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Fake translator applications spamming the industry

Sometime around 2012 I noticed a massive spike in my daily emails from translators applying to work for my translation agency, from about 4-10 to 30-50 or more a day. I diligently responded to each email, but eventually determined that these new additions were not from real translators.

Below you will find information on the source of these emails and what you can do to protect yourself.

1)  What is the source of these fake email applications.

The fake applications come from at least one company masquerading itself as a translation agency but which collects resumes of real translators from the internet and sends emails in their name using newly created gmail, hotmail or yahoo email addresses (sometimes outlook.com or outlook.sa). If you try to give work to any of these fake translators, you can expect to receive a poor quality, google/machine translation.

2)  What measures you can take to protect yourself.

You can set up a free filter to block out existing and known fake applicants, or use our filter system to block out existing and new ones, since the scammer companies are creating new accounts on a constant basis.

Not only are these fake applications a headache, but they make it more difficult for real translators to enter the industry and for us to accept new ones.

To expose these email addresses to spam, you may find them posted below.

3)  CVs sent through this service, about three a month, use a particular template (although custom is also possible) whose subject always begins with a special code to instruct the 15,000+ recipients that they are from real translators. Read some testimonials to see that this is truly an effective way how to expand your translation client base.

Work at Home Translation Jobs

Below is some correspondence concerning this matter and which may shed further light on it.


I just came across your website. I am getting quite bombarded with these translator CVs. Have you tried discussing this with such organizations as spamcop? A lot of email services base their spam filters on this database. How do you confirm that the email addresses are actually spammers? If this process could be expedited we could nip them in the bud. If they are using their own servers to send out all these emails, as I doubt gmail etc would allow so much messages, their IP address could also be marked as a spammer, and save all of our inboxes in the process. Or gmail etc could close down those email accounts.

And, what could spamcop (or any other organization) do?
Please send me those CVs for proper exposure. If you could check if they are already in my Directory, that would expedite the posting of their data.
Of particular interest are messages, email addresses, attachments and PayPal addresses used by the scammers themselves (Languagemet, Translator Secrets, etc.)

A lot of email services base their spam filters on this database. How do you confirm that the email addresses are actually spammers?

All these scammers emails are posted on hijacked CVs. 

If this process could be expedited we could nip them in the bud. If they are using their own servers to send out all these emails, as I doubt gmail etc would allow so much messages, their IP address could also be marked as spammer, and save all of our inboxes in the process.

Gmail addresses always locate back to Google IP addresses.

Or gmail etc could close down those email accounts.

Then what? It takes 3 minutes to scam someone’s CV and open another Gmail address.

This sort of activity can only be prevented (on the translators/companies side) by a proper risk management attitude.
And by exposing scammers IDs and emails used. They live off people not being aware of their operation.
The more they are exposed, the less chance they’ll have to continue their scamming operation in the open.

If spamcop and others cooperated they could blacklist these email addresses. That means that any future mailouts from their addresses would end in the spambox of recipients. If google cooperated they could close down the accounts. Or they could go a step further by preventing those people from creating new accounts, but I guess the spammers could just makeup another IP address. But if their outgoing mail ended in the recipient’s spambox, or better their accounts were cancelled by gmail, they’d have to start all over again, for it is usually a timely process to get work from an agency (application forms to fill in, email correspondence and so on). I also probably have the list they are sending to (about 16,000 email addresses), so I can send them an email, such as to inform them they should carefully consider giving work to anyone whose email ended in their spambox (at least check more). More below.

Really, I do not expect any cooperation from Google or any other organization. Really. One of the purposes of having these emails in the open is to make them available to spambots. I even publish a TXT file with other addresses used by scammers.

I do not know which ones are the spammers. How do you find that out before adding an address to your dbase?

If you read the copy of my Directory you’ll get a clear idea of what to look for:
1. Gmail / Hotmail address (a good indication is to have an email from Hotmail that was actually sent by a Gmail address, look at the email header).
3. DOC authored/saved by someone different from the scammer’s name… Look at some of the most common names used by scammers in my Directory.
Or by having Arabic words in the File properties, in CVs not belonging to Arabic translators.
2. Funny CVs: Italian name, female, born in France, educated in Cameroon, worked as a “removal man”??? Would you believe it that a translation company in the USA has been tricked by a CV like that?

I don’t believe there is a solution, or a silver bullet for this.
Exposure, awareness and, above all, good risk management from translators and companies.


To help with the cause I am posting the email addresses found on this site below.





Name Used by Scammer
Fake or just stolen

Scammer’s email
Scammer may use other email addresses

Victims: Scammer’s CV / Data stolen from
Ex.: (DE) or (UK) is the country Internet ID (TLD)


