Automatically filter out fake or spam translator applications from the translation industry’s notorious scammer

If you are receiving a lot of translator applications every day (most of them are from a scam service explained here), you can use my special filter to block them all out. You would need to forward your mail to a special email address I can set up for you, such as [email protected], from which:

  • you could either POP3 download your mail to your computer,
  • forward your mail to another address,
  • or use one of the system’s three online forms shown below.
  • The filter can be custom tweaked in case you expect to receive mass mailings from certain people.
  • You can test out the filter in a free 30 day trial, otherwise the service costs $99 a year.

Just think how much time you would spend over a year manually erasing these fake applications, and even erasing legitimate ones.

I also offer a free service, which you can subscribe to here, whereby you would receive 2-3 applications a month from real translators who have paid for this service.

With this service you can also receive only applications in the language combinations of your choice, also a free service. For that custom service contact me through the form below.

cleaned inbox

Your account will have 250MB of free space, but you can expand that for $20 a year per additional 1GB.

Your email account will have the following options:

  • POP3 download to your computer or another account for free
  • forward your mail to another account for free
  • use an autoresponder if you are away for a longer time
  • a BoxTrapper service, with the following options:

Configure Settings
Allows you to set up email addresses with BoxTrapper and specify how long to keep logs and queue messages.
Edit Confirmation Messages
Allows you to change the responses that email senders receive after sending a message to a BoxTrapper-enabled account.
Edit White/Black/Ignore Lists
Allows you to permit, deny, and ignore email messages from certain accounts.
Forward List
Allows you to forward emails that have passed BoxTrapper authentication to another address.
Review Log
An overview of all messages sent to your email accounts, displayed by day.
Review Queue
View any BoxTrapper mail waiting for verification.

You can view your mail online with one any of the following three methods (and freely switch between them any time):

Squirrel Mail

A simple and fast interface:

Squirrel Mail online interface

which has the following Options window:

Squirrel Mail options menu

Horde Mail

Horde is somewhat more robust, has a calendar feature, and you can set up your own filters and tasks. Its main interface looks like:

Horde Mail online interface

Mail is viewed in a preview window, and the filtering options look like:

Horde Mail filter

Its calendar with list of Tasks looks like:

Horde Mail calendar

Note that you can change between any of these three interfaces any time you like and you will continue to save all your settings for each.

Roundcube Mail

This is perhaps the most robust of all three offers, its online preface appearing as such:

Roundcube Mail

Its preview window can be collapsed, you can set up different identities, and its Preferences and others settings appears like:

Roundcube Mail settings

Don’t forget that you do not have to use any of these online interfaces but can download all your mail to your computer, such as to Outlook, or forward them to another email address of your choice, but an online account can be good as a backup, in case you need to check your mail while out of the office, through mobile phone, for example.

If you’d like additional info on this service, please feel free to contact me here (make sure to put in your own contact details so that I can get back to you, or write me to
[email protected]

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