Site Description

This site was written to help new and existing translators find work. I have translated and run my own translation agency since 1992, and found the most effective way of finding new customers and pick up additional work is to approach as many translation companies as possible, directly – details of the service here.

Since I had taught myself how to make a living by translation after moving to Prague, I thought I could help others do the same. After all, it is a big and constantly expanding industry (think of increasing trade with globalisation), so lots of room for entry.

These pages include all the translation tips I have learned over more than two decades of being both as a translator and project manager, on the different ways of finding customers, how to bid on projects, keep customers happy, how to make sure you get paid, and so much more.

In fact, I so much enjoy the freedom this profession offers that in 2006 I launched my world travels, keeping my job and income (writing a book at the moment) and, most recently, started uploading videos of beautiful workstations I set up in jewels of nature around this wonderful globe.

I’d be happy to help you find the same freedom.

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