Download ALL the scammers’ emails

ASA = Also Scammed As / &OS = & Other Sources

A. Fa. / Adam[email protected]Email used by “Freelaner Mont”
Aadhunik Murari[email protected]Kamal Gupta (IN)
Aaron Carl[email protected]Karen Riggio (FR) ASA “Carl Aaron”
Abd Elmouiz Arafat[email protected]Fake CV: cut & paste from other CVs
Abdallah A El-Sheikh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 20
Abdallah Ahmed El Sheikh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 20
Abdallah Elsheikh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 20
Abdel-Hady Hamid Ali[email protected]Note 62 CV stolen from Tamer A. Mekhimar (EG
Abdullah (Mr.)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Abdullah (Mr.)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Abed Rafat[email protected]«I am Abed Rafat, an independent project manager»
Abed Raheem[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abed Rantisi / Mhmd Rantisi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abeer ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Abeer Hams (Hamss)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Hams (Hamss)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Hams (Hamss)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Jpanese (Hams)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Hams (Hamss)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Hums[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Hums[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Hums[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Japanese[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Majed / Ahmed Hamid[email protected]ASA “Reda Awadallah” Note 6
Abeer Majed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Olive Brahn ???
Abeer Mostafa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Nafez Al Hams / Hams[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Saleh / Eng. Abeer Saleh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Alias for “Abeer Hams”
Abel Herbet[email protected]Abel Herbert (FR) ASA “Sam Woythaler”
Abella Madel[email protected]Valérie Galichon (DE) ASA “Jeena Babin”
Abidulsalam A. Abed Tabasi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Author: “dd”
Abril Santo[email protected]Brenda L. Galván (US)
Abu Khalid[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Adam Rofeld[email protected]Francis Huriet (FR)
Adam Wahl[email protected]Manfred Wahl (BE) ASA “Manfred Whal”
Adamo Costa[email protected]Antonio Siclari (IT)
Adéle Armistead[email protected]Pierre M Beguin (UK)
Adelina Tertius[email protected]Christa Polkinhorn (US)
Adeline Adam Arnold[email protected]Arnold Talla Naoussi (CM) ASA “Arnold Talla”
Adelio Mercier[email protected]Luisa Mercier (IT)
Adolf Snin[email protected]Rupert Johann Kindermann (DE)
Adolfo Mata[email protected]Consuelo del Carmen Ruz (US)
Adolfo Ruiz[email protected]Adolfo Ruiz (AR) ASA “David Tony”
Adriana Aaron[email protected]Teresa Lopes Leal (PT) See the scam proof
Adriana Alferdo Agata[email protected]Fake CV copied from a Chinese website…
Adriano Jones[email protected]Emanuele Di Maula (IT)
Adrion Wang[email protected]ASA “Yuri Maro” Note 52
Afnan Alkedra[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Afnan Alkedra[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Agatha Colten[email protected]Note 18
Agnese Midossi[email protected]Maria Grazia Midossi (IT)
Ahd Bobo / Ahd Rami[email protected]Another “Project Manager”…
Ahlam Abu Nada / Hala Mamdoh[email protected]Ahlam Abu-Nada (QA)
Ahlam Abu Nada / Hala Mamdoh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahlam Zamli[email protected]Scammer from “Arcadia Languages” Note 51
Ahlam Zamli[email protected]Asks for “CV and cover letter”… Note 51
Ahmad Aboelkhaire[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Ahmad Aboelkhaire[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Ahmad Baraka[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad Joda[email protected]Ghost CV created by “Ahmed Hussein”
Ahmad Kafina[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Eideen[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Ahmed Eideen[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37 Safety Translation
Ahmed ? / Eideen ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Abdul Mageed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Al Mughari[email protected]CV THEFT Note 15
Ahmed Eid[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Hussein[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Ahmed Ismael[email protected]Brigitte Hilgner (AT) &OS
Ahmed Ismael[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Kamel[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Mahmoud[email protected]CV THEFT / Alias “Jean” / See “Sean”
Ahmed Naser Zurub[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Omar[email protected]Scammer boss at Gentle Translations Note 15
Ahmed Omar[email protected]Scammer boss at Gentle Translations Note 15
Ahmed Qandeel[email protected]Scammmed by LanguageMet Note 6
Ahmed Saleh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Saleem Alqrinawi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 45 LanguageMet
Ahmed Younis[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ahmet Abdullayev[email protected]Mustafa Er (TR)
Ahmet Sedat[email protected]Ahmet Sedat Ustun (TR)
AHTD Translation / Heba[email protected]Fake PM from GoldenEar4Translation Note 20
Aida Praviz / Parviz[email protected]Aida Parviz Samadli (BA) Note 15
Aimee Aurelie[email protected]Patrick Michel Choupo Youmbi (CM)
Hakan Alam[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Aki Nakamitsu[email protected]Iwakawa Yasuhisa (JP) Author: Yan Chuan Bao
Akiko Kondo[email protected]Nobuo Kawamura (JP) &OS
Al Ousseynou Ndiaye[email protected]Al Ousseynou Ndiaye (SN)
Ala’ Abu Shaqra[email protected]William Taylor (US) / Alan Gardiner (UK) Note 6
Alaa Davied[email protected]Scammer from “Arcadia Languages” Note 51
Alaah Firwana[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Alaa (Kamal) Othman[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Alaa Thabet[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Alan Frost[email protected]Alan Frost (DK) See notice from the real Alan
Alan Krogh[email protected]Yetta Jensen Bogarde (DK)
Alba Felix / Felix Alba[email protected]Adriana Latrónico (AR) Note 42
Albano Basurto[email protected]Iain Baxter (UK)
Albert Andor[email protected]László Füvesi (HU)
Albert Hamnen[email protected]Tobias Ernst (DE) &OS
Alberta Ghon[email protected]Translator from the US / ASA “Sabra Gholam”
Alberto Viero[email protected]Elisabetta de Stradis dell’Delmo (IT)
Alberto Rodregas[email protected]Lyahovich Vitaly Alexandrovich (BY)
Alberto Silva[email protected]Sheila Maria de Azevedo Amaral (BR) &OS
Alberto Verdone[email protected]Enrico Zoffoli (IT)
Albrain Diagne[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) ASA “Amy Dan” The scam
Aldo Emil[email protected]Ingo Dierkschnieder (UK)
Alecu Camille[email protected]Pierre Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM) ASA “Nicolas Amable”
Aleksandra Kafanova[email protected]Scammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Alessa Adamo[email protected]Beatrice Corica (IT) ASA “Natalia Toti”
Alesandro Miccoli[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Alessandro Rosso[email protected]Alessandro Seren Rosso (IT)
Alessia Bidonealessiab[email protected]Barbara Bernardi (IT)
Aletta Morris[email protected]Corporate impersonation Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morris[email protected]Corporate impersonation Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morris[email protected]Corporate impersonation Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morris[email protected]Corporate impersonation Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Álex Adarve[email protected]Angélica Portales (MX)
Alex Angelo[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Alex David[email protected]Andrea Gottfried-Evans (US)
Alex Hinokuchi[email protected]Lyahovich Alexandrovich (BY) & Alex B Hinokuchi (US)
Alex Jennifer[email protected]Marité Flores Tiravanti (AR)
Alex Koletsas[email protected]Werner Kienberger (AT)
Alex Michel[email protected]Eban Bissong (CM) ASA “Ashu Tabi Ewang”
Alex Richard[email protected]Karen Tucker (US)
Alex Zubkoff[email protected]Evgen Kokh-Kokhanenko (UA)
Alexander Ackerman[email protected]Susanne Schmid (DE)
Alexander Bekkelund[email protected]Note 67
Alexander V. Gorbunov[email protected]Pavel V. Kozlov (RU)
Alexander Yurievich[email protected]Alexander Tasinovich Delaver (RU)
Alexander (Lexander) Zakharov[email protected]Alexander V. Zakharov (RU)
Alexandra Rosen[email protected]Sandra Bogumil (DE) & Véronique Houle (CA)
Alexandre Batista[email protected]Alexandre Mota Batista (PT) ASA “John Romy”
Alexis Chabanol[email protected]Alexis Chabanol (FR) ASA “Lura Brayan”
Alexis Forestier[email protected]Denis Hay (FR) & Emilie Pestiaux (FR) ASA Jane Rouiai
Alexis Nolle[email protected]Usha Anna Tirouvanziam (FR)
Alexo Roland / Alex[email protected]Sofia Gutkin (AU) &OS
Alfonso Vega[email protected]Reyes Álvarez-Linera Paredes (ES)
Alfred Carsten[email protected]Last saved by “Mahdi”
Alham Abdulrahman[email protected]Note 18
Alham Abdulrahmanomaralblu[email protected]Note 18
Ali Ali[email protected]Possibly associated with LanguageMet Note 6
Ali Sayed[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Alian Droll[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) 11th IMPERSONATION
Alicata Sebastiano[email protected]Sebastiano Alicata (IT) (“Author”: “dd”)
Alisa Fernández[email protected]Ricardo Falcó (Spain) &OS
Alisa Mateo[email protected]Marisa Cardon (AR)
Alita Debora[email protected]Gema Pedreda López (ES) ASA “Madina Kemen”
Alma Calvillie[email protected]Dorthe Cullen (IE) & Fu Xinkuan (CN) &OS
Alma Trejo[email protected]Carmen Cuervo-Arango (ES)
Alvaro Inchausti[email protected]Álvaro Inchausti Firpi (BR)
Alvaro Mulero[email protected]Consuelo Carmen Ruz (US) ASA “Diana Cifuentes”
Amada Alfaro[email protected]Cintia Biesheuvel (AR)
Amado José[email protected]Osvaldo Montaño Lanza Vargas (BO)
Amadou Lamine Badji[email protected]Amadou Lamine Badji (SN)
Amal Ism ?[email protected]Unidentified scammer MORE INFO WELCOME
Amalia Moia[email protected]Amalia Just Moia (ES)
Amanda ?[email protected]Scammer impersonating PM from Linguistico (AU)
Amanda Charass[email protected]Jean-Luc Dumont (FR) &OS
Amanda Fearnley[email protected]Bruce D. Popp, Ph.D. (US) &OS
Amanda Hatchard[email protected]Scammer from Thailand. Claims to live in Canada…
Amanda James[email protected]Catherine Johnstone (FR)
Amanda Solomon[email protected]“Portuguese” translator w/ a Saudi Arabia email?
Amanda Zhao / Zhao Amanda[email protected]Hui Zhen Zhao (FR) ASA “Christina Zhao”
Amazing Translation[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Amelia Flores[email protected]Digna Muñoz Tapia (CL) & Emiliano Mastrolía (AR)
Amelia Fredricksen[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Amelie Georges[email protected]Ghost CV created by Great Translate Note 55
Amena A. Abuamra[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Amena Abo Amra[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Amena Abo Amra[email protected]D theft / CV hijacking Note 6 LanguageMet
Amena Amra[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Amian Dimo[email protected]Ulla K. Lundquist (IT)
Amit Hinduja[email protected]Amit Hinduja (IN)
Amit Lingo / Amit Chen[email protected]Shivani Gupta (IN) ASA “Shivani Gupta”
Amjad Abu Helal[email protected]Aisha Maniar (UK) / Email copy from “Tom Kold”
Amna ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Amna ? / Lucie Translator[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Amy Dan[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) ASA “Albrain Diagne”
Hamza Abderlazeq / Ahmed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ana Amantea[email protected]Cecilia Amantea (AR)
Ana Antonio Guidelli Sanchez[email protected]Marco António Guidelli Gonçalves (BR)
Ana Bosch[email protected]Carolina González (AR)
Ana Carvajal[email protected]Ana Carvajal (ES)
Ana Christina[email protected]Ana Escaleira (BR)
Ana Gomies[email protected]Ana Shuster da Costa (PT) ASA Maria (Shuster)
Ana Loncar[email protected]Ana Loncar (HR) ASA “David Valentove”
Ana Lopes[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers ASA “Ana Roda”
Ana Lucia Amaral[email protected]Ana Lucia Amaral (US)
Ana Merry Costa[email protected]Ana Beatriz Fernandes (BR)
Ana Pearson[email protected]Ana Pearson (US)
Ana Radnic[email protected]hotmail.comDunja Seljakovic (HR) & Ana-Marija Duranec (HR)
Ana Ribeiro[email protected]Laís Dalsoquio (BR)
Ana Roda[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers ASA “Ana Lopes”
Ana S. Pearson[email protected]Ana S. Pearson (US) ASA “Sofia Tomas”
Ana Sanchez[email protected]Marco António Guidelli Gonçalves (BR)
Ana Sloboda Zirojevic[email protected]Ana Sloboda Zirojevic (RS)
Ana Sofia[email protected]Ana Sofia Saldanha (PT) ASA “Ana Sofia Saldanha”
Ana Sofia Saldanha[email protected]Ana Sofia Saldanha (PT) ASA “Ana Sofia” Scam by TS
Analía Antonio[email protected]Monica K. Lopez (US)
Anas Foad[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Anastasiya Ovsyannikova[email protected]Olga Mazhar (US)
Andre Emilio[email protected]Luis Ferrand d’Almeida (PT) ASA “Luis Ferrand”
André Louris[email protected]Tilia Van Olmen (ES)
Andrea Staude Müller[email protected]Christian Rhein (UK)
Andrea Ziegler[email protected]Maria Sol Bernabé (ES) Scam by Gentle Translations
Andreas Reinacher[email protected]Steffen Schulze (DE)
Andreea Irimia[email protected]Irimia Andreea-Daniela (RO)
Andres Diaz[email protected]Andrew David Frankland (ES)
Andres Chorny / Chorny Andres[email protected]Andrés D. Chorny (AR)
Andrew Brandt[email protected]Yana Nikitina (RU)
Andrew Hudson[email protected]Dr. Andrew Hudson (US)
Andrew (Anderw) Hyugjoo[email protected]Andrew Wang (CN)
Andrew P. Alix[email protected]Andrew P. Alix (US) Mail from IP (Palestine)
Andrew Wright[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) ASA “Amy Dan” The scam
Andrey Strigachev[email protected]Andrey J. Strigachev (RU)
Andy Urban[email protected]Ghost CV creatd scammers
Anees El Hamss[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Author: “a”
Anees El Hamss[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Author: “a”
Aneeta Hernandez[email protected]Ana Belén Almada (AR)
Angel Fujiwara[email protected]Sender listed at www.dnswl.org
Angel Nairn[email protected]ASA “Daniela González” ASA “Koç Alexandra”
Angela Anderson[email protected]Elisabetta Sillian (IE)
Angela Celso[email protected]“Author”: Catarina
Angela Golla / Gallo[email protected]Alberto Coppola (IT) &OS
Angela Lotz[email protected]Angela Lotz (DE)
Angelika Menz[email protected]Andreas Njammasch (DE)
Angelo Monti[email protected]Tristan Edward John Redmayne (UK)
Angy Swan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ani Ustyan[email protected]Alzbeta Malkovska (CZ) & Anna Nurkowska (IE)
Anita Worthy[email protected]Fake ID created by Gentle Translations
Ann Ambjorn[email protected]Helena Ellinor Sjostedt-Ware (US)
Anna ?[email protected]A network of deception and lies! Note 73
Anna Agnesa[email protected]Rosanna Cimino (IT) ASA “Deboric Tesca”
Anna Agnesa[email protected]Also a PayPal ID (also used by “Laila Sagar”)
Anna Ashing[email protected]Roger Arvidsson (SE)
Anna Buttone[email protected]Carmen Nicoleta Popescu (RO)
Anna Fernandes[email protected]Charlotte C. de Vries (FR) ASA “Becourt Rocoff”
Anna Noguer[email protected]Anna Padrès Noguer (ES)
Anna Nunez[email protected]Fake PM f/ Multi Languages Corp Note 53 Note 54
Anna Omark[email protected]Fake address, fake phone, fake everything…
Anna Zapatero Villar[email protected]Ana Zapatero Villar (ES)
Anne Carole Chantal[email protected]Mathilde Renou (FR)
Anne Chantal[email protected]Address stolen from Chantal Sebag Rocoff (FR)
Anne Davies[email protected]Anne Davies (UK)
Anne Gega[email protected]Andrea Winzer (US)
Anne Rowe-Peyrétout[email protected]Anne Rowe-Peyrétout (FR)
Anne Watson[email protected]Ivolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG)
Annemieke Blondeel[email protected]Annemieke Lommaert-Blondeel (UK)
Annette Milroy / Annitte[email protected]Annette Milroy (US) See note from the real Annette
Antara Karvade / Karavade[email protected]Antara Karvade (IN)
Anthony Herbet[email protected]Georges Ferné (FR) ASA “Tony Hell”
Anthony John Kehoe[email protected]Anthony John Kehoe (JP)
Anton Antipin[email protected]Dmytro Cherepanov (UA)
Anton Gerhard[email protected]Beate A. Mohr (US)
Anton Müller[email protected]Judith Maria Müller (DE) &OS
Antonietta Di Gianni[email protected]Antonietta Di Gianni (IT) ASA “Sandra Loris Angelo”
Antonio Amaral[email protected]Antonio Tomás Lessa do Amaral (BR)
Antonio Davinci / Alvarez[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Antonio de Castro[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Aogara Owikawa[email protected]Iwakawa Yasuhisa (JP) ASA “Aki Nakamitsu”
Apollinaire Nkou[email protected]Apollinaire Nkou (CM) ASA “Charle Bella Mengue”
April Ebru Çetinkaya[email protected]April Ebru Çetinkaya (AU)
Aram Shagoyan[email protected]Aram Shagoyan (UA)
Arcadia Languages[email protected]Fake company Note 51
Arianna Viglino[email protected]Arianna Viglino (BE)
Armando do Carmo[email protected]Claudionor Mazotti (BR)
Armin Manda[email protected]Julia Negreeva (UA) &OS Note 27
Arnold Conrad[email protected]Matthew Carlton (US) Note 66
Arnold Conrad[email protected]Matthew Carlton (US) Note 66
Arnold Talla / Talla N. Arnold[email protected]Arnold Talla Naoussi (CM) ASA “Adeline Adam Arnold”
Arnoud[email protected]Ghost “Stijloffensief Translation”
Arnoud Alting van Geusau[email protected]Arnoud Alting van Geusau (NL)
Aron Luis[email protected]Ramani Palle (IN)
Arthur Berg[email protected]Emilie Moulettes (SE)
Arthur Ienbh[email protected]Christian Merlot (AU)
Arvind Raman[email protected]Arvind Raman (SG)
Arwa Shabana[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Arzu Aydn[email protected]Zeycan Sarihacioglu (UK)
Arzu Cevikalp[email protected]Arzu Çevikalp (TR)
Asef Alhanafi / Al-hanafi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Asef Nasser[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ash Omata[email protected]Mika Tanegashima (US) ASA “Yuko Shima”
Ashley Matt Vinaydutt[email protected]Author / Last saved: “Abdallah Ahmed”
Ashu Tabi Ewang[email protected]Eban Akom Emmanuel Bissong (CM)
Aslanbek Nurseitov[email protected]Aslanbek Nurseitov (KZ)
Asli Yildiz[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Asma Banu[email protected]Sowmya Kulkarni (IN)
Asma’a Hamed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Asmaa / Asma’a Hamed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Aso M. Salah[email protected]Aso Mohamed Salah (IQ)
Astrid Walter[email protected]Astrid Walter Medina (MX)
Athanasia Manitara[email protected]Athanasia Manitara (GR)
Atli Norberg[email protected]Helge Hodneland (TH)
Avelino Taveiros[email protected]Avelino Taveiros (BR)
Avi (Avraham) Paz[email protected]Avi (Avraham) Paz (US)
Aviram Shamir[email protected]Aviram Gang (DE)
Axel Barry / Battry[email protected]Lucie Bovyn (US) ASA “Lucie Bovyn”
