we should sort out tomorrow – e.g. where to write CZK, etc. good night

[10:43:21 PM] Karel : adio

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