Aya Abu Asaker[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Gentle Translations
Ayaka Yamamoto[email protected]Yuki Fukami (JP) ASA “Yuki Fukami”
Ayse (Ipek) Bilen[email protected]Ayse Ipek Bilen (US)
Aysun Demir[email protected]Aysun Demir (UK) Note 24
Azza Farag ElMersawy[email protected]Azza Farag ElMersawy (EG) By “Hanne Youseph”
B. Kh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
B. Khayat[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
B. Khayat[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 See: “Hema Basel”
Baassou Holme[email protected]Valeska Holme (US)
Baassou Omar[email protected]Omar Baassou (DZ)
Bailey Kai-Lang[email protected]Zhen Zheng (CN)
Balcon Regis[email protected]Régis Balcon (FR) & Igor V. Savenkov (RU) &OS
Bamby Salvo[email protected]Sara Maghini (UK)
Barbara (Barbaro) Marino[email protected]Dr. Barbara Marino (IT) ASA “Marino ?” Gentle Transl
Baron Flex[email protected]Huizhang Jia (CN) ASA “Shing Yatsen”
Basel Alnahal[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 35 LanguageMet
Basel Nahal[email protected]Nationality: Palestinian. Mother tongue: Japanese!!!
Basma Basheer[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Beate Nevad[email protected]Beate Mohr (US)
Beatrice Chen[email protected]Last saved by “Dreams”
Beatrice Corica[email protected]Beatrice Corica (IT) ASA “Alessa Adamo”
Beatrice Haase[email protected]Béatrice Haase (US)
Beatrice Soulie[email protected]Béatrice Soulié (FR)
Beatriz Edit Cirera[email protected]Beatriz Edit Cirera (AR)
Becourt Rocoff[email protected]Charlotte C. de Vries (FR) ASA “Anna Fernandes”
Begona Huertas[email protected]Digna Muñoz Tapia (Chile)
Belinda Daniel[email protected]Scammer from “Dubai”
Belinda Yu[email protected]Helena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Bella Sviderska[email protected]Maxim Baranov (RU)
Bengt (de) Paulis[email protected]Bengt de Paulis (FI)
Benita Carbone[email protected]Claudia Alejandra Palmier (AR)
Benjamin Kingston[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Benti Holm[email protected]Birgitte England Bergum (NO)
Bernand Honore[email protected]Eban Bissong (CM) ASA “Jean Berrée”
Bernard Ilwnse[email protected]Bernard Llense-Wagner (FR)
Bernard Wagner[email protected]Bernard Llense-Wagner (FR)
Bernard Wagnerb[email protected]Bernard Llense-Wagner (FR)
Bettina Selzer[email protected]Wieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA “Martina Smart”
Bianca Cyrille[email protected]“Author”: “dd”
Bianca Ferreira Coggiola[email protected]Bianca Ferreira Coggiola (BR)
Bill Li[email protected]Bill Li (CN)
Bisan Abu Hmaid (Humaid)[email protected]“Author”: “dd”
Björn Dahlborn[email protected]Björn Dahlborn (SE) CV scammed w/ photo.
Blasé Jewicz[email protected]Thomas Blasejewicz (JP)
Blue Krotova[email protected]Martin Brüggemeier (DE)
Bogdan Mitrofanb[email protected]Bogdan Silviu Mitrofan (RO)
Brett Jouvenaar[email protected]Brett Jouvenaar (ES)
Brice Gakoue / Gakoue Brice[email protected]Brice Gakoue (IN)
Brice Johnson[email protected]Aloysius Enang Ajang (CM)
Brigitte Hellmuth[email protected]Brigitte Hellmuth (ES) ASA “Martina S. Hellmuth”
Brigitte Noppenberger[email protected]Sabine Berge (DE) Note 12
Britt Elli[email protected]Britt Elli (NO)
Brook Vardanyan[email protected]Brook Beyene Tesfatsion (ET)
Bruno Neiva[email protected]Bruno Ricardo S. Neiva (ES) ASA “Ricardo Bruno”
Bryan Lammens[email protected]Hazem El-Zatma (PS) Note 4
Cai Hongjie[email protected]CV is a copy of employment job descriptions…
Camellia Gore[email protected]Anna Paola Bosi (IT) ASA “Camillia Gore”
Camilla Bonnet[email protected]Camilla Aasheim (NO)
Camillia Gore[email protected]Anna Paola Bosi (IT) ASA “Camellia Gore”
Capelle Matthew[email protected]Matthew Ryan Capelle (US)
Carl Aaron[email protected]Karen Riggio (FR) ASA “Aaron Carl”
Carl Galician[email protected]Elisabete Frade (UK) ASA “Cristian Candid”
Carla Alexandra[email protected]Carla Alexandra Inácio Lopes (PT)
Carla Carlos[email protected]Cristiane Cornes (AU)
Carla Garcia[email protected]Tatiana Wiedemann (BR) ASA “Cristina Greene”
Carla Jackeline[email protected]Carla Jackeline Modesto e Silva (BR)
Carla Marios[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 32
Carla Massa[email protected]Nadia Mari-van Keulen (IT)
Carlene Wirobski[email protected]Carola Schomburg (DE) Note 16 See her invoice!
Carlla ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Carlos (Manuel) Valdez[email protected]Carlos Manuel L. Valdez (DO) ASA “Daniela Álvaro”
Carlos Betty[email protected]Erich Heer (US) ASA “David Dallas”
Carlos Gomez[email protected]Vicente Victorica (MX)
Carlos Gustavo[email protected]Cicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (IT)
Carlos Lavis[email protected]Artur Jorge Pereira Martins (PT)
Carmelo Murra[email protected]Dr. Stefano Asperti (IT) & Stefano Papaleo (IT)
Carmen Brötz[email protected]Note 4
Carmen Louis[email protected]Mathilde Ponthieux (FR)
Carola Hall[email protected]Gabriele Beckmann (FR) & Gisela Vigy (FR)
Carole Harrington[email protected]Elshan Abdullayev (AZ) ASA “Elshan Aleynikova”
Carolin Nanz[email protected]Carolin Nanz (DE)
Carolina Cintia[email protected]ASA “Jeanne Verbeke”
Caroline Cheng / Cheng Caroline[email protected]Edward L. Crosby III (US)
Caroline Martinez[email protected]Ghost ID. CV onlin on in translationindia.com
Caroline Santos[email protected]Caroline Reis Vieira Santos (BR)
Caroline Wacker[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Catherine Charles[email protected]Sorina Ioana Trif (RO)
Catherine Debacq[email protected]Alexis Doussin (UK)
Cathleen Smith[email protected]Luciano Silva (BR), Olga Evkucheva (RU) &OS
Cathy Rossella[email protected]Martin Ledoux (CA)
Cebastien Tankoano[email protected]Cebastien Tankoano (TW)
Cecile Lavis[email protected]Cecile Lavis (BE)
Cecile Leconte[email protected]Dorothée Leconte (FR) & Leon Kamga (CM)
Cecile Mallory[email protected]Patti Maselli (FR)
Cecile Moss[email protected]Chantal Sebag Rocoff (FR) &OS
Cecilia P. Saraceno[email protected]Catalina Ann Saraceno (AR)
Cedras Veira[email protected]Inês Cidrães Vieira (PT)
Celine Elliot Nicolas / Nicolasa[email protected]Hubert Delorme (FR) & Emmanuelle Fulkerson (US)
Chakib Roula[email protected]Chakib Roula (DZ) BANNED FROM ProZ
Charle Bella[email protected]Fake ID created by Mohammed Almassri Note 9
Charle Bella[email protected]Fake ID created by Mohammed Almassri Note 9
Charle Vincent Bella Mengue[email protected]Apollinaire Nkou (CM) Note 9
Charles Azzopardi[email protected]Note 2
Charles Declan[email protected]ASA ghost Nicole Schmid (Schmidt) (online)
Charles Goude[email protected]Charles Miikelange Goude (GH)
Charles James Davis[email protected]Charles Davis (ES) See the bust
Charles Yimata[email protected]Thierry Yimata Tchoupou (CM)
Charlot Moras[email protected]Alain Mouchel-Vallon (FR)
Charlotte Leconte[email protected]Viollet Benjamin (FR) &OS
Charlotte Noguer[email protected]Emmanuelle Fulkerson (US)
Chen Bob[email protected]Huizhang Jia (CN) See the proof
Chen Huizhang[email protected]Huizhang Jia (China) 8th IMPERSONATION
Cheng Yang / Yang Cheng[email protected]Author: “Francis” / Last saved by “Dreams” / “nmc”
Chira Moroto[email protected]Chira Morot (IT)
Chivan Shin[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers Note 27
Choi Woo[email protected]Delirious CV… 5 different email addresses
Chris Barigum[email protected]Fake ID created by MuchDo Note 6
Cristian Candid[email protected]Elisabete Frade (UK) ASA “Carl Galician”
Christian Eisenac[email protected]Christian A. Eisenach (DE)
Christian Holman[email protected]Paz Cabo (UK) ASA “Alvaro Mulero”
Christian Reichel[email protected]Ghost CV available online
Christian Robitaille[email protected]Christian Robitaille (CA)
Christiane Kunth[email protected]Christiane Kunth (CR)
Christiane Leroy[email protected]Ivolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG) ASA “Julien Leroy”
Christina Ho / Chris Ho[email protected]Christina Ho (Danping He) (CN)
Christina Zhao[email protected]Hui Zhen Zhao (FR)
Christine Anonella[email protected]Translator from the US / ASA “Sabra Gholam”
Christine Hoffmann[email protected]Michelle Weston (FR)
Christine Nicholson[email protected]Christine Nicholson (AU)
Christine Nicholson[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 See “Ioleta Fathi”
Christine Nicholson[email protected]ID Moneybookers / See “Mandareen Canter”
Christine Schön Wood[email protected]Christine Schön Wood (US)
Christopher Jason[email protected]Abdelkader Kadiallah (MA)
Christopher Kretschmer[email protected]Christopher Meyer-Kretschmer (DE)
Chun Li / Chun Lu[email protected]Huizhang Jia (CN) ASA “Shing Yatsen”
Cicero Herlanio Teotonio[email protected]Cicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (BR)
Cindy Singh[email protected]Native “Dutch” created by scammers
Cinthia Pan[email protected]Willemien Rijsdijk (NL) &OS 2000th SCAMMER
Ciprian Ardeleanu[email protected]Robert Daraban (RO)
Claire Haroon[email protected]Arash Nahandian Fard (IR)
Claire Loic[email protected]Iris Van Brabant (ES)
Clara James[email protected]Yuki Okada (JP) ASA “Emi Suzuki” & “Manjiri Joglekar”
Clarence Hanselman[email protected]Lures translators into a “profitable” book translation
Claudia Agustina Montarry[email protected]Maria Belén Carneiro Caneiro (ES) &OS
Claudia Bögel Kluge[email protected]Claudia Boegel (ES)
Claudia Manuelo / Manuela[email protected]Sara Pisano (IT)
Claudia Palmier / Palmir[email protected]Claudia Alejandra Palmier (AR) ASA “Benita Carbone”
Claudio Ricci[email protected]Claudio Ricci (IT)
Clive McCombe[email protected]Clive McCombe (IT)
Clothilde Courtois[email protected]Clothilde Courtois (UK) ASA “Eric Begone”
Clotilde Zeller[email protected]Clotilde Zeller (FR)
Clytze Xiang[email protected]Clytze Xiang (CN) ASA “Leze Xang Li”
Colette Crossfield[email protected]Janice Crossfield (UK)
Colin Thoms[email protected]Sérgio Almeida (BR)
Cong Huang[email protected]Xianyang Tan (CN)
Corea Antonio Filippo[email protected]Antonio Filippo Corea (IT)
Costantino Chloe[email protected]Marion Joly (FR) Note 4 Fake LinkedIn profile
Cristian Candid[email protected]Elisabete Frade (UK) ASA “Carl Galician”
Cristiana Maggiolini[email protected]Cristiana Maggiolini (IT)
Cristina Girino[email protected]Mauro Lucio Cristuib-Grizzi (IT)
Cristina Greene[email protected]Tatiana Wiedemann (BR) ASA “Carla Garcia”
Cristina Marinho[email protected]Cristina Maria Pordeus Marinho (US)
Cristina Racca[email protected]Cristina Racca (UK) “Author”: Walaa
Cristina Recasens[email protected]Francisca Bittner Godoy (CL) ASA “Francis. Bittner”
Crystal Samples[email protected]Crystal Samples Note 2 / See the scam proof
Curtis Mazotti[email protected]Paulo Roberto de Souza (BR)
Dalal ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Email used by 2 other scammers
Dalal ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Dalal Nada / Imad[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Dala Nada[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Dala Nada[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Dale Odall[email protected]Dr. Rudy F. Kutz (US)
Damian Jacek[email protected]Damian Jacek Pydys (PL)
Damien Larose[email protected]Cénia Vien (HN) &OS Scam by Gentle Translations
Dan Ioan[email protected]Dan Ioan Mica (RO)
Dan Jones[email protected]Note 29
Dana Lungu[email protected]Nicoleta Lungu (RO)
Danhila Dan[email protected]CV contains the name of a “Margreet Martel”
Dani Marli[email protected]Guy Costa Demke (BR)
Danial Walsh[email protected]A Portuguese named “Danial”? Really?
Daniel Berling[email protected]Carla Quinci (IT)
Daniel Craig[email protected]Scammer behind the ghost Scandinavian Network
Daniel E. Olesen / Olesem[email protected]Daniel Olesen (DK) Photo kept on CV
Daniel Joachim Owona Kono[email protected]Daniel Joachim Owona Kono (CM)
Daniel Klaassen[email protected]Daniel Klaassen (CA)
Daniel Marsol[email protected]CV created by scammers
Daniel Rabel[email protected]Benjamín Alberto Flores (SV)
Daniel Riffaud[email protected]Laureana Pavon Caelles (UY)
Daniela Álvaro[email protected]Carlos Manuel Lugo Valdez (DO)
Daniela Cifuentes[email protected]Daniela Alejandra Cifuentes (AR)
Daniela González[email protected]Mariana Hauber (AR)
Danijela Milenkovic[email protected]Danijela Milenkovic (RS)
Daniele Francesco[email protected]Daniele Guiducci (IT)
Daniele Guiducci[email protected]Daniele Guiducci (IT)
Danielle Abreu[email protected]Mirella Oliveira Cerci (BR) ASA “Natasha Bongetta”
Danny L. Pearsall[email protected]Seamus Mullarkey (US)
Dany Marcoz[email protected]Rosalind Howarth (UK)
Danya Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Languagemet
Danya Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Dario Efisio[email protected]Alberto Coppola (IT)
Dario Ignacio[email protected]Fian Ignacio (KE) CV available on line (probably fake)
Darshan Dadlani[email protected]Note 39
Dave Calderhead[email protected]Ann Detelder (BE)
David Christian[email protected]David Christian (JP)
David Dallas[email protected]Erich Heer (USA) ASA “Carlos Betty”
David Higbee[email protected]David Higbee (US)
David Lang[email protected]Impersonator of PM from Rosetta Translation
David Nawrock[email protected]Note 41
David Paulo[email protected]Paulo Mendes da Luz (PT)
David Tony[email protected]Adolfo Ruiz (AR) ASA “Adolfo Ruiz”
David Valentove (Valento) Lesar[email protected]Ana Loncar (HR)
Deane Kynerd[email protected]Helena Ellinor Sjostedt-Ware (US)
Deborah Christen / Deboah[email protected]Deborah Christen (DE)
Deboric Galih[email protected]Fabrizio Bianchini (CA)
Deboric Tesca / Debora Tasca[email protected]Rosanna Cimino (IT) ASA “Anna Agnesa”
Dener Lima[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Denis Urban[email protected]Cort Rosebro (US)
Desiree J. J.[email protected]Lahcène Aissani (DZ)
Dhaka Abu Alem[email protected]Roy Chaudhuri (IN)
Dhurvi Bhatta[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammmers
Diana Carrasco[email protected]Paz Cabo (UK)
Diana Cifuentes[email protected]Consuelo del Carmen Ruz (US) ASA “Adolfo Mata”
Diane Ginis-Milligan[email protected]Diane Ginis-Milligan (GR)
Dias Endian[email protected]Jane Lamb-Ruiz (US) CV also scammed here
Didier Begon[email protected]Pierre Le Duff (DE)
Diego Adrian[email protected]Samuel Andres Schloeter (VE)
Diego Alanson[email protected]Chrisitine Houdy (FR)
Di Vinci Solutions[email protected]Note 39
Dmitriy Kovalyk[email protected]Dmitriy Kovalyk (UA)
Doan Tu[email protected]Nguyen Duy Tung (VN)
Doha Gali[email protected]Alias for “Mamdouh Hassan”
Dolia Casko / Cosko[email protected]Dália da Costa Barbeiro (PT)
Dolores Campanella[email protected]Diego Cruz, MD (US) &OS
Dolores Corbo[email protected]Dolores R. Guiñazú (AR)
Domenica Nieddu[email protected]Domenica Nieddu (US)
Don Hartig[email protected]Don Hartig (CN)
Dong Dong / Dongdong Teng[email protected]Claudio Ricci (IT)
Dona Timani[email protected]Dona Timani (QA)
Donaldo Chigao[email protected]Mika Tanegashima (US) ASA “Yuko Shima”
Donatella Molinari[email protected]Donatella Molinari (PT) Scam by MuchDo
Doaa Azzat[email protected]Ghost CV / Author: 10301 / Last saved: nmc
Dorotee Pre / Dorothée Pré[email protected]Adriana Adarve (US) & Catherine Carter (FR) More info
Dorothee David[email protected]Idriss Semaoune (FR)
Dorothée Elysee[email protected]Stéphane Lacombe (FR) &OS
Dua Ibrahim Abusabla[email protected]omCV THEFT Note 6 Note 20
Dunny Carrión[email protected]Dunia Carrión (CL) & Claudia Isonio (AR)
Duobing Chen[email protected]Duobing Chen (CN)
Ebelyn Formichella[email protected]Salvatore Galvano (IT) &OS Note 4
Echo Li[email protected]Echo Wu (CN) / Belorussian scammer
Edda Fabiano Bruno[email protected]Letizia Sonia Cantarela (IT)
Edel Walder[email protected]Natacha Dambinoff (FR)
Editta Gaio[email protected]Vittoria Muscatello (IT) ASA “Muscatello Vittoria”
Eduardo Costa[email protected]Eduardo José Costa (PT) ASA “Karen Angelo”
Edvan Cardoso[email protected]Edvan Cardoso (BR)
Edward Mahana[email protected]Note 64
Edward Vincent Paul[email protected]Fake everything: name, email…
Eeman S. Ghaly[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Eeman Salah Muhammad Ghali[email protected]Eeman Salah Muhammad Ghali (EG)
Egor Sergez[email protected]Sergey Nikolayevich Glushchenko (RU)
Ehab Younis[email protected]Author: “Hassan Ghais”
Eid Ibrahim Abd Alla Ibrahim[email protected]Eid Ibraheem Abdullah Ibraheem (EG)
Eileen Brophy[email protected]Eileen Brophy (ES)
Elaine Ghislaine[email protected]Gaston Walmas (FR) Note 4 ASA “Maria Remy”
Elaine Mitu[email protected]Elaine D. Mitu (JP)
Eleonora Mazzotta[email protected]Eleonora Mazzotta (IT)
Elena Borisov[email protected]Liubov Kovalenko (MT) Scam by Gentle Translations
Elena Ganeva[email protected]Desislava Doncheva (BG), Mazen Alswar (US) &OS
Elena Gordin[email protected]Olga Zagorodniaia (UA)
Elena I. Pravdina[email protected]Sergey V. Vazhnenko (UA)
Elena Pagliaro[email protected]Dakota A McCarty (partial copy)
Elfi Griselda[email protected]CV typeset Arabic style (right to left)?
Elham Abu Jarad[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Elhoda Lang & Computer Centre[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Eliana Grill[email protected]Eliana Grill (AR)
Eliaz Fidel[email protected]Justin Taylor (US)
Elina Torma[email protected]Tuulia Tipa (DE)
Elitsa Asenova[email protected]Elitsa Asenova (BG)
Elisabete Dropose Huguene[email protected]Ana Sofia Saldanha (PT) ASA “Ana Sofia”
Elizabeth Dantes[email protected]Elizabeth Dantes (US)
Elizabeth Maquet[email protected]Elizabeth Maquet (FR) & Alina Barrow (FR)
Ella Liang[email protected]Lin Yuling (CN)
Elle Daston[email protected]Fake ID used by a scammer Note 25
Ellen Nielsen[email protected]Per Bjørnar Riise (NO) & Maureen Tanang (ID)
Elshan Aleynikova[email protected]Elshan Abdullayev (AZ) See the scammer’s invoice
Emad (Imad) Al-Mughary[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Emad Ale[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Eman Yosef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Emanuele Tidona[email protected]Emanuele Tidona (IT)
Emanuela Pacifico[email protected]Paola Andreotti (IT)
Emene Christine Kwate[email protected]Emènè Christine Marlyse (CM)
Emi Suzuki[email protected]Yuki Okada (CA) & Jun Hokari (US) ASA “Manjiri J”
Emile ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Émile Bernard[email protected]Alexandre Saviano (FR) ASA “Martin(e) Isaac”
Emilie Couprie[email protected]Emilie Couprie (FR)
Emilie M. Pipen[email protected]Cénia Vien (HN) &OS
Emilie Olsson[email protected]Catrine Modig (SE)
Emily Elsen[email protected]Theresa Figueira Bernardes (PT) &OS
Emily Huang[email protected]Minran Pu (CA)
Emily White[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammer “besan-it”
Emily White[email protected]Scammer impersonating PM from Linguistico (AU)
Emily White[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammer “besan-it”
Emma John / Bulgarian[email protected]Mihail M Mateev (BG)
Emmie Ariane[email protected]Karen Monique Henry (JM)
Enas ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Enas H[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Endre Gabor / Karczag[email protected]Endre Gábor Karczag (HU)
Engy Mezen[email protected]Note 22 CV also sent by Gentle Translations
Eric Begone / eBegon[email protected]Clothilde Courtois (UK) ASA “Clothilde Courtois”
Eric Dawson[email protected]Paulo Beijinho (PT)
Eric Luther Martin[email protected]Martin Luther King Mapack (CM)
Erica Alves / Erica Postiço ???[email protected]Irina Murg (RU) See info online
Erik Brinkhof[email protected]Erik Brinkhof (TH)
Erik Gärdekrans[email protected]Erik Gärdekrans (SE) Scammer: “Riham Salama”
Erika Legotin[email protected]Yulia Stepanchuk (ES)
Erin Littlefield[email protected]Erin Littlefield (CO)
Ernst Heinz[email protected]Notorious scammer Note 70
Errki Zynski / Ericki Zynski[email protected]Erkki Pekkinen (FI) &OS
Eser Perkins[email protected]Eser Perkins (TR) See her note on ProZ
Eser Razi[email protected]Handan Ceyhan (TR)
Esra Yilmaz Arikan[email protected]Seval Yilmaz Kosar (TR)
Esther Johns[email protected]Last saved by “Manal”
Esther Sananes[email protected]Esther Sananes (IT) Scam by LanguageMet
Eugen Dovin / Eugen Pigeon[email protected]Note 19
Eugene Hemlons[email protected]Marina Sedova (RU) / Victor I. Sidelnikov (RU)
Eugen Hulub[email protected]Note 19
Eugene Samsonnov / Samsonov[email protected]Eugene Samsonov (RU) Note 21
Eva Shaw[email protected]Evely Antov (EE)
Eva Wouters / Eva Gorrissen[email protected]Willemien Rijsdijk (NL) & Henk Jansen (AU) See Eva…
Evelyn Li[email protected]Evelyn Xu (CN)
Evelyn Salt[email protected]Loay Al-Dakhlallah (AE) Posing as translator…
Evelyn Salt[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Evelyn Salt[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Evelyn Salt[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ewa Murawska[email protected]Ewa Murawska (UK)
Ex Translation[email protected]Email used by scammers / Used by “James Dietrich”
Experts Of Translation[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Fabiana Yampolsky[email protected]Fabiana Yampolsky (AR)
Fabien Iglesias[email protected]Ian Cairncross (UK)
Fabio Marco[email protected]Cicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (IT)
Fabio Marino[email protected]Roberta Bassi (IT) Note 15
Fabio Marino[email protected]Enrico Roveri (IT)
Fabio Mercier[email protected]Valentina Viganò (IT)
Fabio Perna[email protected]Fabio Perna (BE)
Fabio Sacha[email protected]Dr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA “Sandra Byron”
Fabrizio Bianchini[email protected]Fabrizio Bianchini (IT) CV scammed w/ photo
Fadi al Akhras / Al-Akhras[email protected]Scammer behind “Nik Wang” PayPal ID
Fadi Mohammed (Mohd)[email protected]Fake PM from Arcadia Translations Note 51
Fadi (Fady) Z. Saleem[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Fadi (Fady) Z. Saleem[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Fadwa Najy[email protected]Reham Abdallah Tawfeek Fyala (EG)
Fank Hort[email protected]Rosana Kost (IT) See this page ASA “Gisella Sakurai”
Fank Olah[email protected]Minran Pu (CA) “Author”: Al-Qema
Farida U. Vyachkileva[email protected]Farida Vyachkileva (RU)
Faten A. Shokiar[email protected]Fake CV sent by “Hedaia Abu Shaqra” Note 58
Fatima R Kantika[email protected]Márcia Teixeira (UK)
Fatma Abu Jarad[email protected]CV done w/ copy & paste
Fatma Rantisi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 58
Fatma Slum[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Fausto Mescolini[email protected]Fausto Mescolini (UK)
Fedaa (Fidaa) Ross[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Fedaa Ross[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Federica Fabbri[email protected]Federica Fabbri (IT)
Feleb George[email protected]Alexandre Mota Batista (PT) ASA “John Romy”
Felipe (Gabriel) Elias[email protected]Felipe Gabriel de Mello Elias (BR)
Ferdi Dierickx[email protected]CV stolen from a non-translator!!! Note 65
Ferna Ado[email protected]João Pedro Malveiro Casacão (PT)
Fernando Fabrega[email protected]Fernando Fabrega Rodriguez (PA)
Fidaa Abuoun[email protected]CV THEFT
Filip Kostya[email protected]Sergey Kalashnik (UA)
Filomena Tereso[email protected]Filomena Tereso (UK)
Flemming Bogarde[email protected]Bente Kastbjerg (FR)
Floriana Andre[email protected]Cécile Frenette (CA)
Florin Rudin[email protected]Oana Precup (RO)
Fiorina (Fiorine) Marino[email protected]Florent Baudy (CZ) & Laurent Chevrette (CA)
Flora Ktofiak[email protected]Andrea Pate-Cazal (US)
Flora Marit[email protected]Marité Flores Travanti (AR)
Flora Mastrogiacomo[email protected]Flora Mastrogiacomo (IT)
Florence Marsol[email protected]Mihaela-Mirela Sinca (RO)
Florencia Hernández[email protected]Florencia Agotegaray (AR)
Francisca Bittner[email protected]Francisca Bittner Godoy (CL)
Francois Morizot[email protected]Francois Morizot (UK)
Franck Gilles / Giles[email protected]“Author”: Claudine Note 1
Franco Martinezfr[email protected]Noemí Victoria Contartese (AR)
Frank Anthony[email protected]“Author”: Ivo Lang (Ivo Anton Maria Lang, UK)
Frank Luetkebohmert[email protected]Frank Luetkebohmert (TH)
Fred Chin[email protected]Fred Chen (CN)
Freelaner Mont ???[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 See also “A. Fa.”
Frédéric Mercier[email protected]Juan Bilbao (ES) & Anna Agostini (banned from ProZ)
Frida Theuri[email protected]Anna Johnson (UK)
Fu Xinkuan[email protected]Fu Xinkuan (CN)
Fumito Hokama[email protected]Kumi Ichikawa (USA) &OS
Gabo Madulnus[email protected]Emily Weidmann (DE) ASA “Heltay Mariko”
Gabriel Ernesto[email protected]Gabriel Ernesto Arévalo Luna (CA)
Gabriel Naftali[email protected]Christine Parant-Rochard (CA)
Gabriela Pina[email protected]Antonella Carla Lusardi (AR) &OS
Gabriele Broszat[email protected]Gabriele Broszat (DE)
Gabriele Laske[email protected]Gabriele Laske (US) & Coro Larramendi (ES)
Gael Yayle[email protected]Jacqueline Kaminski (US)
Gaelle Andrew Louchart[email protected]Carol M. (GR)
Gaetano Elba[email protected]Yegor Yurievich Budnikov (UA)
Gagandeep Kaur[email protected]Jacqueline Chevardiere (US) / UN certified???
Gaio Nardo[email protected]Rosanna Cimino (IT) ASA “Deboric Tesca”
Galit Aviv[email protected]Also a PayPal ID created by scammers
Galit Aviv[email protected]Julie Aviv (US)
Galit Aviv[email protected]Julie Aviv (US)
Galit Aviv[email protected]Julie Aviv (US)
Gan Cheng[email protected]Yang Xiaobin (CN)
Gate Scott[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 ASA “Scott Gate”
Gavin W. Hougham[email protected]ChicagoPhDs (profile on ProZ
Gema Pedreda López[email protected]Gema Pedreda López (ES) ASA “Madina Kemen”
Geneviève Ghenne[email protected]Geneviève Ghenne (BE)
Genia Rober[email protected]Jewgenia Rukober (DE)
Georg (George) Ayala[email protected]Possibly associated with Languagemet.com Note 4
Georg Woodman[email protected]Georg Woodman (TW)
George Bramley[email protected]George Bramley (UK)
George Jean[email protected]El Mehdi Amaziane (FR)
George Pacheco[email protected]Carlos Melero Pujadas (IN) & George Moffett (PE)
George Reiss[email protected]Rekha Valluri (IN) & Rosalind Buck (FR)
Georges Ferne / Ferne Georges[email protected]Georges Ferné (FR)
Gerald Sapin[email protected]Note 19 See also “Verbum Translations Service”
Gerard Dupin[email protected]Note 19 / Click to see his fake CV
Gertrudes Mendonca[email protected]Maria Gertrudes Mendonça (PT)
Ghassan Al-Nassayef[email protected]Ghassan AL Nassyef (SY)
Ghassan Sheikheleed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ghassan Sheikheleed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Gheed A. El-Hissy[email protected]CV THEFT Note 20
Gheed Elhissy[email protected]CV THEFT Note 20
Ghona Harzet[email protected]Christina Costes (FR) & Petrus Inghels (NL)
Gia Li[email protected]Bin Li (US) ATA Certified (EN-CH) ASA “Nik Wang”
Giacomo Ludovico Bellomare[email protected]Giacomo Ludovico Bellomare (IT)
Gianna Tarquini[email protected]Gianna Tarquini (IT)
Gilbert Lin[email protected]Gilbert Lin (CN)
Gilbert Morel[email protected]“Author”: dd
Gilda (Gina) Elia[email protected]Ana Escaleira (BR) ASA “Ana Christina” The scam
Gim Gavrlin[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) 8th impersonation!!!
Gina Costa[email protected]Cristina Lo Bianco (IT) & Federico Moncini (IT)
Gina Meschis[email protected]Tiziana Meschis (IT) ASA “Tiziana Meschis”
Giovanna Noce[email protected]Giovanna Noce (IT)
Giovanni Pizzatigiovanni.pi[email protected]Giovanni Pizzati (IT)
Gisella Sakurai[email protected]Rosana Kost (IT) ASA “Fank Hort”
Global Translation Services[email protected]CV THEFT Note 59
Gloria Fiorantino[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Glory Korea Translation Co[email protected]Note 13
Glyn Evans[email protected]Glyn Evans UK)
Gomes Branco[email protected]Rachel Kopit Cunha (BR)
Gomzi ?[email protected]Anuj Panda (IN) Note 27
Goran Hassan[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Graziana Ferruccio Romano[email protected]Letizia Sonia Cantarella (IT)
Great Translation[email protected]Impersonation of Canadian company / See here
Great Translation[email protected]Scamming factory based in Palestine Note 55
Guan Hao (Oliver)[email protected]Guan Hao (Oliver) (CN)
Guler Erdomez[email protected]Gulen Minareci (TR) / Last saved by: GG
Guliana Poletti[email protected]Luisa Pacifico (IT)
Gust Soan[email protected]Gustavo Villalobos (VE) View the scam
Gustavo Villalobos[email protected]Gustavo Villalobos (VE) ASA “Gust Soan”
Gustavo Vazquez[email protected]Gustavo Vazquez-Lozano (MX)
Gwenn Terry / Terry Gwenn[email protected]Terry Gwenn (US)
Gwendoline Solente[email protected]Gwendoline Soleau (FR)
H. Joseph / Hannee Josef[email protected]Note 33
Hakon Vinje[email protected]Hakon Vinje (US)
Hala Ismail[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hala Ismail[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hamlet Jack[email protected]Anuj Panda (IN) Note 27
Hamza Foad[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hamza Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Hamza Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Han Kipyo[email protected]Kipyo Aleaxander Han (US)
Hana AbuSalim / Hana Abu Salim[email protected]Christian Fournier (FR) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Hana AbuSalim / Hana Abu Salim[email protected]Gayle H. Wallimann (FR) &OS ASA “Jennifer M. Allen”
Hanna Abel[email protected]Nicole Stoeber (DE) ASA “Nicol Gurak”
Hanaa (Hannee?) Kudaih[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Hanaa Kudaih[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hanaa Kudaih[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hanaa D. S. Kudaih[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Hanaa Sahin / Soliman[email protected]Nilgun Sari (TR)
Hanna Novak / Kovalev[email protected]Hanna Palynskaya (UK)
Hannah Francis[email protected]Catherine Johnstone (FR) & Arnaud Bachelier (FR)
Hanne Youseph[email protected]CV THEFT Note 38
Haneen Said / Saidd[email protected]Fake ID created by Haneen Yousef Note 6
Haneen Yousef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / “dd” & “Dreams”
Haneen Yousef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Haneen Yousef / Hannee Youseph[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Haneen (Ahmed) Yousef[email protected]Mohamed Abdel-Moneim Rehan (EG) See more
Hani El-Maghary[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Hani Meghary[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Hani Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hani Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hann Kudaih / Hanaa Kudaih[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hanks Martins / Hanks Blake[email protected]Note 43
Harak Kim[email protected]Harak Kim (KR)
Harumi Kondo Rudolph[email protected]Harumi Kondo Rudolph (US)
Harumi Sophia Uemura[email protected]Harumi Sophia Uemura (US) / “Author”: abubasel
Hasm Avetisyan / Avetis[email protected]Hasmik Arakelyan (AM) ASA “Hasmik Arakelyan”
Hasmik Arakelyan[email protected]Hasmik Arakelyan (AM)
Hassan El-Najjar[email protected]Note 26
Hayato Kimata[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Hazem A. Wahab El Zatma[email protected]Hazem A. Wahab El Zatma (PS)
He Qian[email protected]He Qian (CN)
Heather Batchelor[email protected]Heather Batchelor (ZA)
Heba[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Heba (Adel / Ana ?)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Heba Khalid Mohamed[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Heba Rafat[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Heba Yousef / Heba Yusif[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Hector Orlin[email protected]Pablo Dezubiria (CO) Note 61 See the fake CV
Hedaia Abu Shaqra[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Hedaia Abu Shaqra[email protected]Sends a CV from “Faten A. Shokiar” Note 58
Heichele Palamides Bischof[email protected]Alexandra Gannon (DE) &OS
Helany Helany Ros[email protected]Yegor Yurievich Budnikov (UA) Note 26
Heleina Ramos[email protected]Helena Ramos (PT) “Heleina / Heliena”???
Helen Genevier[email protected]Helen Genevier (FR)
Helen Marsé[email protected]Violaine Courbon (FR)
Helen O. Ménage[email protected]Abel Herbet (FR) 5th IMPERSONATION
Helen Pollex[email protected]Dmytro V. Rachek (UA) &OS
Helen Zhao[email protected]Irene Zhao (CN)
Helena Batista / Marchão[email protected]Helena Marchão Pires (PT)
Helena Ramos[email protected]Helena Ramos (PT)
Helga Kugler[email protected]Helga Kugler (DE)
Hellen Holems[email protected]Thomas Matzeit (DE)
Help You Translations Co[email protected]Palestinian scamming joint Note 63
Heltay Mariko / Marika[email protected]Emily Weidmann (DE) See an invoice ASA “Gabo”
Hema Basel[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Hend Abo Zohri[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Henk Haan[email protected]Natasja Hagemeier (NL) A female w/ a male name!
Henrique Antoniazzi[email protected]José Côrte-Real Santos (PT)
Henry Arnold[email protected]Sabine Zucchi (DE)
Henry Beauperin[email protected]Known “translator” scammer
Herich Gunawan[email protected]Note 30
Hideo Kowata[email protected]Hideo Kowata (JP)
Hiriko Rikki[email protected]Ghost ID created by MuchDo / Last saved: NMC
Hiroshi Hotoko[email protected]Nobuo Kawamura (JP)
Hiroshi Kanamura[email protected]Hiroshi Kanamura (JP)
Hiroshi Komuna[email protected]Anthony John Kehoe (JP) ASA “Anthony Kehoe”
Hiroyuki Hokari[email protected]Andrew Lausberg (AU)
Hisayo Gavin[email protected]ChicagoPhDs (profile on ProZ
Hisayo Shikakura[email protected]ChicagoPhDs (profile on ProZ
Hitoko Hombu[email protected]Hitoko Hombu (UK)
Hoang Mai Hoa[email protected]Hoang Thi Mai Hoa (VN)
Honest Translator[email protected]“We are translation company” Really?
Horst Lange / Horst R. Lang[email protected]Horst Richard Lange (TH)
Hosa Kha[email protected]Email also used by “Patrick Nani Michel”
Hosam Almadhoun[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 10
Hosam Almadhoun[email protected]Note 10
Hosam Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37 Amazing Translations
Hsiangling Liu / Selena[email protected]Hsiangling Liu (TW)
Huang Soe[email protected]Huizhang Jia (CN)
Hugh Avera[email protected]Hugh Avera (President of Spanglish Unlimited, Inc.)
Hwy Translation Company[email protected]Note 48
Hyung Chan Ko[email protected]Hyung Chan Ko (KR)
Hyung Chan Ko / Chan Ko[email protected]Jungho Jo (KR)
Ibrahim ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 51
Ibrahim Alblewi[email protected]PayPal ID Note 18 aka Omar Salah Ibrahim
Ibrahim Ibrahim[email protected]Ghost CV created by LanguageMet
Ibrahim Ibrahim[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / See the scam
Ibrahim Mohammed[email protected]Abdelkader Rekab (DZ) Last saved: “Ibrahim”
Ibrahim Qeshta[email protected]CV THEFT Note 15 Gentle Translations
Ibrahim Qeshta[email protected]CV THEFT Note 15
Ibrahim Qeshta[email protected]CV THEFT Note 15 Gentle Translations
Ida Coppola[email protected]Ida Coppola (IT)
Igor Ermolaev[email protected]Igor Ermolaev (RU)
Igor Kelly[email protected]Michael Moskowitz (US) &OS
Ihab Abdelhafiz[email protected]Ihab A. Abdelhafiz (EG)
Iker Alvis[email protected]“Iker Alvis”? Really? ASA “Danial Walsh”
Iliona Qejvanaj[email protected]Iliona Qejvanaj (GR)
Imad (Ali) Almaghary[email protected]A sister company to Translation Secrets Note 6
Imad (Ali) Almaghary[email protected]Note 6 / 10 / 21 LanguageMet
Imad Ali El-Mghary[email protected]Note 6 / 10 / 21 LanguageMet
Imad Almaghary[email protected]Notice the double “t” in the domain name?
Imad Mghari[email protected]Note 6 / 10 / 21 LanguageMet
Imad Mghari[email protected]Note 6 / 10 / 21
Imad Mghary[email protected]Note 6 / 10 / 21 LanguageMet
Iman (Eman) Ata / Emanata[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / 10 / 21
Imane Dahmani[email protected]Imane Dahmani (ES)
Imme Haage[email protected]Imme Haage (DE)
Ina Wilms[email protected]Ina Wilms (DE)
Ines Vieira[email protected]Inês Cidraes Vieira (PT)
Inna Alyn[email protected]Nataly Yuzhakova (UA) & Helen Gerdova (UA)
Inna Somers[email protected]Inna Somers (PL) “Author”: Yusuf.
Ioleta Fathi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Iren Onishko[email protected]Dejan Skrebic (BA)
Irene Blatza[email protected]Irene Blatza (GR) Read the scamming story
Irene Elmerot[email protected]Irene Elmerot (SE)
Irene Levi Myllys[email protected]Irene Nosrati (US) & Oded Tal (CA)
Irene Pasquali[email protected]Elisabetta de Stradis Dell’Elmo (IT)
Iryana Egger[email protected]Lill Catinka Maxen (DK) &OS
Irmgard Peterek[email protected]Irmgard Maria Peterek (DE)
Irmgard Peterek[email protected]Helge Mayer (SA)
Irmia Daniella / Andreea Irimia[email protected]Irimia Andreea-Daniela (RO)
Isaac Leal[email protected]Isaac Pradel Leal (ES)
Isaac Lieal[email protected]Isaac Pradel Leal (ES)
Isabel Benson[email protected]World-renowned scammer
Isabel Freitas[email protected]Isabel Maria Freitas (PT)
Isabel Rios[email protected]Scam from Translation Secrets Note 6
Isabelle Ferreiro[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Isabelle Saviano[email protected]Isabelle Bouchery (CL) &OS
Isabelle Simon[email protected]Michelle Weston (FR)
Isis Drinsdale[email protected]Impersonator of PM from Kwintessential
Islam Abed Dahleez[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Islam Abed Dahleez[email protected]Einass Hamed Mohamed Kandil (EG) &OS
Islam Abed Dahleez[email protected]Alaa Zeineldine (US)
Islam Abed Dahleez[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Islam Abed Dahleez[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Islam Dahleez[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Islam Jabary[email protected]Possibly associated with Languagemet.com Note 4
Ismail Ahmed[email protected]“Click Translation Agency”? Really?
Iustina / Justine Marginean[email protected]Iustina Marginean (RO)
Ivan Marko / Ivan Marco[email protected]Biljana Tesic (RS)
Ivan Papic / Papuic[email protected]Ivan Papic (RS)
Ivan Rukober[email protected]Igor V. Savenkov (RU) ASA “Yelena Pestereva”
Ivana Giuliani[email protected]Ivana Giuliani (IT)
Ivana Polic[email protected]Dijana Evans (HR) (same address)
Ivana Wagner[email protected]Michael Herrmann (DE) / Scam Made in China
Ivar Roos[email protected]Aivo Roos (ES)
Jack Hamelton / Hamilton[email protected]Scammer with a ghost translation company…
Jack Marlos[email protected]Sonia Izrar (UK) Scam by Experts Of Linguists Note 6
Jack Maue Leran[email protected]Geneviève Karlsson (FR)
Jack Zhang[email protected]Xiuli Zhang (UK)
Jadwiga Gera[email protected]Alicja Machala (PO) & Agnieszka Arendarska (PO)
Jam Kenny[email protected]Marju Galitsos (Finland)
James Coria / Coria James[email protected]Ilde Grimaldi (IT) &OS ASA “Michael Silvistri”
James Dietrich[email protected]Christian Feldermann (ES)
James Ken[email protected]Jean-Luc Lejoly (US)
Jamshed Alam[email protected]Jamshed Alam (PK)
Jan Doney[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) 10th IMPERSONATION
Jan Kaliser / Kaisler / Kaesler[email protected]Jan Kaisler (DE)
Jane Killy[email protected]Tomasz Mojsiuk (CA)
Jane Rouiai[email protected]Denis Hay (FR) & Emilie Pestiaux (FR) ASA “Alexis Fo”
Jane Smith[email protected]Note 34
Jane Sylla[email protected]Christian Landais (FR) Scam by Gentle Translations
Jane Versatile[email protected]Hoi Yan Li (Janet Li) (CN) ASA “Janet Li”
Janet Li[email protected]Hoi Yan Li (Janet Li) (CN) ASA “Jane Versatile”
Janice Dong[email protected]Merlin Foujio (CM), Helena Pires (PT) &OS
Janice Gessa[email protected]Anne-Marie Pepin (CA)
Janna Klein[email protected]Marion Melvin (DE) & Rosanna Cimino (IT)
Jansen De Jong / Dejong Jansen[email protected]Marijke Singer (UK)
Jasenka Jaskic[email protected]Jasenka Jaskic (FR)
Jasi Jamil[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Jasmin Richard[email protected]CV THEFT Note 45
Jasmin Richard[email protected]Ghost created by known scammers Note 45
Jasmin Sanjrani[email protected]Jasmin Sanjrani (ES) Note 45
Jasmin Sergany[email protected]Jasmin Sanjrani (ES) Note 45
Jasmin Zeipert[email protected]Anett Pfeiffer (DE)
Jasmine Adamz[email protected]Uses fake “Beatriz Cirera” ID as a ghost Note 3
Jasmine Welly (fake name?)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Facebook profile
Jason Kenyon[email protected]Nicholas Ferreira (CA)
Jassica Lee[email protected]Linda Chen (TW) & Fabienne Ledran (IL)
Javier Mata[email protected]Jesús Marín (UK)
Javier Vandenbroucke[email protected]Daniela Viljoen (BO)
Jay Kwak[email protected]Jay Kwak (KR)
Jean Berrée[email protected]Eban Bissong (CM) Note 4 ASA “Bernand Honore”
Jean Charlly[email protected]Jean-Charles Pirlet (UK)
Jean Louis / Loui[email protected]Jean-Louis Zambou Jiomeneck (CM)
Jean Martin[email protected]CV THEFT Note 55 “Great Translate”
Jean Martin[email protected]Ségolène-Armelle-Marie Neilson (UK)
Jean Sim[email protected]Jean Sim (CA) 9 DIFFERENT EMAILS USED SO FAR!
Jean Vital[email protected]Jean-Claude Aciman (FR)
Jeanne Schmickler[email protected]Yevgeniya Marmer (DE)
Jeanne Verbeke[email protected]CV copied from various sources
Jeena Babin[email protected]Valérie Galichon (DE)
Jeff Kambale Mathe[email protected]Jeff K. Mathe, MD (SZ) Note 8 ASA “Patrick Michel”
Jeff Luizjeff.luiz[email protected]Maria Isabel Castilho Labisa (PT)
Jeffrey Delange[email protected]Jeffrey L. DeLange (US)
Jen Kenny[email protected]Esther Sananes (IT) &OS
Jenni Gilbert[email protected]Fiona Névoa (PT)
Jennie Thorne[email protected]Maria Bertilsson (FR) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Jennifer Coles[email protected]Laura Ball (UK)
Jennifer Hottarek[email protected]Jennifer Nicole Hottarek (DE)
Jennifer M. Allen[email protected]Gayle H. Wallimann (FR) &OS
Jenny Shwang[email protected]Ghost If created by scammers. CV available online.
Jeremy Hasselt[email protected]Julian Wagstaff (UK)
Jerry Schomburg / Schoomburg[email protected]Carola Schomburg (DE) ASA “Carlene Wirobski”
Jessica Creak[email protected]Gabriele Westphal (DE) & Volkmar Hirantner (TR)
Jessica Falaky[email protected]Violaine Meziere (FR) ASA “Rose-Marie Saviano”
Jessica Mahana[email protected]Gabriele Westphal (DE) ASA “Jessica Creak”
Jessica O’Sullivan[email protected]Gabriele Westphal (DE)
Jessica Storm[email protected]Scammer impersonates PM from Migal Translations
Jiang (Jiango) Lee[email protected]Albert Jiang (CN)
Jiang Xia / Jim Xia[email protected]Jiang Xia (CN)
Jianting He / Tina[email protected]Tina Lee / Jianting He (Tina) (CN)
Jim Chen / Chen Jim[email protected]Duobing Chen (CN) ASA “Duobing Chen”
Jim Crocker (Female!!!)[email protected]Nice CV: English <>Frensh!!! Note 4
Jim Li[email protected]Jim Li (CN)
Jimmie Choo[email protected]Jimmie Choo (CN)
Jin Shin[email protected]Jihyun Shin (US)
Jin Yu / Jin Yujianqing Jeong[email protected]Jane Yu / Jane Yujianqing (CA)
Joana Oliveira[email protected]Teresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA “Teresa Lopes”
Joana Tell[email protected]Carla Silva (BR)
Joao Correia[email protected]João Carlos Alves Correia (PT)
Joao Cruiz[email protected]Scamming by Gentle Translations
Joao Pedro Bourbon[email protected]João Pedro Bourbon (PT)
João Trovão[email protected]João Marcelo Adler Trovão (BR)
Jobs Facetrans[email protected]CV THEFT Note 50
Joe Anton[email protected]Yevgeniya Marmer (DE)
Joeingakam Trans / Joel Ngakam[email protected]Joel Ndesil Deumi Ngakam (CM)
Joel Mezona[email protected]Samanta Libenson (AR)
Joel Ngakam[email protected]Joel Ndesil Deumi Ngakam (CM)
Johann du Toit[email protected]Johann du Toit & Boreum An (UK)
Johanna Lonnfors[email protected]Johanna Lönnfors (FI)
John ?[email protected]Fake ID created by Charles Azzopardi?
John Adam / John Adamj[email protected]Marie-Christine Périé (FR) Scam by Elmouiz Arafat
John Alexander[email protected]Daria Krutova (RU)
John Bloomen[email protected]Scammer-owner of militaris.net Note 19
John Githinji / Johnn Gith[email protected]John Maina Githinji (KE)
John Mike[email protected]Todor Todorov (Bulgaria) &OS
John Romy[email protected]Alexandre Mota Batista (PT)
John Troops[email protected]Fake photo on Elance, LinkedIn, VerbalizeIt Note 69
Jolie Sam[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers. Also a PayPal ID.
Jomana Dayel / Al Dayel[email protected]Bayan Abughaida (US)
Jon Sewell[email protected]Heidi Kjelsvik (NO) See the scam
Jorge Hector[email protected]Sandra Dowling (AR) & Héctor Jorge Aires (AR)
Jorge Ricardo Hernandez[email protected]DOC Contents: Arabic word
Jorge Trovaoo ? / Jorge Trovao[email protected]Davidson Gregorio Oliveira de Fatima (BR)
José Barrio[email protected]Susan Linda Horn (US) & Rafa Lombardino (US)
José Carlos / Jose Work[email protected]José Carlos Gomes Ribeiro (BR)
José Neves[email protected]Isabel Maria Loução (PT)
Jose S. Da Silva[email protected]Fernando Domeniconi (US)
José Work / Carlos[email protected]José Carlos Gomes Ribeiro (BR) Last sav “Abu Khaled”
Joseph Romlien[email protected]Chang Yee Chien (MY)
Joseph Simplice[email protected]Florent Lassale (FR)
Josiane Brisebois[email protected]Diane Carole Dessiji (CM) ASA “Rose-Marie Saviano”
Jospeh Ardesana / Ardisanaardisana[email protected]Pierre-Joseph Ardisana (ES) ASA “Manolo Saul”
Jossep Alsur[email protected]Mindaugas Putelis (LT)
Joun Saido[email protected]Peter Kahl (UK)
Juan Cho[email protected]ASA “Vania Klotz”
Juan Pablo Chalup[email protected]Carlos Javier Bartaburu Vignolo (BR)
Juan Pablo Chalup[email protected]Juan Pablo Chalup (AR)
Juan Rodrigoah / Rodrigo[email protected]Veronika Karacova (CN)
Juan Salanova[email protected]Juan Salanova (ES)
Juan Tan[email protected]Yucheng Zhang (CN)
Juanjo Martin Borras[email protected]Fake ID, impersonating Tikal Ediciones Note 29
Judy Alberts[email protected]Note 34
Julia Aupourrain[email protected]“Author”: Abo Khaled
Julia Gull[email protected]Contents: Arabic word
Julia He[email protected]Terry Thatcher Waltz (US) &OS
Julia Korf[email protected]“Author”: besan / See “her” invoice
Julia Ranc[email protected]Yearn Fan (CN)
Julian Leroy[email protected]Ivolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG) ASA “Christiane L.”
Juliana Ferreira[email protected]Licinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA “Licinia Araujo”
Julie Baron[email protected]Julie Beauce (CA) ASA “Stephanie Metzage”
Julie Franck[email protected]Christian Georges (FR) & Yoko Shinobu (JP)
Julie Phan[email protected]Manuel Aresta (ES) &OS
Julie Pouzet[email protected]Sapna Melwani (ID) ASA “Sapna Melwani”
Juliet Derdos[email protected]Véronique Derdos (FR) ASA “Nina Kamaga”
Juliet Nandy[email protected]Stephanie Michaela Schnabel (DE) &OS
Júlio Cesar Gonçalves[email protected]Júlio César Gonçalves (BR)
Jun Chui Yu[email protected]Jaycelyn Tan (MY) & Adrion Teng (CN)
Jun Li / Dave Lee[email protected]Jun Li (US)
Junhui Lhu[email protected]James Liu (CA)
Kalden Edard[email protected]Ram Pratap Singh (IN)
Kamal Ebrahim / Abdelhafiz[email protected]Translator impersonator
Kamel Abu Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Kamran Nadeem[email protected]Kamran Nadeem (US)
Kana Pestana[email protected]Kana Tsumoto (JP) &OS Portuguese mother tongue?
Kaori Kawakami[email protected]Kaori Kawakami (BR) ASA “Yusuke Narusawa”
Kaori Kawakami[email protected]Impersonation by “Riham Salama”
Kaori Myatt[email protected]Kaori Myatt (FR) See what happened.
Kaori Myatt Susa[email protected]Kaori Myatt (FR)
Kapko Dmitry[email protected]Nataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Karan Sharma[email protected]Ganesh Bhat (IN)
Kare Rigo[email protected]Karen Riggio (FR)
Karen Angelo[email protected]Eduardo José Costa (PT) ASA “Eduardo Costa”
Karen Coasta[email protected]José Ignacio Coelho Mendes Neto (BR)
Karen Pinheiro[email protected]Cristina Río López (ES)
Karin Parelius[email protected]Ketil Mario Budal (NO) / Anne C Parelius (CA)
Karla Noemi[email protected]Karla Noemi Hernandez (GT)
Karol Siwiec[email protected]Karol Stanislaw Siwiec (PO)
Karolina Komorowska[email protected]Karolina Komorowska (PL)
Kassandra Elizée[email protected]Michael Ray Fitzgerald (US) &OS
Kate Heximer[email protected]Kate Heximer (CA)
Katerina Onopriienko[email protected]Katerina Onopriienko (UA)
Kath(a)rine Lopes / López[email protected]Isabel Maria Loução (PT)
Katherine Lorraine Ortañez[email protected]Katherine Lorraine M. Ortañez (PH)
Katia Moshkin[email protected]Yuliya Palval (UA)
Kathrin Caiger[email protected]Kathrin Caiger (UK)
Kathrin Caiger[email protected]Kathrin Caiger (UK)
Kathy Jaxton[email protected]Ghost ID created by Omar Salah Ibrahim Note 18
Katja Bierau[email protected]Katja Bierau (IT)
Katja Diedrich[email protected]Katja Diedrich (FR)
Katsu Fujimoto[email protected]Miwa Kojima (CA)
Kazem Sagar[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Kazuo Ohashi[email protected]Makoto Matsuo (JP) ASA “Masahiro Suzuki”
Kenneth Choi[email protected]Jason Kim (KR) &OS
Kenneth Shimizu[email protected]Kenneth J. Shimizu (AU)
Kenta Hirano[email protected]Heichele Wolfgang (DE) &OS
Kerstin Mangelsdorf[email protected]Martin Schefski (DE), Thomas Irwin (US) &OS
Kevin Hu[email protected]Terry Thatcher Waltz (US) &OS
Khaled ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Khaled ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Khaled Samhdana / Samhadana[email protected]Note 15
Khalil El-Khatib / Khateeb Khalil[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Khalil El-Khatib / Khateeb Khalil[email protected]Morano El-Kholy (EG) See “al_khtib”
Khalil Khatib[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Khan Jee[email protected]Owns / uses several fake translator’s CVs Note 4
Khosy Masinga[email protected]Carmen Barrero (ES)
Khrist Nayak[email protected]Khrist Das Nayak (IN)
Kiaei Takagi[email protected]Akiko Sasanuma Howard (NZ)
Kyle Luke[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) 9th IMPERSONATION
Kim Derdos[email protected]Awodibo Sunday (NG)
Kim Kerati[email protected]Chalermpol Punjatep (TH)
Kim Yang[email protected]Zhijun Jiang (CN)
Kim Yun[email protected]Heung Ki Kim (KR) / Shui Guo Lv (CN)
Kipyo (Aleaxander) Han[email protected]Kipyo Alexander Han (US)
Klaus Florianok[email protected]Tobias Ernst (DE) ASA “Tobias Ernst”
Koç Alexandra[email protected]Alexandra Koç (FR) ASA “Angel Nairn”
Kong Huan Ning[email protected]Ziming Liang (CN) ASA “Li Shu Qinghua”
Konstantinos A. Kazamias[email protected]Konstantinos A. Kazamias (GR)
Kristin Urban[email protected]Carola Giese (DE) &OS
Kristina Selin[email protected]Heikki Nylund (FI)
Krwhi Tepayoal[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers. Also PayPal ID.
Krys Williams[email protected]Krys Williams (UK)
Ksenia Aleynikova[email protected]Galina Fazio (US) &OS Scam by Gentle Translations
Ksenija Kitaeva[email protected]Ksenija Kitaeva (UA)
La Fingn[email protected]Scam by “dd” Fake profile on ProZ
Laila (Leila) Mohamed / Rosros[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Laila Mohamed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Laila Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Laila Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Laila Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Laila Sagar[email protected]Rosana Kost (IT) ASA “Tizia Kest”
Lana S. Caracken[email protected]Michael Herrmann (DE)
LanguageMet[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
LanguageMet[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Language Power[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Language Power[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Language Power[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 45 Also PayPal
Languages Mediators Company[email protected]A scam factory. Use other emails. Note 14
Languages Mediators Company[email protected]A scam factory. Use other emails. Note 14
Lara Barnett[email protected]Lara Barnett (UK) Scam by Great Translate Note 58
Lara Hens[email protected]Lydia Hawkins (FR)
Lara Perrott[email protected]Jorge Daniel Nolli (AR)
Lars Bargen[email protected]Mario Hendriks (NL)
Latinka Pavlova[email protected]Latinka Pavlova Popova (BG)
Laura Brisebois[email protected]Kévin Lestang (FR) &OS
Laura Caradona[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Laura Garcia[email protected]Daniela Cifuentes (AR) ASA “Alvaro Mulero”
Laura Georgeta[email protected]Georgeta Laura Sabau (RO)
Laura Gonzalez[email protected]Laura Bouchard (AR)
Laura Mouche[email protected]Arnaud Pate-Cazal (US)
Laura Sanchez[email protected]Laura López Sánchez (ES)
Laura Sarrica[email protected]Laura Sarrica (IT)
Laura Simon[email protected]Philippe Valentino (FR)
Laura White[email protected]Gwynneth George (ZW)
Laure ?[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Lea Agbo[email protected]Lea Agbo (FR)
Leandro Sousa[email protected]Leandro Sousa (UK)
Lee Daiki[email protected]Sarah Henshaw (US)
Lee Fuxiang[email protected]Liu Fuxiang (CN) & delirious modifications
Lee Yee[email protected]Lee Soong Yee (MY), including photo!
Lee Zhang[email protected]Ivy Leung (UK)
Leila Mohamed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Leire Amuategui[email protected]Leire Berasaluce Amuategui (ES)
Lena Neyse[email protected]Martina Rathgens (MA)
Lena Toler[email protected]Görel Bylund (SE)
Leo Manuel Arnold[email protected]Arnold Talla Naoussi (CM)
Leo Nestor[email protected]Edvan Cardoso (BR) “Author”: S4meR
Leon Bernard[email protected]Silvina Beatriz Oddino (AR) &OS
Leon Fremont[email protected]Florence Metzger (FR)
Leonor Palmer[email protected]Daniel Carr De Muzio (BR)
Leticia Feliciano[email protected]Unidentified scammer MORE INFO WELCOME
Leze Xang Li[email protected]Clytze Xiang (CN) ASA “Clytze Xiang”
Li Dajin / Jim Li[email protected]Jim Li (CN)
Li Jinsong[email protected]Jinsong Li (Ross Lee) (CN)
Li Shu Qinghua[email protected]Ziming Liang (CN)
Li Shu Yi[email protected]Li Shu Yi (SG)
Lia Santo[email protected]Silvia Gentili (AR) ASA “Maria Garrido”
Lian Harry[email protected]Paula Helena Louise Molewijk (NL)
Lian Minhao[email protected]Peter Field (UK)
Liang Cheng[email protected]Ziming Liang (CN) ASA “Liang Ziming”
Liang Ziming[email protected]Ziming Liang (CN) ASA “Li Shu Qinghua”
Libby Ben-Naftali[email protected]Libby Ben-Naftali (IL)
Licinia Araujo[email protected]Licinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA “Juliana Ferreira”
Licinia Oliveira[email protected]Licinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA “Juliana Ferreira”
Lien Hanh[email protected]Nataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Lilian Hoefman[email protected]Helena Marchão Pires (PT) & Shin Hyun Kyung (KR)
Liliana Calistro[email protected]Flavia Tafner (BR)
Liliana Cavanaugh[email protected]Liliana Muelier (AR)
Liliana Emanuel Alvares[email protected]Isabel Maria Loução (PT)
Lillia Germonik[email protected]Malgorzata Marzena Wiklacz (PL)
Lillian Calistro[email protected]Flávia dos Santos (BR)
Lily Symann[email protected]Note 4 Scam by Gentle Translations
Liming Pals[email protected]Liming Pals (US)
Lina Abo Hmaid[email protected]Abdelmonem Samir (EG)
Lina Ryad (Lina Reyad)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Lina Tristano[email protected]Cecile Lavis (BE) & Florence Louis (FR)
Linda Elia[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Linda Joelsson[email protected]Linda Joelsson (SE)
Linda Khan[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) ASA “Amy Dan” “Albrain D.”
Linda Lessner / Lessener[email protected]Angelika Lessner (DE) See the scammer’s invoice
Linda Matron[email protected]Sandra Bendig-Walbe (DE)
Linda Victoria[email protected]Linda Victoria Young (FR)
Liu Fuxiang[email protected]Liu Fuxiang (CN) ASA “Lee Fuxiang”
Liu Hsiangling[email protected]Hsiangling Liu (TW)
Liu Yong Fu[email protected]Ghost ID created by Herich Gunawan Note 30
Liya Chernysheva[email protected]Liya Chernysheva (US)
Loai Abu Draz[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Lola Abd[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Lolittia[email protected]See “Jasmin Richard” Note 45
Lolittia[email protected]See “Jasmin Richard” Note 45
Long Sangtian[email protected]Long Sangtian (CN)
Lora Brennenstuhl[email protected]Silvia Noppenberger (DE)
Lora Kumar / Komaro[email protected]Orianne Gogo (FR)
Lora (2000) Sedro[email protected]Caterina Pezzuti (IT)
Loredana Alfonso[email protected]Svetlana Potton (US)
Loredana Stefanelli[email protected]Loredana Stefanelli (IT)
Lorena Lorenzo[email protected]Lorena Abuín Lorenzo (ES)
Lorenzo Tomoni[email protected]Christa Holzmann (IT)
Lose Keny[email protected]Stephanie Michaela Schnabel (DE) &OS
Louis Gerrard[email protected]Scammer impersonating a translation buyer
Louise Mailfait[email protected]ASA “Emilie M. Pipen” & “Nadine Cobb” Note 6 GT
Lu(o)ai Samir Mahm. Abu Draz[email protected]Last saved by: “Dreams”
Lubna (Ahmed / Khaled ?)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Lucia Alcee[email protected]Mauro Cristuib-Grizzi (IT) &OS
Luciano Ketki[email protected]Olga Zagorodniaia (UA)
Lucie Bovyn[email protected]Lucie Bovyn (US) / Last saved: “Hirsham” (Arabic)
Lucja Biel[email protected]Lucja Biel (PL)
Ludovico Akom Bellomare[email protected]Giacomo Ludovico Bellomare (IT)
Luis Ferrand[email protected]Luís Ferrand d’Almeida (PT) ASA “Andre Emilio”
Luisa Rotunno[email protected]Emanuela Rotunno (Italy)
Luisa Slider[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) See also this…
Luiz Carvalho[email protected]Marcos Silva (BR)
Lura Brayan[email protected]Alexis Chabanol (FR) ASA “Alexis Chabanol”
Luu Hien Mien[email protected]Mien Hien Luu (VN)
Luuly Luvoung[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Lux Translate[email protected]Hey, scammer, you forgot the “t”…
Lydia De Jorge[email protected]Lydia De Jorge (Founder Translation Ink, US)
M. Melendez[email protected]Salvador Moran (El Salvador)
Maaria Salaberht[email protected]Christiane Schmieger (DE)
Mac Sabino[email protected]Abel Sanama (CM)
Macario Sabas[email protected]Maurice Benedid (CA)
Machuca Inostroza[email protected]Zaida Machuca Inostroza (CL)
Macit Tabor[email protected]Ilona Atzli (CA)
Mack Caden[email protected]Marjolaine Hellouin (FR)
Madhat Eissa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Madina Kemen[email protected]Gema Pedreda López (ES)
Madrin Alda[email protected]Ana Juarez Riesgo (ES) &OS
Maeva Worster[email protected]Krystle Worster (CA)
Magdalena Jeffrey[email protected]Hendrikus Jansen (AU) &OS
Magdalena Zielinska[email protected]Magdalena Zielinska (UK)
Maha Issa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Maha (Mohammed) Issa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Maha Mohammed Issa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Last saved: “Dreams”
Maha Issa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mahmoud Kullab[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Maia Tazio[email protected]Tiziana Meschis (IT) ASA “Tizia Kest”
Mais Bradford[email protected]Palestinian scamming joint Note 63
Maise Isai / Mai Seisai[email protected]Contents: Arabic word (DREAMS)
Majdalani Manal[email protected]Manal Majdalani (LB)
Makoto Matsuo[email protected]Makoto Matsuo (JP) ASA “Masahiro Suzuki”
Malena Rocío[email protected]Stella Gimenez Norfleet (US)
Malik Imran[email protected]Anuj Panda (IN) Note 27
Malin Johnsson[email protected]Malin Johnsson (SE)
Malissa Zhang / Maliss-Zhang[email protected]Dongdong Zhang (CN)
Mamadou Bousso[email protected]Mamadou Djibril Bousso (IT)
Mamdouh Hassan[email protected]“Mother Tongue International” REALLY?
Manako Okada[email protected]Keijiroh Yama-Guchi (US)
Manal Abu Jarad[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Manami Atanga[email protected]Yukari Gotoh (JP)
Manda Santo[email protected]Gema Pedreda López (ES) ASA “Sena Marco Lopez”
Mandareen Canter[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mandon André[email protected]World-renowned scammer
Maneeshi Bali[email protected]Maneeshi Bali (IN)
Manfred Wahl[email protected]Manfred Wahl (BE)
Manjiri Joglekar[email protected]Yuki Okada (CA) & Jun Hokari (US) ASA “Emi Suzuki”
Manjiri Uemura[email protected]Harumi Sophia Uemura (US)
Mano Natal[email protected]Jorge Pelegrina Rodríguez (ES)
Manolo Saul[email protected]Pierre-Joseph Ardisana (ES)
Manon Fillatre[email protected]Emmanuel Goldberg (BE) Note 4
Manuela Farina / Manula Farina[email protected]Manuela Farina (US)
Manuela Gallina / Gallina Manuela[email protected]Manuela Gallina (DE) CV stolen w/ real photo
Manuela Giuliana Xillovich[email protected]Manuela Giuliana Xillovich (IT)
Manula (Manuela) Farina[email protected]Manuela Farina (US)
Mara Dagan[email protected]María Fernández-Palacios de Porras (ES)
Mara Fernedez[email protected]María Fernández-Palacios de Porras (ES)
Mara Greene[email protected]Wang Jinhang (CN)
Marc Brunet[email protected].comMarc Brunet (AU)
Marc Moss[email protected]Gorgui Thiokane (SN)
Marcel Van Der Mulen[email protected]Juno Bos (NL), Laurent Slowack (US) &OS
Marcia Neves[email protected]Márcia Tavares Teixeira (UK)
Marcin Janczylo[email protected]Lucia Bisconti (IT) &OS
Marcin Jan / Marcin Janczylo[email protected]Marcin Pisula (PO) & Anna Dranikow (UK)
Marco Santos[email protected]Jussara Simões (BR)
Marcos Misha[email protected]Catarina Martinho Lobato (PT) & Carlos Félix (PT)
Marcus Tang[email protected]Ying Zhu (US) &OS
Marcus Wiscon[email protected]Casey Dovale (NL) ASA “Robert Wiscon” Note 69
Marei Roy[email protected]“Franck Gilles” (another scammer w/ a fake CV)
Mari Helton[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mari Gogulanova[email protected]Mari Gogulanova-Pavlova (BG)
Maria ?[email protected]Corporate impersonation Note 54
Maria ?[email protected]Corporate impersonation Note 54
Maria A. Mayor[email protected]Maria A. Mayor Civit (ES)
Maria Adam[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Maria Andres[email protected]Ashima Goel (IN)
Maria Antilon[email protected]Roberto Alberdi (Spain)
Maria Asenova[email protected]Véronique Stone (UK)
Maria Asenova[email protected]Véronique Stone (UK)
Maria Carolino[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Maria Charlotte[email protected]Helena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Maria Cristina Notte[email protected]Maria Cristina Notte (IT)
Maria (Oliveira) Correia[email protected]Teresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA “Joana Oliveira”
Maria Cruz[email protected]Carmen Mesones Arce (ES)
Maria DeSousa[email protected]Maria DeSousa (US) / CV hikacked by “Fatima Slum”
Maria Figueira[email protected]Maria Figueira (PT)
Maria Garrido[email protected]Silvia Gentili (AR) ASA “Lia Santo”
Maria Grazia Fumagalli[email protected]Maria Grazia Fumagalli (US)
Maria Guillermina Mercau[email protected]Maria Guillermina Mercau (AR)
Maria Iglesia Ramos[email protected]María Iglesia Ramos (ES) Note 47
Maria José Valverde[email protected]Maria José Valverde Haeussler (GT)
Maria Louis[email protected]Karen Sexton (UK)
Maria Medeiro Mayan[email protected]María Mediero Mayán (ES)
Maria Mirona Iulia Palas[email protected]Maria Mirona Palas (RO)
Maria Moniz[email protected]Joanna Avelar Estanislau de Assis (FR)
Maria Moure[email protected]Julio Oya Steinbrüggen (UK)
Maria Pasi[email protected]Rosanna Cimino (IT) ASA “Anna Agnesa”
Maria Ramon / Maria Roman[email protected]Remy Arce (US) / Last saved: “Ahmed2012”
Maria Remy[email protected]Gaston Walmas (FR) ASA “Elaine Ghislaine”
Maria Roz[email protected]Yolanda Alvarez de la Roz (UK)
Mariam Alastal[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mariam Attar[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / PayPal ID
Marian Rozan / Roznan[email protected]Fake ID created by Gentle Translations
Mariana Carmo[email protected]Mariana Torres Carmo (PT)
Mariana Cerato[email protected]Ana Silva (PT) Note 7
Mariana Fábio Vivtore[email protected]Ines Cunha Jorge (PT)
Mariana Ribeiro[email protected]Scam by “dd” Fake profile on ProZ
Marianna Albanese / Marriana[email protected]Marianna Chiuchiolo (IT)
Marianne Casson[email protected]Marianne Casson (US)
Marianne Pasty[email protected]Marianne Pasty-Abdul Wahid (DE) Story here
Mariano Catoni[email protected]Mariano Catoni (ES)
Marie Klotz[email protected]Vania Klotz (ES) ASA “Juan Cho”
Marie Mouko[email protected]Marie Mouko (CM)
Marina Addis[email protected]Cristiana Karon Letteri (IT) ASA “Poonia Kennan”
Marina Bianco[email protected]Marina Rasulo (IT) & Cristina Lo Bianco (IT)
Marina Biondani / Biondina[email protected]Marina da Cunha Biondani (BR)
Marina Coria[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers Note 57
Marina Droll[email protected]CV sent belongs to a “Raul Raymond”
Marina Manca / Mance[email protected]Bruno Luca Paolo (IT)
Marina Mouline[email protected]CV THEFT based in Kyrgyzstan
Marina Nosova[email protected]Igor Blinov (RU)
Marina Panopoulou[email protected]Marina Panopoulou (GR)
Marina Saga[email protected]Marina Saga (NL)
Marina Tei[email protected]Marina Tei (MY)
Marino ?[email protected]Monica Marino (UK) ASA “Barbara Marino”
Mario Cardoso[email protected]Léonie Lalancette (CA)
Mario Greenway[email protected]Diarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) & Marion Greenway (UK)
Mario Henderson[email protected]Cecile Lavis (FR) &OS
Mario Stenhouse[email protected]Ana Sales (PT)
Marion Kirat / Mariion[email protected]Marion Kirat (FR)
Marion Victorica[email protected]Martine Ducrocq-Constantinou (FR)
Marisa / Mauricio Fuertes[email protected]Agencia GMCA (FAKE COMPANY)
Marisa Fialho Schaurich[email protected]Marisa Fialho Schaurich (BR)
Marjorie Gouzee[email protected]Marjorie Gouzée (BE)
Mark Florin[email protected]Xavier Omilanowski (KR) / See the scam
Mark Johnson[email protected]Alias for scammer “Pino Alonso” Note 45
Mark Neos[email protected]Bruno Ricardo S. Neiva (ES) Note 46
Mark Sang[email protected]Dong Zhang (CN)
Marlene Doellinger Curtis[email protected]Marlene Doellinger Curtis (US)
Marlene Morais[email protected]Marlene Sofia Dias Morais (PT)
Marlene Paule[email protected]Frédéric Rémy (FR) &OS Note 4
Marlo(s) Homan[email protected]ASA “Rosana Kost”
Marlos Strover[email protected]Martin Strübing (DE)
Marta Marullo[email protected]Marta Marullo (UK)
Marta Marullo[email protected]Note 4
Marta Pinho[email protected]Marta Cláudia de Almeida Pinho (PT)
Martha Anjelo[email protected]Cristina Racca (IT) & Alban Shpata (AL)
Martha Fernandez[email protected]Jaquelina Misiura Sánchez (UY) Nice email!!!
Martin Hemmings[email protected]Martin Hemmings (UK)
Martin(e) Isaac[email protected]Alexandre Saviano (FR) ASA “Émile Bernard” GT
Martin Bissell[email protected]Licinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA “Juliana Ferreira”
Martin Keller[email protected]Frauke H. Rininsland-Bruno, Ph.D. (US)
Martin Konig[email protected]Martin König (CZ)
Martin Reichel[email protected]Karin Flückiger (NL) Note 4
Martin Schefski[email protected]hoo.co.ukMartin Schefski (DE) & Maria Grazia Fumagalli (US)
Maria Shuster Gomes[email protected]Ana Shuster da Costa (PT)
Martina Hellmuth[email protected]Brigitte Hellmuth (ES)
Martina Smart[email protected]Wieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA “Bettina Selzer”
Martine Yesler[email protected]Martine Yesler (US)
Marvin Sterling[email protected]Marvin C. Sterling, PhD (US)
Marwan Louz[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Marwan Louz / Klara Kaiser[email protected]Martina Rathgens (MA) ASA “Lena Neyse”
Mary Mary[email protected]Maryia Miller (US)
Mary Walter[email protected]Catherine Joksch (AT)
Marzenka Kriijcirik[email protected]Marzenka Krejcirik (LU)
Marzenka Kriijcirik[email protected]Marzenka Krejcirik (LU)
Masahiro Ishii[email protected]Masahiro Ishii (JP)
Masahiro Suzuki[email protected]Makoto Matsuo (JP) See fake G+ profile
Masato Nozaki[email protected]Nobuo Kameyama / Masato’s fake TC profile
Massimiliano Sgai[email protected]Massimiliano Sgai (JP)
Mateus Alberto[email protected]Luís Ferrand d’Almeida (PT) ASA “Andre Emilio”
Mathieu Blanc[email protected]Fake ID used by Charles Azzopardi Note 2
Mattew Bates / Batesn[email protected]Rogue translation agencyNote 60
Matthew Orr[email protected]Scammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Matthew Capelle / Capelleah[email protected]Matthew Ryan Capelle (US)
Mauro Maglione[email protected]Mauro Maglione (TN)
Maxim Komarov[email protected]Marina Sichinava (GE)
Maximo Munoz[email protected]Máximo Wilhelm Muñoz (GT)
Maya Mashn / Masha[email protected]Michael Khvastukhin (UA)
Maya Posse[email protected]David John Cahill (ES) & Rebecca Hendry (UK)
Meenal Menz[email protected]ASA “Meenal Vyas” (fake profile on TC) Note 49
Meenal Vyas[email protected]Impersonator or a real “Dhivya Ravi) (IN) Note 49
Mei Xi-Wang[email protected]Eileen Huang (Huang, Xin) (AU)
Melike Uzun[email protected]Melike Uzun (TR)
Melissa Cepeda[email protected]Melissa Ramirez Cepeda (MX)
Melyanne Onana[email protected]Mireille Wafeng Kountchou (CM) & Monika Robert (FR)
Mercau Maria Guillermina[email protected]Maria Guillermina Mercau (AR)
Mervi Ollus[email protected]Birgitta Huippula (DE)
Mhmed / Mohammed Alkurd[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Miada Trans[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Michael Becker[email protected]Michael Becker (DE)
Michael Blekhman[email protected]Michael Blekhman (CA)
Michael Budal[email protected]Ketil Mario Budal (NO) ASA “Karin Parelius”
Michael Engel[email protected]Davida (Davy) Kemp (IL)
Michael Fleischer[email protected]Michael Fleischer (UK)
Michael Herrman[email protected]Michael Herrman (DE)
Michael Khvastukhin[email protected]Michael Khvastukhin (UA)
Michael Robeert / Robert[email protected]Michael Robert Chirichigno (ES)
Michael Russells[email protected]Scammer impersonating a translation buyer
Michael Silvistri[email protected]Ilde Grimaldi (Italy) ASA “James Coria”
Michal / Michael Wooff[email protected]Scammer reported here
Michael Wooff[email protected]“Michael Wooff” (UK) FAKE CV
Michaela Sommer[email protected]Michaela Sommer (DE)
Michiyo Oosterwjik[email protected]Michiyo Oosterwjik (JP)
Miguel Fuente[email protected]Juan Salanova Arnal (ES) & João Vasconcelos (PT)
Mika Sager[email protected]Tanguy Przybylski (JP) ASA “Tanguy Przybylski”
Mika Tanegashima[email protected]Mika Tanegashima (US) Note 11 ASA “Yuko Shima”
Mikhail Abramkin[email protected]Mikhail Abramkin (RU)
Mikhail Khazin[email protected]Mikhail Khazin (RU) &OS
Mina Javens[email protected]Valentina Borisova Rasheva-Javens (BG)
Ming Zhao[email protected]Ming Zhao (CN)
Minh Hoa Hiep[email protected]Tho Dinh (VN)
Minh Hoang[email protected]Hoang Tu Minh (VN)
Mireille Cardoso[email protected]Chloe Costantino (FR) Scam by Gentle Translations
Mireille Lavoie[email protected]Mireille Lavoie (CA)
Mirna Salgueiro[email protected]Heloísa Benetton Costa (BR)
Mithat Akalin[email protected]Mithat Akalin (TR)
Mitsuyo Morikawa[email protected]Mitsuyo Morikawa (NZ)
Miyuki Inoue[email protected]Miyuki Inoue (AR)
Mo’amar Fathi[email protected]A. Omar Osman (BE)
Mohamed Tayeh[email protected]Ellen Nielsen (SE)
Mohamed Tayeh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Also PayPal ID
Mohammad A. Hluchan[email protected]Mohammad Hluchan (US)
Mohammad Al Kurd[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Mohammed Alkurd[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Mohammad Yousef[email protected]Ghost ID. DOC properties: besan & El-Agha, Riyad
Mohammed A. Eissa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mohammed A. Eissa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mohammed Abushaban[email protected]CV THEFT Note 68
Mohammed Eissa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Mohammed Eissa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Mohammed Ahmed Ali[email protected]Mohammed Ali Sheikh (EG)
Mohammed Almassri / Al Masri[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassri[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassri[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassri[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Nafez[email protected]aka Abeer Hamss or Abeer Hums from MuchDo
Mohammed Rantisi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mohammed Rantisi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Mohammed Rantisi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Moira Bernard[email protected]Brian James Mitchell (FR) &OS
Mona Redmayne[email protected]Eleanora Fanuele (IT)
Monica ?[email protected]Scammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Monica Fancy[email protected]Olga Dakhina (UK)
Monica Gomoescu[email protected]Monica Cruceru (RO)
Monica Grassi[email protected]Alexandra Poszler (AR)
Monica Henry[email protected]Henry He (CN)
Monica Nopri[email protected]Husni Munir (ID) See the scammer’s invoice
Monica Pereira[email protected]Roberto Faria Cavalcanti (BR) Note 13 More info here
Monica Vega[email protected]Oscar Meza (CA) Also a PayPal ID
Monica Vega[email protected]Oscar Meza (CA)
Monica Cordeiro[email protected]Mónica S. Cordeiro (PT)
Monica Salvo[email protected]Valter Ebagezio (IT)
Monika Angeles[email protected]Lora Brennenstuhl (partial copy)
Monika Fernandes[email protected]Elisabete Frade (UK) ASA “Carl Galician”
Monika Robert[email protected]Monika Robert (FR)
Monika Robert[email protected]Monika Robert (FR) Yes, again.
Monika Sandre[email protected]Brigitte Hellmuth (ES) ASA “Martina S. Hellmuth”
Monique Engelhart[email protected]Monique Engelhart (US)
Moon Art Translate[email protected]Cristina Pereira (PT) Note 13
Mousa Mowaffaq[email protected]Author “BLUE”, Last saved by: nmc
Muchdo Transl / Abeer Saleh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Muhammad El-Rantisi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mukesh Lal[email protected]Mukesh Kumar (IN)
Muna Ibrahim Aljazzar[email protected]Scam by LanguageMet Note 6
Murad Zedan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Murad Ziad[email protected]CV THEFT Note 59
Murad Ibrahim Zedan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Murat (Murad) Zedan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Muscatello Vittoria[email protected]Vittoria Muscatello (IT) ASA “Editta Gaio”
Mustafa Attar[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Mustafa Attar[email protected]Hassan Hussein Aly Zekry (EG)
Myriam Garro / Ana[email protected]Myriam Garro (AR)
Nadau Mania[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Nadia Iglesia Ramos[email protected]Nadia Iglesia Ramos (FR) Note 47
Nadia Lawrence[email protected]Reine Djuidje Kouam (CM) Fake address in France
Nadia Muhsin[email protected]Ban Al Hamami (US)
Nadine Cobb[email protected]Cénia Vien (HN) &OS
Naeema Joneedy[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Naeema Joneedy[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Naeema Joneedy[email protected]CV THEFT Note 38 Translation Team
Nael Khader[email protected]CV THEFT Note 68 “yaah0 suite” on G+
Nahit Karatasli[email protected]Nahit Karatasli (TR)
Najwa Farhat[email protected]Ghost ID created by LanguageMet Note 6
Nancie Ledu[email protected]Nancie Leduc (CA)
Nancie Ledu / Leduc[email protected]Nancie Leduc (CA)
Nancie Leduc[email protected]Nancie Leduc (CA) See the scam
Nancy Denton[email protected]Gerhard Herzet (DE) & Claude LeFrapper (US)
Nancy Grimes[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Nancy Whitman[email protected]Palestinian scamming joint Note 63 SITE CLOSED
Nany Albert[email protected]Sebastian Eklund (SE) &OS
Narendra Somabhai Patel[email protected]Narendra Somabhai Patel (IN)
Narin Saerus[email protected]Andreas Luck (TH)
Nata Rachek[email protected]CV copied from, at least, 2 translators
Natalí Felcaro[email protected]Natalí Melisa Felcaro (AR)
Natalia Aleynikova[email protected]Natalia Aleynikova (RU)
Natalia M. Rachek[email protected]CV copied from, at least, 2 translators
Natalia Sandro[email protected]Catia Pinca-Smith (UK)
Natalia Vasilyeva[email protected]Kavita Gupta (US)
Natalie Michniak[email protected]Manfred Elian (DE)
Natalie Pavlovska[email protected]Generic email used with different names…
Natalia Toti / Corica[email protected]Beatrice Corica (IT)
Nataliya Sergi[email protected]Andrei Vybornov (RU) Note 4
Nataly Yuzhakova[email protected]Nataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Natasha Bongetta[email protected]Mirella de Oliveira Cerci (BR) ASA “Danielle Abreu”
Natasha D’Auria[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Nathan Vymyslecky[email protected]Nathan Vymyslicky (DE)
Nazilya Gamova[email protected]Jelena Radnic (US) &OS
Neidi de Carvalho[email protected]Neidi Cristina Isnard Carvalho (MZ)
Nehal Mahmoud[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Nehal Mahmoud[email protected]Hilary Leyton-Coffey (UK) / LanguageMet
Nevala Kristiana[email protected]Sami Seppälä (UK) & Maria Bertilsson (FR) &OS
Nicholas Constantinou[email protected]Nicholas Constantinou (GR)
Nick Michael[email protected]Mother language: Italian???
Nicol Gurak[email protected]Nicole Stoeber (DE) ASA “Hanna Abel”
Nicola Devlin[email protected]Nicola Devlin (UK)
Nicola Marathe[email protected]Laura Ball (UK) ASA “Jennifer Coles”
Nicola Smith[email protected]Anca Mitchell (FR)
Nicolas Amable[email protected]Pierre Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM) ASA “Alecu Camille”
Nicolas Morley[email protected]“Author”: Christina / Fake address
Nicolas Terry[email protected]Dorothée Leconte (FR) &OS
Nicole Joe[email protected]Apollinaire Nkou (CM) ASA “Charle Mengue”
Nicole Morisette[email protected]Alexa Dubreuil-Storer (UK)
Nicole Neolzer[email protected]Matyas Gyongyosi (HU) & Ciarán Rooney (IE)
Nicole Schmidt / Schmid[email protected]Ghost created by Ernst Heinz Note 70
Nihad Ahmed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Nihad Ahmed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Nihal ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Nik Wang[email protected]Bin Li (US) ATA Certified (EN-CH) ASA “Gia Li”
Niki Gouzee[email protected]Stephanie Engola (CM)
Nikolas Alexi[email protected]Circulates the fake CV from “Hellen Holems”
Nikolay A. Sayko[email protected]Nikolay Sayko (UA)
Nina Kamaga[email protected]Véronique Derdos (FR) ASA “Juliet Derdos”
Nina Kaminski[email protected]Natalia Baryshnikova (RU) & Yelena Pestereva (RU)
Nirmin Mash[email protected]Fake ID created by Translation Secrets Note 6
Nguyen Huyen[email protected]Nguyen Thi Huyen (VN)
Nguyen Thoa[email protected]Thoa Thi Nguyen (VN)
Nobuo Okada[email protected]Kyoko Toriyama (JP)
Noelia Gonzalez[email protected]Noelia Barrionuevo Gonzalez (ES)
Noha Saiud / Said[email protected]Noha Hariri (LB)
Norman Buhagiar[email protected]Norman Charles Buhagiar (MT)
Nsreen Deeb[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Nur Cholis / Cholis Nur[email protected]Nur Cholis (ID)
Nur Karayilan[email protected]Nurhayat Köklü (TR)
Nurhayat Koklu’snurhayat.kokl[email protected]Nurhayat Köklü (TR)
Nuri Burak[email protected]Nuri Burak Aksiray (TR)
Nurseitov Zhetpisbayevich[email protected]Aslanbek Nurseitov (KZ)
O Seong (Eric) Kwon[email protected]O Seong (Eric) Kwon (KR)
Oceanne Olivia[email protected]Anne Cathrine Parelius (CA)
Ola ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ola Dawood[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Ola Dawood[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Ola Fathis Fohsen / Ola Mohsen[email protected]Fathy Shehatto (EG)
Ola Kari[email protected]Monica Barosen (NO)
Olever Carter[email protected]Fake “ASAP Translations” Palestinian CV scam
Olga Dakhina[email protected]Olga Dakhina (RU)
Olga Jiczmy / Jeczmyk[email protected]Olga Jeczmyk Nowak (IT)
Olga Jing / Olja[email protected]Rodro Oloa (CM)
Olga Lino[email protected]Gabriele Greggersen (BR)
Olin Kerry[email protected]James Liu (CA)
Oliver Martin[email protected]Clive Prestt (UK)
Olivia Lonzo[email protected]Address: a Hotel in Alicante, Spain???
Olja (Olga) Jing Mari[email protected]Rodro Oloa (CM)
Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 18
Omar Issa / Omar Issa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Omar Issa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37 Amazing Trans
Omer Mohammed[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Oriana Simionato[email protected]Oriana Simionato (IT)
Osa Kari[email protected]Huizhang Jia (CN)
Osama Fathi Eissa[email protected]Osama Fathi Eissa (EG)
Oscar Alegre[email protected]Óscar D. Alegre (US)
Oscar Benedid[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Oscar Moro[email protected]Giovanni Pizzati (IT)
Oscar Rodríguez / Alegre[email protected]Oscar Domingo Alegre Rodríguez (ES)
Oscar Romagnone[email protected]Contents: Arabic word
Ousse Ndiaye[email protected]Al Ousseynou Ndiaye (SN)
Owona Kono Daniel Joachim[email protected]Daniel Owona Kono (CM)
Øystein Monsen[email protected]Øystein Monsen (UK)
Pablo Guillermo[email protected]Pablo Guillermo Jiménez Domínguez (MX)
Pablo Maaiza[email protected]Ramakrishna Venkatasamy (MU)
Palma Juhasz[email protected]Robert Daraban (RO)
Palo Alnso / Alonso[email protected]Pablo Alonso (UK)
Paola Basso / Paula Basso[email protected]Paola Basso (IT)
Panos Farand[email protected]Kristine Harket (NO)
Pascal Rintä[email protected]Minna Bäckman (FI) ASA “Pekka Tony”
Pasco Lopez[email protected]Nica Paixão (PT) Nice Portuguese name: Pasco!!!
Pasquale Capo[email protected]Pasquale Capo (CA)
Pasquale Cherici[email protected]Giovanni Danielli (IT)
Patrecia Reed[email protected]Patricia Reed (BR)
Patricia (Patty) Fahsen[email protected]Patricia Fahsen (GT)
Patricia Loaiza[email protected]Patricia Loaiza (MX)
Patricia Patricia / Patricia Fierro[email protected]Patricia Fierro (EC)
Patricia Prados[email protected]Patricia Prados Merchán (ES)
Patrick Carvalho[email protected]Patrick Reis de Carvalho (BR) ASA “Sonia Furtado”
Patrick Gerard[email protected]Gerard Dupin FAKE CV Note 19
Patrick Nani Michel[email protected]Jeff Kamb. Mathe (SZ) Note 8 ASA “Jeff K. Mathe”
Patrizia Cipolla[email protected]Patrizia Cipolla (IT)
Patty Fahsen[email protected]Norma Avendik Bailey (AR)
Paul Jacky[email protected]Clothilde Courtois (UK) ASA “Clothilde Courtois”
Paul Jabaloyas[email protected]Laura Valdivia (UK)
Paul Rais[email protected]“Author”: Mohammad Z. Qudaih
Paul Yuan[email protected]Paul Yuan (US)
Paula Geary[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Paula Suila[email protected]Oscar Olsson (SE) & Ulla Lundquist (SE)
Paulina Wasilko[email protected]Impersonation of a PM from diamontranslationS.com
Pauline Francis[email protected]Théodore Dassé (CM)
Moneybookers[email protected]Used by scammers See the invoice
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the scammer’s email
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers / Translation Secrets
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammer “Madrin Alda”
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the proof
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the invoice
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the invoice
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers / Gentle Translations
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers / Gentle Translations
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammer “Mohammad Yousef”
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers (24gts.com) See the proof
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the invoice
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the invoice
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammer “Irene Elmerot”
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers / Translation Secrets Proof
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers / Translation Team / Lona Verbas
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers: Fadi al Akhras / “Nik Wang”
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammer “Anna Agnesa”
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the proof
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammer Mohamed Tayeh See the invoice
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers / LanguageMet
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the invoice
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers / Translation Secrets Proof
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers See the invoice / See the proof
PayPal[email protected]Used by scammers
PayPal[email protected]Used by LanguageMet / Translation Secrets
Pearl Leo[email protected]Scammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Pedro Garcia[email protected]Pedro Benítez García (IE)
Pedro Solano Molero[email protected]Pedro Solano Molero (ES)
Pekka Tony[email protected]Minna Bäckman (FI) & Anu K. Saarinen (FI)
Peng Wang / Weng[email protected]Peng Wang (UK)
Pérsio Burkinski[email protected]Pérsio Burkinski (BR)
Peter Stewart / Stewart Peter[email protected]Tomasz Mojsiuk (CA)
Peter Wibbeling[email protected]Edward Whiteside (UK) &OS
Petra Yildiz[email protected]Jana Alice Belke (ES)
Petter Andersson[email protected]Rajanikanth Godishala (IN)
Philip Keoh[email protected]Ioanna Daskalopoulou (GR)
Philippe Pétain[email protected]“Author”: Dreams And, who is this Pétain?
Pier Paolo Caserta[email protected]Pier Paolo Caserta (IT)
Pierre Djoumessi[email protected]Pierre Simplice Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM)
Pierre-Joseph López Ardisana[email protected]Pierre-Joseph López Ardisana (ES)
Pino Alonso[email protected]Giorgina Cerutti (UY) Note 45
Pinto Famano[email protected]Richard Hedger (CH)
Piotr Frás[email protected]Piotr Frás (PL)
Plam Mancho[email protected]Ross Lee (Jinsong Li) (CN)
Polina Ndongmo[email protected]Mathilde Renou (FR) / Alexandre Saviano (IT)
Poonia Kennan / Kannan[email protected]Cristiana Karon Letteri (IT) ASA “Marina Addis”
Powerful Translations[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Powerful Translations[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Prema Alexander[email protected]Evgueni Terekhin (RU)
Proficient Translation Services[email protected]Another scam by LanguageMet Note 74
Przybylski Tanguy[email protected]Tanguy Przybylski (JP) ASA “Mika Sager”
Qi Ming[email protected]Fang Sheng (CA)
Quick Translation[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
QunSinan Evcan / Sinan Evcan[email protected]Hasan Filik (TR) & Sonia Soltani (CA)
Rachel Thiokane Folem[email protected]Abdelkader Sellal (DZ)
Rafael Grau[email protected]Toni Romero Valera (ES)
Rafael Gustavo[email protected]Jorge Arrigo (AR)
Rafael Segovia[email protected]Rafael Segovia (MX)
Raje Mark[email protected]In a Chinese site, Raje’s CV belongs to a “Ms. Liu”…
Ramadan Ahmed[email protected]Ramadan Ahmed Birima Kurdali (ZA) Note 5
Ramanie Palle[email protected]Ramani Palle (IN) ASA “Aron Luis”
Rami El Madhoon[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Rami Mohammed Juma[email protected]Author: “yousef3” / Last saved: “nmc”
Ramira Gimenez[email protected]Michael D. Powers (US)
Ramraj Bairwa[email protected]Ramraj Bairwa (IN)
Rana Ad[email protected]PayPal ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Rana Ahmed[email protected]Ghost ID created by LanguageMet
Rana Awaadrana.awaad2010.gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Rana Esam (Issam) Awwad[email protected]“Author”: dd
Randa Samir[email protected]Randa Samir El Nomeir (EG)
Rania A.Y. Al-Sabbagh[email protected]Author: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rania Al-Sabbagh[email protected]Author: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rania Al-Sabbagh[email protected]Author: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rasha ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Rasha Khalid[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Raul Raymond[email protected]Raúl Carlos Waldman (AR) ASA “Marina Droll”
Raul Waldman[email protected]Raúl Carlos Waldman (AR)
Rauno Blondel[email protected]Rauno Myrwad (SE) &OS
Reaam Jamil[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Rebecca Adam[email protected]An obvious “Russian” name…
Rebecca Steinmann[email protected]Sandra Geissbauer (FAKE NAME)
Reda Awadallah[email protected]Even the Skype ID on CV is fake…
Reda Radwan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Reaam Jamil[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Reem Jamaal[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Reem Yousef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Reham (Jasper / Ghali)[email protected]CV THEFT Note 4 Note 15 Trans Secrets
Reham Abu Ghali[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Reham Abu Ghali[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Reham Abu Ghali / Rere Ghali[email protected]CV THEFT Note 4) Note 15 Trans Secrets
Reham Abu Ghali / Rere Ghali[email protected]CV THEFT Note 4 Note 15
Reham Elzomara[email protected]Nádia Diaz Alderete (AR)
Reham Mohammed Elzomara[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Reham Hussien Ali[email protected]Reham Hussien Ibraheem Mohamed Ali (EG)
Reham Japer / Reham Abu Ghali[email protected]2nd copy of fake “translator” Reham A. Ghali
Reham Kedra / Reham Alkedra[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Reham Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 4 Note 15
Reham Yosef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Rehana Jaffer[email protected]Rehana Jaffer (CA)
Reine Bourdot[email protected]Théodore Dassé (CM) & Sally-Ann Hopwood (FR)
Reine Djuidje Kouam[email protected]Reine Djuidje Kouam (CM)
Rena Lee[email protected]CV with 6 lines, full of typos…
Renan Yesilbas[email protected]Associated w/ Languages Mediators Note 14
Reta Sam[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Reta Sam[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Rex Wong[email protected]Donna Liang (UK)
Ricardo Bruno[email protected]Bruno Ricardo Soares Neiva (ES)
Ricardo Cruz[email protected]Ricardo Cruz (PT)
Ricardo Oliveira[email protected]Luís Ferreira (UK)
Ricardo Rivas[email protected]Ricardo A. Rivas (VE)
Richard Le Anh Tuan[email protected]Nguyen Dinh Kien (VN)
Richard Marmer[email protected]Gema Pedreda López (ES)
Richard Walter[email protected]Ghost ID created by “Mohammad Yousef”
Rick Taylor[email protected]Note 43
Rickard Langnesund[email protected]Rickard Langnesund (Sweden)
Riggio Wagner[email protected]Natacha Dambinoff (FR)
Riham (Salama) Mustafa[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Riham Rafat[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Riham Rafat[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Riham Rafat[email protected]CV THEFT Note 4 Note 15
Riham Rafat[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Riham Rafat[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Riham Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Riham Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Riham Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Riham Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Riham Salama[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Rikarda Sedova[email protected]Marina Sedova (RU) / Victor I. Sidelnikov (RU)
Ripsime[email protected]“Contents” tag: Arabic word
Ritha (de) Vries[email protected]Charlotte Connan de Vries (FR)
Ritha Mathilde[email protected]Diane Carole Dessiji (CM)
Robert Ava[email protected]Scammer posing as PM / U.S. Translation Company
Robert Fernando / Trejo[email protected]Patricia Fahsen (GT)
Robert Frogost[email protected]Address: “Atlanta Medical Center, Georgia” ???
Robert Morrison[email protected]Robert Morrison (US)
Robert Nilsson / Nilssonah[email protected]Robert Nilsson (SE)
Robert Qosta[email protected]Alejandro Aguado Marín (ES)
Robert Sapin[email protected]Note 19
Robert Wiscon[email protected]Casey Dovale (NL) ASA “Marcus Wiscon” Note 69
Roberta Carbone[email protected]Roberta Carbone (IT)
Roberta Shokay[email protected]Claudete Sulzbacher (BR)
Roberto Lipani / Reberto[email protected]Roberto Lipani (IT)
Robin Tjust[email protected]Lisa Olsson (SE) / “Author”: Abdallah Ahmed
Rodna Pardo[email protected]Aradai Pardo Martínez (FR)
Roger Lengo[email protected]Known translator impersonator
Rogier Isaac[email protected]Same fake CV used by ghost “Lily Symann”
Roman Brenan[email protected]Michael Moskowitz (US) ASA “Igor Kelly”
Romm C. Provic[email protected]Igor Savenkov (RU) ASA “Balcon Regis” et al.
Rona Yap[email protected]Yulia Fitri Utami (ID)
Ronald Johns[email protected]Oliver Walter (UK)
Ronat Neill[email protected]Rónat O’Neill (US)
Rony Hubert[email protected]Raúl Carlos Waldman (AR)
Rosana Kost[email protected]ASA “Marlo(s) Homan”
Rosanna Cimino[email protected]Rosanna Cimino (IT) ASA “Deboric Tesca”
Rose-Marie Saviano[email protected]Violaine Meziere (FR) &OS ASA “Josiane Brisebois”
Rose Oudin[email protected]Stephanie Engola (CM)
Ross Costa[email protected]Jean-Paul Viguié (FR)
Rossella Miani[email protected]Gianluigi Miani (IT)
Rosy Bertrand[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) 6th impersonation!
Roubeena Jeetah / Jeet[email protected]Roubeena Devi Jeetah (MU)
Rupesh Kumar[email protected]“Author”: AboMahmoud
Russin Mercier[email protected]Monica Marino (UK) Note 17
Sabin Laban[email protected]Thierry Yimata Tchoupou (CM) ASA “Charles Yimata”
Sabina Oliver[email protected]Lúcia Leitão (PT) & Cristina Heraud-Van Tol (PE)
Sabine Bouladon[email protected]Sabine Bouladon (AU)
Sabine Pearl[email protected]Ghost ID created by Ernst Heinz Note 70
Sabra Gholam[email protected]Translator from the US / ASA “Christine Anonella”
Sabrina Abram[email protected]Ilaria Gigli (IT)
Sabrina Elia[email protected]Maria Madalena Vicente Barroso (UK)
Sacha Tanase[email protected]Jean-Paul Ngue (CM)
Sadullah Saad[email protected]Sadullah Saad (IN)
Safety Translation[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Safety Translation[email protected]Scammer claiming to be from Safety Trans Note 37
Saher Al Shaer[email protected]CV THEFT Note 15
Sahar Al-Shaer[email protected]CV THEFT Note 15
Salah Jazzar[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Salah Khafaja[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Salem ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Salih Qady / Saleh ElQadi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Salvina Madel[email protected]Valérie Galichon (DE) ASA “Abella Madel”
Sam ?[email protected]Possibly associated with Languagemet.com Note 4
Sam Olivian[email protected]Note 37
Sam Woythaler[email protected]Abel Herbert (FR) “Author”: EL-Fajer
Samah ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Samah Abd Elfatah / Abidulfattah[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Samah Abdelfattah / Abidulfattah[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Samah Ahmed[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Samah Al-Qrenawi / Samah Qr[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Samah Qr[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Samantha Fernando Villar[email protected]Claudia Alejandra Isonio (AR)
Samar Abed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Samar El. Said Mohamed[email protected]Last saved: “Dreams”
Sameer ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Sameh Elnokaly[email protected]Sameh Mohamed Elnokaly (EG)
Samer Ali[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Samer Ghali[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37
Samer Ghali[email protected]CV THEFT Note 37 Safety Translations
Samir Sachdeva[email protected]Samir Sachdeva (IN)
Samudra R. Jayasena[email protected]“Author”: “alsayra” / Last saved by: “Dreams”
Samudra R. Jayasena[email protected]Last saved by: “Besan”
Samuel Frade[email protected]Samuel Frade (PT)
Samuel Maicle[email protected]David Acuña (CL)
Samy ?[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Samy Naser / Samy Nser[email protected]Scammer. Also uses fake [email protected]
Sander Wilkens[email protected]Sander Wilkens (DE)
Sandra Angelo[email protected]Antonietta Di Gianni (IT) ASA “Antonietta Di Gianni”
Sandra Berkley[email protected]Sandra Berkley (US)
Sandra (John) Johnson[email protected]Kathleen E. Shelly (US) “Contents” tag: Arabic word
Sandra Byron (Dr.)[email protected]Dr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA “Sandro Sebastian”
Sandra Geissbauer[email protected]María Cecilia Calónico (AR)
Sandra Tonz[email protected]Tania Marques-Cardoso (BR) ASA “Sara Penito”
Sandrine Cordeiro[email protected]Sara Rute Travassos (PT)
Sandrine Parente[email protected]Jean-Gabriel Piette (CA)
Sandro Nelson[email protected]Bruno Ricardo Soares Neiva (ES)
Sandro Sebastian[email protected]Dr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA “Sandra Byron”
Sandy Benut[email protected]Linda Lindström (Sweden) &OS
Sandy Stephens[email protected]Naresh Gunasekaran (IN) Note 4 Scam by GT
Sapino (Spino) Marcelo[email protected]Flávio Vieira de Carvalho Britto (BR)
Sapna Melwani[email protected]Sapna Melwani (ID) ASA “Julie Pouzet”
Sara (Sarah) Afifi[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Sara Barks / Bark[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Sara Brown[email protected]Gema Pedreda López (ES) / Sara Brown (AR)
Sara Lucas[email protected]Inês Cidraes Vieira ASA “Cedras Veira”
Sara Macchiavelli[email protected]Sarah Ines Macchiavelli (IT)
Sara Maghini[email protected]Sara Maghini (UK) ASA “Bamby Salvo”
Sara Penito (Pento)[email protected]ASA “Sandra Tonz”
Sara Tomson / Thomson[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Sarah Beck[email protected]Kornelia Corrigan (US)
Sarah Bewley[email protected]Sarah Bewley (UK)
Sarah Erez[email protected]Linked to Languages Mediators Company Note 14
Sarah Pries[email protected]Daniele Guiducci (IT) ASA “Daniele Guiducci”
Sarah Smith[email protected]Stefan Belger, Alice Wolf (DLS) Note 31
Sarai Pahla[email protected]Sarai Pahla (DE) Scam by LanguageMet / Abeer Hams
Sardy Sridharan[email protected]Note 56
Saskia Kono[email protected]Alexander Schleber (BE) 7th impersonation!
Saskia Seeger[email protected]Saskia Seeger (DE)
Sch Tin[email protected]Martin Schefski (DE) & Maria Grazia Fumagalli (US)
Scott Gate[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Same ID as “Gate Scott”
Scott Gate[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Same ID as “Gate Scott”
Scott Nour[email protected]Abel Herbert (FR) ASA “Sam Woythaler”
Sean ?[email protected]CV THEFT / See “Ahmed Mahmoud”
Sean Stephan[email protected]Sebastian Witte (DE) & Birgit Rudolf (AT)
Sebastian Maluf[email protected]Note 71
Sebastian Witte[email protected]Sebastian Witte (DE) ASA “Sean Stephan”
Sedat Shpata[email protected]Sedat Limani (RS) &OS
Seema Goyal[email protected]Meenal Vyas (IN)
Seema Kumar[email protected]Evgueni Terekhin (RU)
Seisai Mai[email protected]Xianyang Tan (CN) &OS
Sellal Abdelkader[email protected]Abdelkader Sellal (DZ)
Sena (Sana) Marco Lopez[email protected]Gema Pedreda López (ES)
Sena Marco Lopez[email protected]Gema Pedreda López (ES)
Senol Acar[email protected]“Contents” tag: Arabic word
Sergey Kalashnik[email protected]Serge Kalashnik (UA)
Sergio Dolcimascolo[email protected]Sergio Dolcimascolo (IT)
Shao Wei[email protected]Jun Zhang (CN)
Sharleen Lee[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers to use as reference
Shaymus Translation[email protected]Note 58
Sherwin Yi[email protected]Sherwin Yi (USA)
Sherwin Wang[email protected]Chizuru Kaye (US)
Shi-Chi Lin[email protected]Shi-Chi Lin (UK)
Shikha Batuk Raikundalia[email protected]Shikha Batuk Raikundalia (PT)
Shilpa Sandrine / Shiilpa[email protected]Shilpa Mathur (IN)
Shing Yatsen / Yat-Sen[email protected]Huizhang Jia (CN) 9th IMPERSONATION
Shiona Oldham[email protected]Note 28
Shivani Gupta[email protected]Shivani Gupta (IN) ASA “Amit Lingo Amit Chen”
Shorouq Sh[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Shtogrina Irina / Irina Shtogrina[email protected]Irina Shtogrina (RU)
Silke Stimming[email protected]Silke Stimming (CO)
Silvana Pluss[email protected]Silvana Plüss (US)
Silvia Cipriani[email protected]Silvia Cipriani (IT)
Silvia Dyne[email protected]Licinia Dias de Oliveira (BR)
Silvia Gentili[email protected]CV created by scammers
Silvia Mascaró Martínez[email protected]Silvia Mascaró Martínez (ES)
Silvina Escobar[email protected]Susanna R. Miles (US) Note 44
Simon Baynes[email protected]Simon Baynes (MX)
Simon Dasse[email protected]Félicien Musirikare (RW)
Simon Mett[email protected]Michael Brandl (TW)
Simon Rasmussen[email protected]Simon Baynes (MX)
Simon Suhan Awanchiri (Dr.)[email protected]Félicien Musirikare (RW) ASA “Simon Dasse”
Simona Pasty[email protected]Marianne Pasty-Abdul Wahid (DE) Story here
Simple Translation[email protected]A monumental corporate impersonation Note 72
Sinan Evcan[email protected]Hasan Filik (TR)
Soad Saleh[email protected]Soad Mahmoud Saleh (EG)
Soares Paulo Filipe[email protected]Paulo Filipe Martins Soares (PT)
Sofia Eklund[email protected]Helen Young (UK)
Sofia Kostoula[email protected]Sofia Kostoula (UK) FAKE profile in TRADUguide
Sofia Martin[email protected]Cenia Vien (HN) &OS
Sofia Tian[email protected]Xiuli Zhang (UK)
Sofia Tomas[email protected]Ana S. Pearson (US) ASA “Ana S. Pearson”
Sofiana Clarck[email protected]Arnold Talla Naoussi (CM)
Soma Vedi[email protected]Sonja Vilei (DE)
Somya Translators / Ajoy Singh[email protected]Impersonators of Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd.
Song Chen[email protected]Belinda Zhou Xiaoping (CN) &OS
Sonia ?[email protected]Fake PM from “Eurologos Toronto”
Sonia Alfredo Recardo (Dr.)[email protected]Spam / Scam sent from IP
Sonia Furtado[email protected]Patrick Reis de Carvalho (BR) ASA “Patrick Carvalho”
Sonja Pietsch[email protected]Note 4
Sonya Gennadi[email protected]Dennis Diomin (RU)
Sophia Irina[email protected]Christiane Jost (BR)
Sophie Melwani / Sophia[email protected]Thomas Pinon (FR)
Soraya Alvarez[email protected]Soraya Rial Álvarez (ES)
Sozy Salman / Salmian[email protected]Abdallah Ali (UK) Scam by LanguageMet Note 6
Sozy Salman / Salmian[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Spanish MuchDo[email protected]ID created by scammer Abeer Hams/Hums Note 4
Speed Trans[email protected]ID created by “Reham” from 24translate.net
Stefan Jacob[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Stefan Lovato[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers. Also PayPal ID.
Stefania Marinoni[email protected]Stefania Marinoni (IT)
Steffen Pollex[email protected]Steffen Pollex (DE) See the scammer’s invoice
Stéphanie Lauriac[email protected]Stéphanie Lauriac (UK)
Stephanie Metzage[email protected]Julie Beauce (CA)
Stephanie Morton[email protected]Lydia Hawkins (FR) ASA “Lara Hens”
Stephanie Ndewe[email protected]Sidonie Thalmas-Djoman (CH)
Stephen Alexis[email protected]Carola Schomburg (DE), Ingo Dierkschnieder (UK) &OS
Steven Huddleston[email protected]Steven Huddleston (MX)
Stone Fletcher[email protected]Translator impersonator
Sun Song[email protected]Sun Song / Song Zhenghua (CN)
Sura Ralph[email protected]Benjamin Adam Kohn (BR)
Susan Murray[email protected]Chloe Costantino (France)
Susan Nobuo Nakashima[email protected]Kumi Ichikawa (US) & Hiroko Saito (JP)
Susan Sabah[email protected]Mahmoud Akbari (MY)
Susan Yang[email protected]Susan Yang (CN)
Susana Fernandez de Mello[email protected]Ghost / fake CV copied from here Note 4
Susana Vanessa Gonçalves[email protected]Susana Vanessa Gonçalves (PT)
Susanna Castal[email protected]Susanna Castaldini (NL)
Susanne Kristian B.[email protected]Note 41
Susanne Walter[email protected]Susanne Walter (TH)
Suzan Sylva[email protected]Mario Larose (US) Note 16
Suzana Milan[email protected]Jacques F. Ampolini (US)
Suzanne Mills[email protected]Oskar Vedel (DK)
Svetla Nencheva[email protected]Svetla Nencheva Nencheva (BG)
Svetlana Bukina[email protected]Svetlana Bukina (LT)
Sylvia J. Andrade[email protected]Sylvia J. Andrade (US)
Sylvie Baillot[email protected]Sylvie Baillot (FR)
Tadeos Abadian / Tadeos Work[email protected]Tadeos Abadian (AM)
Taehun Kim[email protected]Taehun Kim (KR)
Tahreer Salem / Tahreer Qutaty[email protected]Shilir Habib (CA) &OS
Tailored Translation / Pierre[email protected]Pierre N. Djoumessi (CM) ASA “Nicolas Amable”
Takanori Sakamoto[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Takumi Hayato[email protected]Stéphane Aubry (FR)
Tamara García Morán / Antolínez[email protected]Tamara García (ES)
Tamara Nicole[email protected]Lures translators into a “profitable” book translation
Tania Sbrissa[email protected]Tania Sbrissa (AU)
Tanya Headley[email protected]CV created by scammers
Tanya Tsankova[email protected]Svetla Nencheva (BG)
Tao Wei-Shan[email protected]Chien-chen Juan (Bruno) (TW)
Taran Kine[email protected]Ben Raymond Lode (US)
Tarik Faqir[email protected]Tarik Faqir (FR)
Tawum Atanga Vallery[email protected]Tawum Atanga Vallery (JP)
Teodorescu G. Daniela[email protected]Daniela Teodorescu (RO)
Teresa Ibert[email protected]Teresa Ibert (DE)
Teresa Leal / Teresa Gabriela[email protected]Teresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA “Teresa Lopes”
Teresa Lopes[email protected]Teresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA “Joana Oliveira”
Teresa Maragoto Juan[email protected]Mercedes Guijarro-Crouch (US)
Teresita García Ruy Sanchez[email protected]Teresita García Ruy Sanchez (MX)
Theodore Goumas[email protected]CV created by scammers
Therese Palmkvist[email protected]Therese Palmkvist (SE)
Thierry Darlis[email protected]Thierry Darlis (US) ASA “Manuela Farina”
Thierry E. Darlis[email protected]Thierry Darlis (US)
Timothy Segura[email protected]Daniela Cifuentes (AR) ASA “Alvaro Mulero”
Thomas Bolton[email protected]Maria Carmela Del Prete (IT)
Thomas Dieter[email protected]Stephanie M. Schnabel (DE) &OS
Thomas Keresturi[email protected]Thomas Keresturi (SE)
Thomas Bolton[email protected]Maria Carmela Del Prete (IT)
Tian Guoguo / Guoguo Tian[email protected]Guoguo Tian (UK)
TimeLife Translations[email protected]Fake Ghost ID created by scammers
Tina Harrison / Parelius[email protected]Anne C. Parelius (CA) ASA “Karin Parelius”
Tina Müller[email protected]Other aliases: Nadine Heber & Simon Bates
Tina Prevost[email protected]Tina A. Kover (UK) &OS Note 40
Tina Stewart[email protected]Jeff Steffin (US) &OS Note 40
Tiny Lose[email protected]Erich Heer (US) CV COPIED VERBATIM
Tipa Sergio Mikko[email protected]Tuulia Tipa (DE)
Tizia Kest[email protected]Tiziana Cester (IT)
Tiziana Meschis[email protected]Tiziana Meschis (IT) ASA “Gina Meschis”
Tobias Ernst[email protected]Tobias Ernst (DE) ASA “Klaus Floriano”
Tom Gala[email protected]Eugen Grathwohl (PH)
Tom Hamss[email protected]CV THEFT Note 51
Tom Skold[email protected]Susanne (Diarmud) Løkke Kennan (DK)
Tomas Anan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Tomas Brandt[email protected]Nicklas Bengtsson (MX) 1500th SCAMMER
Tomas Gila[email protected]Tomasz Mojsiuk (Canada) &OS
Tomas Skold[email protected]Carola Giese (DE)
Tomasz Tluczkiewicz[email protected]Tomasz Tluczkiewicz (PL)
Tomi Luntiala[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers. Last saved by: “nnnn”
Tomoko Nakata / Nakata Tomoko[email protected]Athanasia Manitara (GR) &OS
Tomoko Saffie[email protected]Tomoko Saffie (US)
Tony Hall[email protected]Valeria Sereda (DE) ASA “Valeria Sereda”
Tony Hell[email protected]Georges Ferné (FR) ASA “Anthony Herbet”
Translation Secrets[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Translation Secrets[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secrets[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secrets[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secrets[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secrets[email protected]SMTP for most of their email Note 6
Translation Senses[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Translation Star[email protected]Ghost ID. Used by “Luu Hien Mien”
Translators Success Group[email protected]CV THEFT Note 36
Translators Team[email protected]CV THEFT Note 38
Translators Team[email protected]CV THEFT Note 38
Tristan Silvio[email protected]Luis Ferrand d’Almeida (PT) ASA “Luis Ferrand”
Truong Nhung[email protected]My Tong (US)
Tse Chi Chiu[email protected]Last saved by “MTC”
Vadim Khazin[email protected]Vadim Khazin (US)
Vlentina (Valentina) Andreeva[email protected]Valentina Andreeva (RU)
Valentina Colombi[email protected]Valentina Colombi (UK)
Valentina Fratu[email protected]Valentina-Elena Fratu (RO)
Valentina Gilbert[email protected]Last saved by: “besan”
Valentina-Elena Fratu[email protected]Valentina-Elena Fratu (RO)
Valentini Mellas[email protected]Valentini Kalfadopoulou Mellas (US)
Valeria Andrea Negrette[email protected]Valeria Andrea Negrette (ES)
Valeria Sereda[email protected]Valeria Sereda (DE) ASA “Tony Hall”
Valerina Galih (Dr.)[email protected]Valérie Galichon (DE) ASA “Jeena Babin”
Vanesa Albert[email protected]Olga Socha (UK)
Vanessa Desiderio de Freitas[email protected]Vanessa Desiderio de Freitas (BR)
Vania Campanella[email protected]Vania Fernando Campanella (AR)
Vania Klotz[email protected]Vania Klotz (ES) ASA “Juan Cho”
Vanni Manetto[email protected]Claudia Paci (IT) IP listed by Honey Pot
Vasco Olivira / Oliveira[email protected]Vasco Rafael Rodrigues Oliveira (PT)
Venessa Bardot[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers to use as reference
Vera Kahar[email protected]Helmy Ismail Sani (ID) Note 52
Vera Manfred[email protected]Petra Ledolter (DE)
Vera Medina[email protected]Vera Bandeira Medina (BR)
Verbum Translation Agency[email protected]Ghost agency Note 19 See also “Gerald Sapin”
Verónica Ortega Álvarez[email protected]Verónica Ortega Álvarez (VE)
Veselina Nevilko[email protected]Veselina Ganeva (IN)
Vibha Wahi[email protected]Vibha Wahi (IN)
Victoria Anton[email protected]Petra Leible (US) &OS
Vidya Marathe (Dr.)[email protected]Vidya G. Marathe (IN)
Viktor Abrarov[email protected]Mikhail Abramkin (RU)
Viktor Vico / Viktor Payuk[email protected]Viktor B. Payuk (US)
Viktoria Persson[email protected]Ghost CV created by scammers
Vincent Zhou[email protected]Vincent Zhou (CN)
Virginia chenjuan123 ???[email protected]Juan Chen (CN) Note 59
Viselina Ganeva / Veselina[email protected]Veselina Ganeva (IN)
Vítor Viseu[email protected]Vítor Cortes Viseu (PT)
Vlad Welson[email protected]CV THEFT Note 18
Vladimir Filipenko[email protected]Vladimir Filipenko (RU)
Vladimir Manak[email protected]Vladimir Manak (RU) / Last saved by “nmc”
Vladimir Pintev[email protected]Ghost ID created by scammers
Vladka Kocheshkova[email protected]Vladka Kocheshkova (BG)
Vladys Golovaty[email protected]Vladys V. Golovaty (UA)
Vlentina Andreeva[email protected]Elena Deberdeeva (PH)
Wael Yousef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Wael Yousef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Wael Yousef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Wafaa Mohammed[email protected]CV THEFT Note 51
Wala Mahmoud / Walaa Russ[email protected]Real name “Mahmoud Fakhri Abu Russians” (PS)
Walaa Mahmoud[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Walaa Mahmoud[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Walaa Mahmoud[email protected]Solafa Deabella (PS) See fake CV
Walaa Russ[email protected]Solafa Deabella (PS)
Walid Issa[email protected]CV THEFTNote 6
Walid Issa[email protected]CV THEFTNote 6 Also PayPal ID
Wallace Thatcher[email protected]E Lichun (CN)
Walter Herzberg[email protected]Dr. Walter Joseph Herzberg (US)
Walter Urbieta[email protected]Walter Urbieta Blanc (PY)
Wang Frend[email protected]Frend Wang (CN)
Wang Jinhang[email protected]Jinhang Wang (CN)
Wang Lang[email protected]Edward Seah (SG)
Wang Zhao[email protected]Hu Huimin (CN)
Waseem J. Maghari[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Waseem Maghari[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Wasseem Maghari[email protected]Simone Fahim Manhary (EG) / Note 6 LanguageMet
Weihong Liu[email protected]Weihong Liu (CN)
Weiping Lou[email protected]Bin Li (USA) ASA “Gia Li” & “Nik Wang”
Wei-Yi Lee[email protected]Wei-Yi (Jack) Lee (US)
Weiyi Jacklee / Wei-Yi Jack Lee[email protected]Ching-Ching, Lee (Estelle) (TW)
Wendy Davies[email protected]Jacqueline Jones (UK), Karen Marston (UK) &OS
Wieland Haselbauer[email protected]Wieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA “Bettina Selzer”
Wonderful Translation[email protected]Unidentified scammers’ email address
Wonderman tra[email protected]ASA “Nancie Leduc” / “Great Translation”
Woorld Trans[email protected]CV THEFT Note 52
Xian Rame[email protected]William He (CN)
Xiaowei Qiu[email protected]Xiaowei Qiu (UK)
Xinkuan Lei[email protected]Lei Tang (CN)
Xiumin Yifan[email protected]Jacken Zheng (CN) &OS
Xu Xu[email protected]Xu Xu (Rachel) (UK)
Xuly Jiango[email protected]Donna Liang (UK) &OS
Yagmur Yalçinkaya[email protected]Yagmur Yalçinkaya (TR)
Yakuti Aukama[email protected]Yuki Aukama (JP)
Yan Leui / Yan Liu[email protected]Yasuhisa Iwakawa (JP)
Yang Cheng[email protected]“Author”: Francis; “Contents” tag: Arabic word
Yang Leeyang.chang[email protected]Ziming Liang (CN)
Yang Lin[email protected]Fred Chen (CN)
Yang Xia[email protected]Evgueni Terekhin (RU), Jinhang Wang (CN) &OS
Yang Xiaobin[email protected]Yang Xiaobin (CN)
Yasser Abu Harb[email protected]CV THEFT Note 50
Yasser Adnan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Yasser Adnan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Yasser Shaat / Yasser Adnan[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Ye Mao[email protected]Ye Mao (Lintu Mao) (CA)
Yelena Belinov[email protected]Igor Savenkov (RU) &OS
Yelena Pestereva[email protected]Yelena Pestereva (RU) ASA “Ivan Rukober”
Yellen Burne[email protected]Note 34
Yi Ching Mei[email protected]Li-Hua Lin (UK) &OS
Ying Lee[email protected]Ying Xu (CN) & Zhang Jun (CN)
Yoen Huyn[email protected]Jae-Hoon Roh (US) &OS
Yogota Bhosale[email protected]Yogita Bhosale (IN)
Yomico (Yumiko) Okuyama[email protected]Teddy Okuyama (US)
York Tian[email protected]“Author”: Dreams
Younis Hishike[email protected]Nobuo Kameyama (JP) &OS
Yousef Alhajyousef[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Yousif Omer / Yosuf O. Nser[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Yousif Omer / Yosuf O. Nser[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Yousif Yousif[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Youssef Al Alaoui[email protected]Youssef Horma Babana (MR) / Also a job poster
Yuji Kataoka[email protected]Tatsuya Christopher Ogawa (JP)
Yuki Fukami[email protected]Yuki Fukami (JP)
Yuko Ishii[email protected]Noriko Aoki (JP) & Noriko Kenna (IE)
Yuko Shima[email protected]Mika Tanegashima (US) ASA “Donald Chigao”
Yuling (Lily) Lin[email protected]Yuling Lin (CN)
Yuly Penk / Penko[email protected]Iryna Dragan (UA)
Yumi Kyeong Park[email protected]Seryun Kim (KR)
Yumi Youn[email protected]Yumi Youn (KR)
Yumico Okuyama[email protected]Mitsuyoshi Takeyama (JP) & Geary Lv (CN)
Yuri Maro[email protected]Last saved by: “Aljazeera Co” Note 52
Yurika Okumura[email protected]Yurika Okumura (JP)
Yuriy Zhurahovskiy[email protected]Yuriy Zhurahovskiy (UA)
Yusuke Narusawa[email protected]Kaori Kawakami (BR)
Yvonne Ehrlichmann[email protected]Ghost CV. Address: Insolvency firm???
Zafar Hasanov[email protected]Zafar Hasanov (UZ)
Zaida Inostroza[email protected]Zaida Machuca Inostroza (CL)
Zakaria Mohammed Zorob[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6
Zakaria Zorob[email protected]CV THEFT Note 6 ASA “Gema Pedreda”
Zeynep Asker[email protected]Irem Temel (TR) Scam by LanguageMet
Zhang Ivy[email protected]Dr. Weiping Tang (CN)
Zhang Kai Jun (Zhang Kale)[email protected]Kyle Zhang (CN)
Zhang Lanyun[email protected]Zhang Lanyun (CN)
Zhang Lee Yan[email protected]“Author”: Bernice Tsui
Zhang Qi[email protected]Qi Zhang (CN)
Zhang Rex[email protected]Huizhang Jia (CN)
Zhang Yan[email protected]Zhang Jun (CN)
Zhipung (Zhipeng) Guo[email protected]Note 22
Zhou Xiaoping[email protected]Zhou Xiaoping (Belinda) (CN)
Zohar Chabaud[email protected]Zohar Chabaud (FR)

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